The Brilliant Fighting Master
601 The Happiest Pirate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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601 The Happiest Pirate

Interested in the offer, the ring leader landed on the commercial ship.
"As I recall, you're the only girl on the ship."
The girl got anxious after being questioned. She told him where Jiang Chen
and Tang Shiya were hiding immediately.
The ring leader looked towards the cabin and released his holy awareness.
Almost at the same time, the door was open, and Tang Shiya and Jiang Chen
walked out of there.
Seeing Tang Shiya's beauty, the ring leader exclaimed. All of the pirates got
"I'm really sorry."
The captain felt very guilty that things had got to this point.
He underestimated the state of the ring leader. Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya
stayed on the ship because of that. And then they were betrayed by the girl.
"There is nothing to apologize for!"
The girl shouted unhappily, not ashamed.
"Pretty. Very pretty."
The ring leader came to himself. He kept complimenting her. In the presence
of Tang Shiya, he lost interest in the girl.
"The Happiest Pirate, ranked 73rd among the pirates living on the thousands
of islands, in the late stage of Martial Venerable, cruel, and fond of women."
Tang Shiya wasn't afraid at all. She disclosed who the ring leader was.
Jiang Chen knew the Sacred Martial Arts Institute had collected and published
the information regarding the pirates living on the thousands of islands,
including their looks.
The Happiest Pirate was easy to recognize, because his appearance was
quite special.
Very thin and tall, he looked like a bamboo stick.
His face was thin, too, with sunken cheeks. His eyes were so small that
sometimes it was hard to tell whether they were open or closed.

"So you're here to wipe out the evil and play the heroes? But in the end you
were betrayed. Isn't it ironic?"
Seeing the two so confident, the Happiest Pirate wondered why.
"We're here to kill you. She is only a bait," Jiang Chen said.
The Happiest Pirate was surprised. He scorned, "As a guy in the preliminary
stage of Martial Venerable, you talk big."
"Mr. Pirate, don't worry. They have no one to help them. They stayed here
because they thought you were only in the preliminary stage of Martial
As young as the girl, she observed well. Seeing the two parties were sounding
out each other, she cut in right away.
The Happiest Pirate looked pleased.
"Young lady, you shouldn't have said that," the captain shouted in a hoarse
The girl ignored him. She went on speaking to the Happiest Pirate, "This
beauty is much better than me. Mr. Pirate, are you satisfied?"
"Yeah, of course. I'm very satisfied," the Happiest Pirate said, smiling
Tang Shiya couldn't put up with it anymore. She said, "Do you really think he
will let go of you?"
"At least I'll have you as company. Good enough for me."
The ingratiating look on the girl's face was replaced with cattiness.

It was unimaginable that a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old girl could be so cruel.
The Happiest Pirate was happy to see how the thing was going. He somehow
felt proud.
"Beauty, I don't like to force people. Do you want to go with me?"
He looked towards Tang Shiya. Before she could respond, he went on, "If you
go with me, I'll let go of your lover."
Then he smiled. The look in his eyes was cold, emotionless and frightful.
"Cut the crap."

Jiang Chen kept walking ahead, drawing out the Redcloud Sword, neither too
slowly nor too quickly. He said, "You enjoy making fun of people, but you've
forgot about one thing - you're only in the late stage of Martial Venerable."
Everyone on the ship was confused by him.
If he were a Celestial Venerable or a grand Venerable, it would have sounded
all right.
But Jiang Chen, who looked down on a person in the late stage of Martial
Venerable, was only in the preliminary stage of Martial Venerable.
"Is he a nut?"
People looked at each other, puzzled.
Only Tang Shiya looked confident, smiling.
When Jiang Chen had been ten steps closer, the Happiest Pirate turned pale,
as if he had been startled. He jumped into the air as quickly as possible.
"What happened?"
This was even more confusing. Even the other pirates didn't understand why.
The Happiest Pirate breathed rapidly. Sweat flew from his cheeks.
"Why? Why did I sense danger when he approached?"
Jiang Chen looked up, smiling. He raised the Redcloud Sword.
The momentum of the sword was surging. The wind suddenly blew more
fiercely. The sea couldn't stay calm anymore. The whole commercial ship was
"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"
The sword was thrown over. A hot air soared along Jiang Chen's body.
A flame jumped out of the blade tip of the Redcloud Sword. In an instant, a
raging fire erupted.
At the same time, Jiang Chen disappeared from the deck. He and the flame
had turned into one.
"Angry Wave Knife: Wave after Wave!"
The Happiest Pirate's pupils dilated. Then, shouting in anger, a giant knife
appeared in his hand.
As he brandished the knife, its fierce power tumbled. He struck at a crucial

After all, he was a Martial Venerable in the late stage. He was good indeed. A
swirl formed around him.
However, the radiance of the Redcloud Sword was like a destructive
cannonball. It was impossible to stop it.
Before the power of the knife made contact with the sword blade, it had been
burnt up by the fire. What came after the fire was a sharp radiance.
"Lore of fire?! Power of the doctrine of sword?! No way! How old are you?!"
The Happiest Pirate was desperate. He shouted with fear, "There is no way
we have a genius like you in the Realm of True Force. You can't be another
Ye Chen!!"
"I'm from the Realm of Nine Heavens. Remember my name, Jiang Chen."
A cold voice came. The fire, already scaring enough, erupted like a volcano. It
got much stronger.
The Happiest Pirate and his knife power were immediately weakened. He was
knocked down.
"A mediocre Martial Venerable boasting his martial arts techniques on the
unmanned sea, how pathetic."
Jiang Chen waved the Redcloud Sword. The raging flames disappeared.
The Happiest Pirate, heavily injured, gnashed his teeth. He turned to escape
without speaking anything.
Jiang Chen shook his head gently. A wooden sword flew out of his sleeve. It
whooshed across the air and pierced through the Happiest Pirate's heart.
Jiang Chen didn't take the wooden sword back, but directed it to the next
Seeing the situation unfavorable to them, the other pirates were going to run
away, but of course, they couldn't overrun the wooden sword.
Jiang Chen got the sword from that Spiritual Venerable of the Shangguans. It
was a good magic treasure, whose power depended on the user's level of the
doctrine of sword.
So it was perfect for him.
The crisis of the pirates was resolved instantly. However, those on the
commercial ship didn't cheer for the victory.
First of all, they couldn't believe it was true. Secondly, it was because of what
their young lady had done.

"Young hero! Please have mercy on us. Please have mercy on us."
The middle-aged man knelt down before him, begging.
"Her rude manner is resulted from your improper parenting. What do you think
I should do for what she did?" Jiang Chen asked.
The middle-aged man was speechless. He kept kowtowing.
The girl had just come to herself from the shock. As a Reaching Heaven
State, she really couldn't figure out why the fight had ended up like this, since
it was said defeating a Venerable in a higher state was hardly possible.
One sword. It was only one sword. And the Happiest Pirate was defeated.
Even her mother was caught by the Happiest Pirate. By comparison, Jiang
Chen's strength was beyond her imagination.
Then she perceived Jiang Chen's cold look. It sent shivers down her spine.
She had no idea what Jiang Chen was going to do with her.


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