The Brilliant Fighting Master
598 The Sunset Light Gulf
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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598 The Sunset Light Gulf

Unlike other people, Jiang Chen didn't really wish to join one of the Three Middle Realms' eight factions, and he just wanted to find a way to go to the Three Middle Realms.

However, Tang Shiya's choice left him speechless, and he didn't know what should he do.

He already witnessed her fight in the evening party, and she was a part of the most outstanding young venerables, but she was still far from Zhao Pojun, and Ye Chen's level, and she could probably get an opportunity of rising above other and overtaking them in the trail ground.

"We can go to another place to pass our trial," Tang Shiya said, as she also didn't plan to pass this month without doing anything.

Her words reminded Jiang Chen that with how vast were the Three Lesser Realms, they didn't really need to go to just the trial ground alone.

"The trial ground has abundant cultivation resources, and no one risk dying inside it, and it can't really be considered a true trail," Tang Shiya spoke once again.

They must pass through trials to grow and mature, and it was only by going through dangerous experience could they quickly grow up.

"What do you plan to do?" Jiang Chen asked.

Tang Shiya was from the True Force Realm, and she was more knowledgeable about it than him, and it seemed like she already planned something beforehand.

"There are many dangerous places filled with lucky chances in the True Force Realm, and the one closest to us is the Sunset Light Gulf."

He shortly after learned about many matters regarding the Sunset Light Gulf from Tang Shiya, and he also felt like it was quite suitable for them.

However, he always traveled alone, and now, he had Tang Shiya, whose cultivation was weaker than him, with him.

But, the latter didn't go to the trial ground because of him, so he couldn't just leave her here.

"Fine, but you should still not take any risks rashly."

There were many types of trials, some difficult, some easy, and because he had someone else along with him now, Jiang Chen didn't plan to carry an extremely dangerous trail, which might endanger their lives.

However, the main reason behind it was that he still needed to get used to his Fire Lore now, and try to quickly master Wind, and Lightning Lores.

"Just making a round trip to there would take us three days, and we just have a short month before us, so why don't we set off from now on," Tang Shiya said.

"Okay." Jiang Chen didn't object to it.

He asked Tang Shiya to come back after half an hour, as he must now go inform Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao of his current plans.

Zhao Wenhao didn't object to it, but he was still worried about Jiang Chen, and called a group of people over to protect him.

Jiang Chen had, after all, some feud with Tianyi School, Shangguan Family, and the Mad Dragon Dynasty.

However, Jiang Chen still stated that there was no need for it. As long as the news of his depart wasn't leaked, he wouldn't need to worry about anything.

In the end, Jiang Chen, and Tang Shiya left the Holy Martial Arts City before nightfall, and left the True Force Realm's core region.

Venerables didn't really need to use flying spiritual weapons, unless they wanted to save their physical power, as they all possessed a speed, which greatly surpassed all flying spiritual weapons.

When Jiang Chen, and Tang Shiya just planned to soar into the sky, and fly at high speed, a magnificent sedan chair appeared before them.

Jiang Chen assumed that it was an enemy, but he quickly noticed that Tang Shiya, who was beside him, wore an odd look now.

When the magnificent sedan chair came to a stop, a beautiful woman came out of it. She wore a luxurious scarlet long dress, and a beautiful head ornament, which had two chains dangling beside the woman's beautiful face cheeks.

The pair of eyes beneath her long eyebrows had a scarlet eyeshadow, and she also had bright lips, which were as red as blood.

Jiang Chen noticed that she resembled Tang Shiya, and she also had an extremely beautiful face, which had another mature flavor to it.

"Is it him the person you chose?"

The beautiful woman asked Tang Shiya, as she sized up Jiang Chen.

"Mother, it isn't like what you thought," Anxiety appeared on Tang Shiya's face, as she spoke hurriedly.

"Then what it's?" The beautiful woman looked at her.

Tang Shiya raised her head, and wanted to reply, but she didn't manage to open her mouth even after a long while.

"Senior, there isn't really anything between me and Shiya..." Jiang Chen said.

"You are already calling her Shiya, yet you still want me to believe it?" The beautiful woman broke him off, as she spoke, "Doesn't this mean that you don't want to admit your relationship with her because you look down upon our Shiya?"

"Senior, you misunderstood," Jiang Chen replied weakly.

"Although you are from the Nine Heavens Realm, but you are now the Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion, and being with you won't really demean our Shiya."

The beautiful woman didn't listen to his explication at all, and she continued speaking to herself.

When the beautiful woman noticed that Jiang Chen wanted to say something, but stopped himself, displeasure appeared on her face.

"Shiya gave up even in entering into the trial ground for you, so if it was really a misunderstanding, then it isn't me alone, who misunderstood it, it will be the case for the whole True Force Realm."

Jiang Chen didn't know what should he say now, and he exchanged a look with Tang Shiya.

"Inform me now, is it a misunderstanding? If it's really the case, then I will be obliged to kill you to protect Tang Shiya's purity," the beautiful woman spoke coldly.

"Senior, are you threatening me?" Jiang Chen asked.


The beautiful woman's gaze became sharp, as she didn't expect that Su Yu would say such words. Although she was a woman, but her cultivation already reached the Celestial Venerable Realm.

"Mother, it's just my wishful thinking, and it isn't related with Jiang Chen, so please don't do it," when Tang Shiya felt like the ambiance became colder, she couldn't give regard to anything else any longer, and she shouted loudly.

Jiang Chen was greatly surprised by it, as even though he already once thought about such a possibility, yet he didn't expect that Tang Shiya would state one day.

However, as he looked at her, he found out that she was shutting her eyes tightly now, and it was obvious that she was forced to confess her feeling now.

"Jiang Chen, isn't my daughter a good match for you?" The beautiful woman was startled, and she asked Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was at a loss for words, as Tang Shiya possessed a beautiful appearance, which wasn't any worse than his senior sister, and she also had uncommon bearings.

"It isn't a question about whether she's a good match for me or not, it's just about whether are suitable to each other or not," Jiang Chen said.

"Then, isn't my daughter suitable to you?" The beautiful woman didn't let go of it, and she continued asking.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, but as he thought about, he found out that he wasn't really close to Tang Shiya.

However, she was still a quite outstanding woman.

All of a sudden, the feelings, which welled in his heart yesterday, emerged once again, and he also smelt the same familiar fragrance.

His will started wavering, and he couldn't any longer say that he already had someone else, which he loved.

"It isn't the case."

He managed to utter just such several words after a long while.

"It's fine then, young people like you are bashful and sensitive, so it would better to lay facts bare now. However, Jiang Chen."

The beautiful woman stopped for a moment, before she continued, "Although you are already the Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion, but this is still not enough, and the True Force Realm's people still took you for someone from the Nine Heavens Realm, and I heard that even the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people didn't accept you."

"So you must distinguish yourself in the Three Realms Competition, and go to the Three Middle Realms. After you make some great achievements there, the True Force Realm's people won't wag their tongue anymore."

"At that time, I can be finally at ease, and hand over Tang Shiya to you."

When Tang Shiya listened to all of it, her face became flushed with shame, and she said, "Mother!"

"Fine, you should be careful in your trip to the Sunset Light Gulf."

The beautiful woman didn't care about anything, and she didn't listen to even a word from her daughter. She returned to the sedan chair, and disappeared from their sight just after.

Jiang Chen had complex feelings about this matter, as it didn't really feel real to him, but he couldn't find what was wrong with it, and it wasn't really unbearable.

"Jiang Chen..."

Tang Shiya, who was beside him, called suddenly.

"Was what you just said a moment ago really true?" Her bright eyes were filled with the expectation.

"Yeah." Jiang Chen nodded blankly.

Tang Shiya was delighted by it, and unlike her usual normal state, her face was now filled with shyness and joy.


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