The Brilliant Fighting Master
599 Sunset Light Sea Area
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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599 Sunset Light Sea Area

After getting Jiang Chen's affirmative answer, Tang Shiya was so excited that
she came closer to him and kissed him on the right cheek gently.
It was a bold thing to do. She flushed, her chest weaving up and down rapidly.
Jiang Chen touched his cheek. The confusion on his face was gradually
Because it suddenly dawned on him why he had been feeling weird.
"Let's go. "
Tang Shiya kept walking ahead, but closer to him.
"Okay. "
Jiang Chen, already relieved, stopped struggling. Walking shoulder by
shoulder with her, he said, "You seem to have changed a lot since we met for
the first time in the Water Dragon City. "
Tang Shiya said seriously, "If I treated everyone in the same way, wouldn't it
be terrible? "
"So I should feel honored?" Jiang Chen said, smiling.
"What do you think?" Tang Shiya got closer. She locked her arm in his, feeling
very happy.
The dream girl of numerous men in the Realm of True Force was holding him
so tightly. Jiang Chen felt complacent.
After the dusk, the two arrived at the Sunset Light Gulf.
It was a famous spot in the Realm of True Force. Endless possibilities were
hiding in the bottom of the sea far away.
There used to be a glorious country in this gulf, however, as time went by,
there were only some relics left here.
Jiang Chen could still see many run-down buildings on the coastline. If paid a
close look, it was even possible to find the traces of a city.
According to Tang Shiya, the Sunset Light Gulf was not only a place for
practicing, but also a place for treasure seeking.
However, after so many years, all of the treasures in the relics on the
continent had been taken away. For the moment people could only go
undersea to try their luck.
"The whole place belonged to that kingdom, from the gulf to that end. There
are the relics of many cities under the sea."

Pointing at the sea in front of them, Tang Shiya said, "There are also
shipwrecks. Someone found a big ship there and got very rich."
Then she looked towards Jiang Chen. Seeing him hesitating, she said, "Do
you still want to focus on practicing? "
"The big forces of the Realm of True Force would be humiliated, if we could
find treasures in only one month," Jiang Chen said.
"All right. Let's go to the sea."
The two flew out of the gulf and kept flying over the sea.
There were endless islands in the sea beyond the Sunset Light Gulf, where
many fierce beasts were living, but the two didn't come for them.
Many cruel villains and bandits were living on these islands to hide from the
Sacred Martial Arts Institute and all those big forces.
These bandits were what they came for.
It wasn't Tang Shiya's idea, but the tradition of the forces of the Realm of True
Young Venerables expected to fight against these bandits to enhance
themselves, and gain more experiences of duels.

Once they succeeded, what they would get was not only fame, but also the
wealth of those bandits.
Jiang Chen didn't know that not long after he and Tang Shiya had flown out of
the gulf, two groups had appeared in the Sunset Light Gulf.
One of them was from the Shangguans, and the other was from the Mad
Dragon Dynasty. They all came for Jiang Chen.
Both forces had sent two Spiritual Venerables and a team formed by about
ten Martial Venerables, all of whom were elites. They looked mighty and
It was a strong squad, but who they were going to deal with was only a Martial
Venerable. It seemed they were using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
"If Jiang Chen had kept staying in the Holy Martial Arts City, we wouldn't have
got any chance. However, he left the city without anyone's protection. He is
courting death by doing this. "

A Spiritual Venerable of the Shangguans said. Jiang Chen killed one of their
young masters. A "shoot-to-kill" order was given when Jiang Chen had set out
for the Holy Martial Arts City.
"Mad Dragon Dynasty, Jiang Chen must have an extremely valuable treasure
with him, powerful enough to kill Spiritual Venerables. Don't wake a sleeping
giant when we find him."
The other Spiritual Venerable of the Shangguans said loudly.
However, the reaction of those from the Mad Dragon Dynasty was very plain.
The two Spiritual Venerables of theirs were wearing heavy armors. So were
their Martial Venerables.
Their Spiritual Venerables only nodded perfunctorily. Then they led their men
into the sea.
"What a one-track mind these military men have."
"Whatever...Let them handle Jiang Chen. Two dogs strive for a bone and a
third runs away with it. Let's be the third dog."
Then, the Shangguans' team also left.
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya had just left an island. Not seeing any bandits
there, they had only killed some fierce beasts.
However, they had just started. If they had been able to find those bandits so
early, those bandits living on the islands would have been extinguished long
time ago.
"Jiang Chen, look there."
Tang Shiya suddenly found something when they had been flying over the
sea for a little while.
There was a giant ship far away, with lights on.
"Let's go and see."
Jiang Chen proposed. Tang Shiya and he flew over quickly. When they had
approached it, they found it was a commercial ship.
Jiang Chen released his holy awareness. He found the strongest people on
the ship were only in the Reaching Heaven State.
And he also found some corpses on the deck. The hulk was full of arrows.
Everyone on the ship looked downcast.
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya landed on the ship. Their appearance put these
people on guard immediately. They approached them with weapons in hand,
intending to surround them.

However, it was fear and timidness in these people's eyes.
"Don't worry. We're not bad people. We only want to ask for some
information," Tang Shiya said.
Many of those people felt relieved, maybe because of the way Jiang Chen
and Tang Shiya dressed. They didn't correspond to the enemy's image in
their mind.
"Put your weapons down."
An emotional voice came. Then a large middle-aged man ran over in haste.
Glancing at Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya, he knelt down.
"Young heroes, please help us!"
Since he had knelt down, the other people on the ship also knelt.
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya were puzzled. They had no idea why these
people had made such a request.
"Stand up. Tell us what happened," Jiang Chen said.
The middle-aged man got to his feet. He told them he was the captain of this
ship, and the ship belonged to a chamber of commerce.
The thing all sailors were afraid of happened to them -- they had run into
"Then why are you here? You look fine," Jiang Chen said confusedly.
The middle-aged man explained to him. It turned out the boss of the chamber
of commerce was traveling with them, and so was his daughter, a girl about
fifteen or sixteen years of age.
The ring leader of the pirate gang they'd run into took a fancy to her. He
wanted to marry her.
That being said, he wanted the girl to accept his proposal instead of forcing
her into marriage. However, if she didn't accept, everyone on the ship would
be killed.
The pirates would come back here next morning.
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya came at a very bad timing, when they were
extremely desperate, but their appearance also brought them hope.
"What state are the best of those pirates in?" Jiang Chen asked.
"Martial Venerable. The preliminary stage of Martial Venerable."

The captain glanced at Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya with care, afraid his
answer would scare them off.
"We've started this journey to pick a fight with these pirates. We'll help you."
Tang Shiya didn't take it seriously since their rivals didn't sound so strong.
The captain was pleasantly surprised. He kept expressing his gratitude to
them, and invited them into the cabin.


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