The Brilliant Fighting Master
596 Fighting for Fame and Profi
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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596 Fighting for Fame and Profi

The Nine Underworlds Flame absorbed by Jiang Chen would also disappear after being used, and each Alien Flame had a unique and sole source, which couldn't be duplicated.

However, Jiang Chen wanted to use the Nine Underworlds Flame in his body to cultivate its source.

If broken branches were buried in soil once again, and watered and protected, they could also grow into great trees.

However, what most important was the method behind it, which other people didn't possess, and such a matter was to them like a fantastical story, and like turning stone into gold.

Jiang Chen also didn't have a feasible method for achieving it, but he still had the resolve of trying, otherwise he wouldn't live up to his unmatched body.

Jiang Chen landed on the first platform shortly after.

"Jiang Chen!"

Zhao Pojun's shout broke this place silence. He really wished to charge at Jiang Chen now, and skin him alive.

The Mad Dragon Dynasty's people held him, and intended to knock him out before he lost control of himself.

Jiang Chen didn't care about him at all. Duke Yan suffered the consequences of his own actions, and disappeared from this world forever.

Song Ji, and Nan Xuan on the second platform looked at each other in fear, and it was especially the case for Song Ji, whose hands were still shivering even now.

"Why is this Nine Heavens Realm's guy this monstrous?"

When Song Ji thought back of his previous actions, he suddenly felt like they were quite laughable.

Resignation appeared in the eyes of Nan Xuan, who wasn't willing to accept the past outcome. In fact, he already realized that he was weaker than Jiang Chen at the moment he defeated Zhao Pojun.

Even a Celestial Venerable died because of Jiang Chen, and what was he in front of the former?

"Today's limelight was taken completely by Jiang Chen ."

Many people had such a thought now, and True Force Realm's people felt quite bad now, yet there weren't any young venerable in the first platform, who still intended to challenge Jiang Chen, as none of them knew how much power Jiang Chen still hid?

Even the Geniuses Group's Ye Chen quieted, and got lost in his thought now.

"Is there still a Martial Venerable, who isn't older than thirty years, in the Three Lower Realms, which could be more powerful than him?"

All people in the plaza couldn't help but think of this matter, as Jiang Chen's performance today let many people, who intended to watch him make a fool of himself, incapable of laughing any longer, and no one still dared to call him a Nine Heavens Realm's weakling.

Now, there weren't any young venerables in the True Force Realm, which could face him, besides the six Spiritual Venerables, and Geniuses Group's Ye Chen, and if they considered it fairly, then Ye Chen would be the sole Martial Venerable left.

"Jiang Chen isn't allowed to fight any longer in this evening's party."

It was a pity that they couldn't witness Ye Chen and Jiang Chen's fight because the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's gray-robed man announced such a matter.

If they allowed Jiang Chen to continue fighting, then this evening's party would turn into just Jiang Chen one-man show.

Ning Haotian was already defeated by Ye Chen, and the remaining fights would be left for other people to show off their skill.

However, the fights, which occurred afterward, were more inferior to the initial ones, as all young venerables from the True Force Realm didn't fight any longer, and it just turned into a stage for internal fights between Milky Realm's people.

The Nine Heavens Realm's people standing on the first platform were more numerous than Milky Realm's people because of the existence of Jiang Chen, and Ning Haotian.

Moreover, the limelight, which the Nine Heavens Realm got today, wasn't something which could be rivaled by the Milky Realm.

The last part of the evening party was carried in a quite weird ambiance, and even though its ultimate objective was achieved, but people still couldn't help but look at Jiang Chen from time to time.

The behavior of Jiang Chen, who had such great accomplishments, was strangely calm and serene, and he just sat quietly by himself, while contrary to him, the Mad Dragon Dynasty's people were extremely restless, as if they were injected by chicken blood.

When it was almost morning, the evening party was concluded by a show of fireworks, and the Sacred Martial Arts Institute announced two matters when the people were leaving.

The first was that the trial ground's entry was set two days later, and the meeting place for it would be at the plaza.

The second was the course of three realms great competition, which would be formally held.

Since their ultimate objective was entering the Three Middle Realms, all young venerables would have to pass the Three Middle Realms' factions test for fairness sake, which meant that the Three Lower Realms' people wouldn't get to fight each other at such time.

Such news surprised and disappointed many people, as the desire to fight for fame and and profit was in human nature. The profit, which they sought, was entering the Three Middle Realms, and since they couldn't fight each other, nor be ranked, then none of them could get the fame, which they desired.

However, there wasn't anyone who put on an objection against such a matter.

After the evening party ended, Jiang Chen didn't return to Divine Force Courtyard, and he went instead to the Flying Dragon Dynasty's residence in the Holy Martial Arts City.

He had a high position in the Flying Dragon Dynasty because he was their Marquis Champion, and his status was almost equal to Du Zhenfei.

"Jiang Chen's name would surely resonate through the whole True Force Realm's today," Zhao Wenhao said excitedly.

"The Mad Dragon Dynasty lost a Celestial Venerable, and they wouldn't take it lying down, so you should all be careful tonight," Qiu Yan said.


After he received his order, Tang Zhengyi left to set up preparations for it a.

"You don't need to worry about it, the Mad Dragon Dynasty won't attack us while we are in the Holy Martial Arts City," Zhao Wenhao said.

"I'm afraid that the Mad Dragon Dynasty's people would also assume that we had such a thought," Qiu Yan spoke worryingly

Zhao Wenhao nodded, and didn't put on another objection.

It was at this moment did a soldier come here, and notified them. He said that Tang Shiya came here to see Jiang Chen.

"It seems like Miss Tang really took a fancy to him," Qiu Yan spoke jokingly.

"We are already in the depth of the night, isn't she afraid of causing a misunderstanding?" Zhao Wenhao furrowed his brows tightly, and it was unknown what he was thinking about.

When Jiang Chen met Tang Shiya, he noticed that she just took a bath, and she wore a pretty long dress, while her hair was still wet, and emitted a faint fragrance.

"You had a feud with Zhao Pojun today because of me, and I can't shrink from my responsibility in the feud you got with the Mad Dragon Dynasty," Tang Shiya said.

"Miss Tang, you don't need to take it like this, as there isn't anyone wrong in this affair."

Jiang Chen said, "Our friendship is our personal affair, and Zhao Pojun just brought it on himself by meddling in it."

Tang Shiya nodded when she heard his words, and she extended her hand, and straightened a wisp of her hair, which fell before her forehead, "Jiang Chen, you don't need to treat me like a stranger, you can just call me Shiya."

As she said such words, her tone wasn't as calm as usual, and it was distinctly different.

She raised her eyes to see what expression Jiang Chen had now, but she immediately after lowered them shyly.

"Moreover, I must still congratulate you for your performance today. Your sword method is probably the most powerful one in all Three Lower Realms," Tang Shiya spoke once again without waiting for Jiang Chen's reply.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but admit that Tang Shiya was really extremely beautiful, as if she was an ethereal beauty, who came out of a painting.

It was especially the case since she just had her first awakening of love, and she got another irresistible charm.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by what was happening now, as he was quite confident in himself, and it wasn't strange that his performance today would charm some young girls.

However, Jiang Chen felt something strange this time, as he found himself incapable of rejecting Tang Shiya decisively like he had done with others.

As he looked at her extremely beautiful and flawless face, an extremely strong impulse welled in his heart, and urged him to take her into his embrace, while his senior sister's image in his mind became fuzzier now.

"We are already in the depth of night now, so you should go back for now, so that people don't wag their tongues about this matter," Jiang Chen said such words before ending up making a grave mistake.

Tang Shiya was startled, and was quite surprised, but she still quickly hid her surprise, and nodded calmly.

Jiang Chen could still smell a faint fragrance in the air even after she left, and it let him got lost in his thoughts.


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