The Brilliant Fighting Master
600 The Big World
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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600 The Big World

This commercial ship belonged to a chamber of commerce called Sea Wind. It
wasn't big. In the Realm of True Force, it was only an inconspicuous small
Otherwise, the ship would have been flying in the air instead of traveling on
the sea.
The captain took the two to a deluxe room in the head of the ship. They
stopped at the door.
Knocking the door hard, the captain was very eager to tell him they had got
"Get out! Get out of here. I won't marry a pirate even if all of you die!"
To his surprise, a silvery voice came from the room. They frowned at what
she had said and her overbearing tone.
Glancing at each other, Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya shook their heads and
smiled bitterly.
The door was open soon. A potbellied middle-aged man in luxury clothes
showed up, frowning and panic.
What the captain told him put him pleasantly surprised. He said excitedly,
"Young heroes, please come in!"
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya were let in. They saw the girl who had yelled at
them right away.
She was pretty indeed, fair-skinned and fine-featured. Her eyebrows were
arched, and her almond eyes were bright.
No wonder the pirate took a fancy to her.
She was sitting there in anger, crossing her arms on her chest.
"Yun'er, we've got helpers. With the aid of the two young heroes, we don't
have to worry about the pirates anymore," the middle-aged man said
Sizing up Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya, full of misgivings, the girl didn't seem
to believe him.
Her gesture put Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya unhappy, but they didn't make a
fuss about it with a spoiled girl.

The girl's eyes lit up when she had seen Tang Shiya's face. Then she smiled
"Young heroes, I'm sorry. I've spoiled my daughter." The middle-aged man
became nervous again, wiping off the sweat on his forehead.
"Let's get down to business."
Jiang Chen said, "We'll hide somewhere tomorrow to observe the situation
before we do anything. Be careful and don't let the cat out of the bag."
"No problem. No problem." The middle-aged man was very happy upon
hearing he would like to help.
"You aren't afraid, are you? Are you afraid you won't be a match for the
pirates? You'll look for a chance to slip away, won't you?"
However, the girl felt suspicious. She looked at Jiang Chen with disdain.
The middle-aged man said, inwardly angry.
"Huh, you told me we would have a fun trip, but the trip ended up like this.
And now you're even yelling at me." However, the girl was much angrier than
The middle-aged man's face distorted. He let out a long sigh helplessly.
"Young lady, let up on your father..." the captain said, also helplessly.
"Who are you? How dare you tell me what to do? Your subordinates are so
useless that they can't even resist those pirates. It's your fault." The girl

became even angrier.
Jiang Chen noticed the captain's face was as pale as a ghost upon hearing
He thought of the corpses wrapped in white cloths on the deck.
"If you keep thinking in this way, we won't be able to help you," Tang Shiya
said unhappily.
Jiang Chen didn't speak. He wanted to see how the girl would react.
"Okay. You won't help me. Anyway, you'll just be the same with that bunch of
good-for-nothing! I won't need you anymore once my mother arrives," the girl
"Young heroes, shall we talk somewhere else?"
The middle-aged man said nervously.

Jiang Chen stopped Tang Shiya, who was going to respond to the girl. They
left the room.
"I'm really sorry. My daughter behaved like this because I'm useless..." The
middle-aged man was downcast and helpless.
"She's behaving like this because she has other resources to help her. She
isn't so stupid that she can't see the situation clearly. Are you hiding anything
from us?" Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.
"It's because of her mother, my wife. She is in the middle stage of Martial
Venerable," the middle-aged man said.
"Is she?"
Both Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya were surprised.
The middle-aged man was only in the peak of the Reaching Heaven State,
but he married a woman in the middle stage of Martial Venerable. That was
really something.
"To tell you the truth, we were both in the Reaching Heaven State when we
were together, but later, she managed to become a Venerable thanks to a
special experience," the middle-aged man said.
"No wonder."
The girl's mother was the head of the family. Growing up in such an
environment, she didn't even show her father any respect.
"We did send a message to her mother. However, maybe she won't be able to
arrive tomorrow. Not to mention tomorrow morning. Young heroes, please
help us."
As he spoke, he and the captain knelt down again.
"We'll see what we can do," Jiang Chen said.
Then Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya were taken into a cabin, where they would
stay for the night.
"That girl's life has been ruined. Maybe she'll be able to achieve what her
mother has achieved, but there is no way she can go farther than that," Tang
Shiya said emotionally.
"The woman is a Venerable and the man is a Reaching Heaven State. The
gap between them is too huge," Jiang Chen said.
"But I don't have to worry about that. You'll achieve something great. I'm sure
about that," Tang Shiya said proudly.
Smiling, Jiang Chen threw her a meaningful look. He said, "Hopefully."

The next morning, Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya, resting with their eyes closed,
opened their eyes at the same time. Both of them detected many people were
approaching them.
Out of the commercial ship, some small air ships were gliding near the
surface of the sea, leaving long trails behind white splashing water.
The men on the ships all looked ferocious. They were all outlaws.
When these small ships had surrounded the commercial ship, a middle-sized
air ship charged down and stopped over the commercial ship.
"Great. You didn't escape. Otherwise this part of sea would have been
reddened by your blood."
A Venerable flew out of the ship, overlooking the people on the commercial
When he laid his eyes on the girl, he smiled. He said, "Little beauty, what's
your decision?"
The girl was so angry that she didn't even want to answer him.
"How stubborn. You've got helpers, haven't you? That's why you're so tough
to me. Let me guess. Is this the helper you're expecting?"
The ring leader of the pirates smiled. His smile put people uneasy. Then he
clapped his hands.
A few pirates flew out of the air ship, carrying a woman wrapped in a quilt,
whose long legs and fair-skinned shoulders were exposed.
"Ah! Mother?!"
Seeing the woman's face, the girl shrieked. She looked shocked and
"I was given a good scare when this woman appeared over the sea yesterday,
but fortunately, she's only a Martial Venerable in the middle stage."
The ring leader kept smiling coldly. He said, "By the way, your mother is really
The pirates carrying the woman laughed harshly.
The woman was in coma. She had no idea what was going on.
"Don't...please...let go of me. Let go of my mother."
Seeing her mother stuck, the girl was finally scared, very very scared.

"That's the right way to go. I can let go of your mother, if you stay with me."
The ring leader laughed complacently.
The girl obviously didn't want to agree, but she said immediately, "I can give
you someone else in exchange of my mother, a very beautiful woman, much
more beautiful than me."
In the cabin, Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya shook their heads and smiled
"What a big world. All kinds of things can happen, and there are all kinds of
people," Jiang Chen murmured.
"She said that without even thinking. She probably already had got this idea
when she saw me last night," Tang Shiya said, annoyed.


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