The Brilliant Fighting Master
595 The Lore of Fire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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595 The Lore of Fire

The purple Nine Underworlds Flame seemed quite beautiful and mesmerizing in such a dark night.

Even after a long while passed since it devoured Duke Yan, and Jiang Chen, it didn't dissipate, and it continued burning there like a group of purple clouds.

After a short while passed, the people in the city had a stifling hot feeling, as the cool and refreshing whether of late autumn became in a short while as scorching as if it was summertime.

Many people took off their outer clothing, and wiped the sweat on their faces.

The Nine Underworlds Flame gradually became more dazzling and harsh to the eye, and it seemed like it turned into a purple sun, which many people couldn't look at directly.

"I really can't imagine how it would feel inside it."

The heart of the people, who were suffering from the heat, couldn't help but palpitate when they thought of the situation of Jiang Chen, and Duke Yan, who were inside the Nine Underworlds Flame.

"Ten minutes is my upper limit, and the kid would surely not manage to bear it for more than three minutes."

The clothes of Duke Yan, who was now suffering the Nine Underworlds Flame's blazing might, were still undamaged and intact, as blood-red blazing flames surrounded his body and protected him.

If he faced the Nine Underworlds Flame directly, then even a Celestial Venerable like him wouldn't manage to bear it for a long while.

In the other side, Jiang Chen's clothes were already burned to ashes, and his bare body bathed in the Nine Underworlds Flame.

Such Alien Fire's might was really extraordinary.

His whole body was now burning, while his long hair shone in splendid light, and the Celestial Phoenix's mark appeared between his eyebrows.

The Nine Underworlds Flame didn't manage to harm, and it instead even helped him.

The Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood could let him be reborn while bathing in flames, and flames became the source of his lifeforce, while the Fire Dragon' origin was only the Dragon Clan's Fiery Dragon's power.

When he advanced to Martial Venerable Realm, a Celestial Phoenix and a Fire Dragon remolded his fleshly body, and the most distinct characteristics of the two divine beasts was the fact that they didn't fear any flames, and it was just because of it did he manage to survive Duke Yan's palm strike without suffering any injuries.

While Duke Yan needed to strive hard to resist the Nine Underworlds Flame, Jiang Chen didn't even need to try resisting it, and he was even instead refining his body among the Nine Underworlds Flames into the Dragon Phoenix Divine Body.

After three minutes passed, Duke Yan smiled, and was just about to leave the Nine Underworlds Flame's scope, however, a mighty power constrained him here.

"He still didn't die?"

Duke Yan knew why he was still constrained here, and he couldn't help but become somewhat restless.

"It's fine, he's now surely at his limit."

Duke Yan consoled himself in such a way, and continued using his cultivation method, however, the Nine Underworlds Flame's temperature was becoming higher, and higher, and it became somewhat difficult for him to face it.

After another minute passed, the nervous Duke Yan tried to leave this place once again, however, he still failed.

"Keep calm, keep calm." Even though Duke Yan was consoling himself in such a way, his face was already filled with panic.

He suddenly thought back of Jiang Chen's words. If he really died like this, then he would surely become a laughingstock.

He couldn't keep waiting any longer. The seal on the Nine Underworlds Flame had been set just by the gray-robed man. He was also a Celestial Venerable like him, and he didn't believe that he couldn't leave it forcefully.

However, Duke Yan despaired shortly after, as the seal had been set by the gray-robed man with the help of the Nine Underworlds Flame's power, and if he tried to leave it forcefully, then he would suffer the Nine Underworlds Flame's all-out attack.

"What should I do? What should I do?"

When seven or eight minutes already passed, Duke Yan lost his calm completely.

It wasn't like he couldn't bear it much longer, but Jiang Chen already bore it for a time, which surpassed his expectations greatly, and it let him have an uneasy feeling.

"Why didn't he come out yet?"

The people outside couldn't comprehend this matter, as even though ten minutes still didn't pass, but with the Nine Underworlds Flame's deadly power, the period, which passed, was already enough to kill anyone below Celestial Venerable Realm, and if another short while passed, then even a Celestial Venerable wouldn't be capable of bearing it any longer.

Zhao Pojun was walking around in circles in the first platform, as he was quite worried.

Jiang Chen already surpassed all expectations, and who knew by how much he would still surpass them?

He knew his father upper limit clearly, and he knew that he would shortly reach it.

"Let me out! Let me out!"

Duke Yan's frightened shouts suddenly echoed from the Nine Underworlds Flame.

He should have been capable of persisting longer, but his mind already gave in before the great pressure which he faced.

All people in the plaza looked at each other in dismay, as they never had such an odd feeling before.

The Mad Dragon Dynasty's people couldn't keep calm any longer, and another Celestial Venerable spoke, "Isn't it already enough? Will a Celestial Venerable really lose his life here?"

"It's him, who chose to attack Jiang Chen. Isn't Jiang Chen's life also a precious life?" Du Zhenfei found their words quite laughable.

"He's just a Martial Venerable, so how could he be compared to a Celestial Venerable? Moreover, Jiang Chen is just a person from the Nine Heavens Realm," The Mad Dragon Dynasty's Celestial Venerable spoke further on.

"I will state once again, Jiang Chen is my Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion," Du Zhenfei spoke strongly.

"Don't quarrel here!"

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Li Gang interrupted their quarrel.

"It's Zhao Yan, who attacked first, yet he still refused to admit his mistake, and acted arrogantly, and when Jiang Chen proposed Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual, the former accepted it by himself."

The gray-robed man said, "The Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual is the highest disciplinary ritual. Do you take it for just a mere child's play?"

The Mad Dragon Dynasty's people found themselves at a loss of words, and they all realized that the Sacred Martial Arts Institute took this matter seriously.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute possessed absolute authority, and Duke Yan obviously challenged their authority by attacking someone in front of such a large crowd.

Although the real reason why Duke Yan attacked Jiang Chen was that he looked down upon the Nine Heavens Realm's people.

After a short while passed since they stopped quarreling, miserable cries transmitted out of the Nine Underworlds Flame in the sky.

They obviously belonged to Duke Yan. He didn't manage to persist on for even ten minutes because he already lost faith in himself.

The gorgeous clothes worn by him were burned first, before his whole was body started being burned.

The Nine Underworlds Flame was like a ferocious beast, which devoured him thoroughly, and didn't leave even a part out of him.

His screams continued on for a whole minute, and at such time, the Holy Martial Arts City was oddly quiet, and each person's face was filled with shock.

When the screams came to end, Zhao Pojun's face turned deathly pale, while his whole body shivered.

"Quickly look over there!" There was someone, who noticed something, and pointed at the cloud-like Nine Underworlds Flame, which experienced some unusual changes.

It was like a black hole appeared there, and started absorbing the Nine Underworlds Flame, and it was gradually shrinking down.

It was only when the flame disappeared did people discover that the black hole was none other than Jiang Chen.

When the last wisp of Nine Underworlds Flame was absorbed into his body, he wore a new set of clothes at an extremely swift speed.

However, most people's attention was caught by the Nine Underworlds Flame, and not his bare body.

"Did, did he just absorb the Nine Underworlds Flame?"

"Impossible, he doesn't have the Nine Underworlds Flame's source, so how could he absorb it?"

"However, the Nine Underworlds Flame really entered into his body."

All people were amazed, and they all started wagging their tongues.

As for Zhao Pojun, what he most cared about now was the fact that it was just Jiang Chen alone, who appeared, while he didn't get to see his father. This meant that Duke Yan already disappeared from this world forever.

"I really didn't expect that what I will comprehend first would be the Lore of Fire, not the Lore of Wind. Is it thanks to the Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood miraculous effects?"

Jiang Chen, who never once studied fire conception, managed to comprehend the Lore of Fire by using the Nine Underworlds Flame.

Moreover, he really managed to absorb the Nine Underworlds Flame, and store it inside his body.

This wasn't an easy matter, as even the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Celestial Venerables were incapable of collecting back the Nine Underworlds Flame after using it.

However, Jiang Chen, who mastered the Lore of Fire, managed to find a way of absorbing the Nine Underworlds Flame.


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