The Brilliant Fighting Master
597 The Reason, Making Something Already Perfect More Perfect.
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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597 The Reason, Making Something Already Perfect More Perfect.

On the second day, the Holy Martial Arts City's evening party matters spread to all hundred and eight cities in the core region, and the Nine Heavens Realm's Jiang Chen became in a short while the man of the moment.

The evening party, which had been set against him, helped him rise higher in the end, and the affair, which was the most praised by people was the Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual carried between Jiang Chen, and Duke Yan.

In the Three Lesser Realms, Celestial Venerables were quite few and noble, and the news of a Celestial Venerable's death would always become the center of attention at any time, let alone Duke Yan died just because of a Martial Venerable, and many people couldn't accept, and believe such news, but this matter was a true fact, and they could only believe it despite themselves.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was staying in a cultivation room set for him by the Flying Dragon Dynasty. He was sitting cross-legged on a stone platform, while the purple Nine Underworlds Flame surged out of his hands.

When he clasped his palms together in front of his chest, the two Nine Underworlds Flames emitted an intense response as they collided, and the flames quickly engulfed his whole body's surface, and the Celestial Phoenix Mark appeared once again when the flames engulfed his face.

It was only after a whole minute passed did the Nine Underworlds Flame go back to his hand, and turned into a splendid sphere, and when he clenched his fingers, the flame went back into his body.

Jiang Chen let out a long breath, which was so hot that it almost burned the air.

"Although I didn't manage to find a way for making its source, but the Nine Underworlds Flame was unexpectedly quite effective in cultivating my cultivation method."

Jiang Chen felt his whole body's power became greater, and it was especially the case for his Dragon Phoenix Body.

He left the cultivation room just after, and went into the expansive courtyard, and held the Redcloud Sword in his hand.

A fire dragon-like sword energy soared into the sky, as the Redcloud Sword shone like a crystal.

It seemed like the sword was flying around as Jiang Chen wielded it, and its light turned into powerful raging flames.

Jiang Chen looked suddenly at a rock not far from him, and pointed his sword at it, as his fire-like sword light entered into the rock inside.

The rock became sparkling, pure, and transparent in the next second, and seemed like a precious jade, however, when it reached a critical point, it crumbled and turned into ashes.

"Lore's power is really formidable."

Jiang Chen put back his sword slowly, as his Redcloud Sword returned to its normal state.

After he comprehended Fire Lore inadvertently, Jiang Chen felt like the gate of a whole new world was opened before him.

In the past, he felt like conception comprehension just assisted the great doctrine of martial techniques, like how for example it could let one sword possess wind and lightning power.

Sword path was a part of the great doctrine of martial techniques, while wind and lightning were martial techniques of conception.

After he comprehended Fire Lore, Jiang Chen changed his view about it, and didn't believe that any longer that the sword controlled the conception of wind, fire, and lightning, and other types martial techniques of conception.

He now knew that martial techniques of conception existed since the world was first formed, and they all could sublimate into the great doctrine of martial techniques.

Jiang Chen's Immortal Sword Doctrine's power could let his Fire Lore's power rise further on, and let his sword techniques reach another completely new realm.

However, he must still mention that such state wasn't really perfect, as since Jiang Chen started his path until now, he already understood that it was wind, lightning, and metal martial techniques of conception, which suited his Sword Doctrine's power more.

However, he first comprehended Fire Lord, despite never cultivating it meticulously, because of his Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood, as well as his Fire Dragon's source.

Although fire sword wasn't the most suitable state for him, but its might was still the strongest for now.

"If I could comprehend Wind Lore, or even Lightning Lore, tsk, tsk."

As he imagined how powerful he would be then, Jiang Chen couldn't help but reveal a faint smile, as he was looking forward to it greatly.

At this moment, Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao ran over here hurriedly to see him.

"What happened?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"The Sacred Martial Arts Institute forbid you from entering into the trial ground," Zhao Wenhao didn't beat around the bush, and informed him bluntly.

"What's the reason behind it?" Jiang Chen asked.

"They said that it's because you are too outstanding, and the trial ground would only let you become slightly more perfect, while it was a necessary help for others people," Qiu Yan spoke in displeasure.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but laugh when he heard such a reason, before he spoke, "Then are the six Spiritual Venerables, and that Ye Chen also forbidden from entering it?"

"No, it's the case for you alone."

"It's the Mad Dragon Dynasty, Shangguan Family, Tianyi School, as well as the Dragon Rebel Kingdom, who requested such a matter from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute."

Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao were quite infuriated, as they were obviously targeting Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen asked in doubt, "Did the Sacred Martial Arts Institute accept the reason provided by them."

"Other people are also puzzled by this matter, however, General Du Zhenfei is now negotiating with the Sacred Martial Arts Institute."

"The trail ground's entry is tomorrow, and with the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's usual conduct, it should be already hopeless."

Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao became quite anxious when they witnessed how carefree and indifferent was Jiang Chen.

"All factions took out a large sum for this time trial ground."

"The natural resources present in it are useful to even Spiritual Venerables, let alone a Martial Venerable."

They spoke in turn, as they tried, and hoped to let Jiang Chen take it seriously.

Jiang Chen said, "It isn't like I don't know it, but we already don't have any means left for it, and getting anxious over it won't be of use."

After they learned about Jiang Chen's opinion, Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao found themselves at a loss of words.

What Jiang Chen really wanted to do now was to go to the Three Middle Realms, and travel in it.

However, the plane channel leading to the Three Middle Realms was held in the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's hands, and not only they would take money in exchange of using it, but they would also put many other requirements for it.

The Three Middle Realms were in turmoil now, and the Spirit Clan was waging wars, and fighting unceasingly.

If he went into it rashly, then his life would be in danger, and he would find himself in an extremely difficult situation.

While, the Three Realms Competition, held by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, could let one directly join ones of the Three Middle Realms' factions, and it was a quite tempting offer.

Jiang Chen couldn't make up his mind for the moment.

On the same day's night, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute announced which factions would come here to take new disciples, and they were all great factions, who had an aloof position in the Three Middle Realms.

If any young venerable of the Three Lesser Realms managed to get into one of them, then it would be tantamount to achieving a meteoric rise.

However, the power of the great factions, which came here, wasn't even, and they were some more powerful than others, and some weaker, and they all put different requirements before young venerables.

Each faction would take just a single person, which meant that there were just eight quotas.

Such requirement eliminated many people, and if one wanted to join the best one of the eight factions, then he would find many requirements put before him, and it was because of such a reason was Jiang Chen forbidden from entering the trial ground.

As with his excellent talent, if he strived hard for another month, then the best quota would surely belong to him then.

"He's after all from the Nine Heavens Realm."

When people learned of such news, they all thought about the same matter.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute was after all the True Force Realm's institute, and it was obviously inclined to True Force Realm's side.

"It's too great, I will make use of this month to overtake him."

After Ning Haotian, who still didn't recover from the evening party's setback, got such news, a flicker of hope was ignited in his heart once again.

The trial ground had many cultivation resources put there by all of the True Force Realm's great factions, and many fortuitous opportunities were there, and if he was just slightly lucky, then his power could experience a meteoric rise there.

On the second day, the trial ground was opened officially, and all young venerables went into it.

The Flying Dragon Dynasty and Sacred Martial Arts Institute's negotiation didn't bear any fruits in the end, but Jiang Chen really didn't care about it like he said, and he just continued cultivating in his residence.

However, what Jiang Chen didn't expect at all was that Tang Shiya too didn't enter into the opened trial ground.

"If the Mad Dragon Dynasty didn't put pressure on them by using the fact that one of their Celestial Venerables was sacrificed, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute would surely not accept such ridiculous reason."

Tang Shiya spoke at him, "I'm indebted to you, and I won't enter into the trial ground too."

"Why do you need to trouble yourself with it? I'm confident that missing it won't affect me, but you, it will surely hold you up." Jiang Chen was quite moved, yet also somewhat helpless.


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