The Brilliant Fighting Master
594 The Nine Underworlds Flame
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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594 The Nine Underworlds Flame

Before Zhao Pojun fought, he said to the Holy Martial Arts City's people that they didn't need to worry about him, and that he would surely uphold True Force Realm's geniuses honor, yet in the end, he lost miserably, and he was still unconscious even now, so it wasn't surprising that Duke Yan would attack Jiang Chen for such a reason.

However, Duke Yan didn't expect that not only didn't he manage to kill Jiang Chen, he also let this matter get out of hand.

Even after Duke Yan pondered over it for a long while, he still couldn't understand where did Jiang Chen get his confidence from, and it was only when he heard the crowd's discussions did he understood everything.

The person, who just spoke was Ning Haotian, who also came from the Nine Heavens Realm like Jiang Chen, and his words should be quite trustworthy.

"Hahaha," Duke Yan laughed heartily, and spoke complacently, "I don't know where did you hear about the Heavenly Fire God Descent, but I must inform you that heavenly flames' might isn't something, which could be disregarded just by depending upon bloodline power."

After Duke Yan knew what Jiang Chen was depending upon, he relaxed, and mocked Jiang Chen's ignorance.

Ning Haotian's words cleared the crowd's doubts, as they all couldn't believe that he depended just upon his Martial Venerable Realm cultivation to challenge a Celestial Venerable.

"He survived the palm strike a moment ago just because of it."

The crowd quickly thought back of more matters, and they all assumed that Jiang Chen depended upon just such power to face the flames along with a Celestial Venerable.

"My palm strike a moment ago was just a casual attack, and it didn't contain even a tenth of my true power, and the heavenly fire's might surpass the former vastly."

Now, even if Jiang Chen cowered, and didn't want to carry Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual, Duke Yan would surely not accept it.

"It wouldn't be any better," Jiang Chen coldly said.

"You are really stubborn," Duke Yan mocked him. He was called Duke Yan just because he had high attainments in fire conception, and the 'Yan' in his name meant flames.

Moreover, the cultivation method cultivated by him let his body's power have a high affinity with fire, and he once cultivated for three days and nights straight in a volcano.

Even if Jiang Chen possessed a Celestial Phoenix's bloodline, so what? It wasn't enough for him to be immune to all flames.

"Start from now on."

The gray-robed man was always handing all matters in a strictly business-like manner, and he now took a glance at each of Duke Yan, and Jiang Chen, and intended to start it.

This evening party wasn't really arranged specifically for young venerables competition, and the occurrence of such an incident wouldn't really affect it.

Moreover, the audience's eagerness for witnessing the Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual was, even more, higher than observing people fights.

It wasn't just because there was a large disparity between the parties involved cultivations, it was also because they were all looking forward to Jiang Chen's outcome after he displayed such astonishing performance.

The heavenly fire was just the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's address for such flame, while in fact, it was an alien flame.

Alien flames were a type of flames, which existed in this world, which possessed a terrifying might, and not only was their temperature higher than ordinary fire, they still possessed different abilities, which let them possess a destructive might.

The name of the alien flame possessed by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute was Nine Underworlds Flame, and it was an alien flame collected by the institute from deep underground.

Each of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Celestial Venerables would bring a part of the Nine Underworlds Flame with them, and possessing it was tantamount to possessing an extremely powerful magical treasure.

The Nine Underworlds Flame's source was always in the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and the flames brought by Celestial Venerables were like water taken out of a spring, and it was enough for carrying a Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual.

"Both of you should fly into a high altitude, so that the Nine Underworlds Flame doesn't injure innocent people," the gray-robed man said.

Duke Yan took a look at Jiang Chen, before he appeared at a high altitude in the sky instantly without anyone witnessing him use even a part of his power.

"Jiang Chen, are you sure about it?"

It was only now did Du Zhenfei recall that he must ask him such a question. He probably felt a moment ago because of Jiang Chen's confident attitude that there wouldn't be any issues occurring.

After Du Zhenfei heard Ning Haotian, he thought that Jiang Chen probably mistakenly assumed that Celestial Phoenix bloodline could let him resist the Nine Underworlds Flame.

"Be at ease, I'm aware of what I'm doing," Jiang Chen said, before he started soaring up.

Jiang Chen already once heard about Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual inadvertently, and he felt like it was quite suitable for such a situation.

"Many people, who had inherited bloodlines related with fire, died in raging flames," Duke Yan said.

Jiang Chen shook his head, and spoke in a low voice, "It's really a pity."

"What is a pity?" Duke Yan was displeased by his mystifying attitude.

"While taking part in the Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual, we can't see each other, and I won't manage to see your regretful face when you are on the brink of death."

Jiang Chen looked at him, and said, "A Celestial Venerable who died because of a Martial Venerable would surely become a laughingstock after his death."

He uttered the outcome, which Duke Yan was the most worried about, and Jiang Chen could clearly see that Duke Yan's expression changed drastically.

"You should first possess enough power for it to happen," Duke Yan uttered such words after a moment.

The gray-robed man came in front of them, and said, "I will set a seal on the Nine Underworlds Flame, and it would be impossible for anyone of you to leave while two people are still inside it."

"I don't have any problem with it, quickly start," Duke Yan urged him.

He was already fed up with listening to Jiang Chen's arrogant words, as well as bearing the fact that people were now witnessing him standing beside a trifling Martial Venerable.

"Fine." The gray-robed man nodded.

The unconscious Zhao Pojun, who was now in the first platform, suddenly woke up, as he felt an intense headache.

"Did I lose?"

When he realized what happened, Zhao Pojun's expression became quite hideous. He wasn't willing to accept such an outcome, it was especially since he already stated several times that he wouldn't lose before the start of the fight.

"What's going on?"

Zhao Pojun suddenly saw his father standing with Jiang Chen in the sky, and he was quite puzzled by it.

"Duke Yan was too infuriated, and attacked Jiang Chen, but he was put in check by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and Jiang Chen used such an opportunity to propose carrying the Heavenly Fire God Descent ritual."

There was someone beside Zhao Pojun, who immediately replied.

"It is Jiang Chen who proposed it?"

Zhao Pojun was bewildered by it, and it was only after he confirmed it several times did he relax, and strode forward toward Ning Haotian.

"Are you sure that he has just Celestial Phoenix's bloodline, and he doesn't have any other means besides it?"

"Isn't Celestial Phoenix's bloodline enough?"

Ning Haotian said such words a while ago because he wanted to warn all people, so that they would take Jiang Chen more seriously, but in the end, it let them just look down upon him because of it.

They all assumed that Jiang Chen had some amazing means, and Ning Haotian's reply wasn't in line with what they expected.

"It's just a Celestial Phoenix's bloodline, so he would surely die, as my father already touched upon Fire Lore," Zhao Pojun said proudly.

"Fire Lore?"

Ning Haotian was greatly surprised by his words. He should have been quite excited by them, yet he still didn't believe that Jiang Chen was someone, who could make such a stupid mistake.

However, the True Force Realm's people, who weren't familiar with Jiang Chen, really assumed that the latter was really stupid.

"Then just wait for it, you would be all stunned." Ning Haotian couldn't help but have such a thought, even though he really hoped for Jiang Chen to die in the Nine Underworlds Flame.

The gray-robed old man, who was in the sky, inspected both of Duke Yan, and Jiang Chen, and took away all of their treasures, so they wouldn't depend upon any external assistance.

Just after, he took a small jade bottle before the gazes of the crowd, which were filled with expectation.

After he took the bottle cork, a purple Nine Underworlds Flame surged out of it, and swept Jiang Chen, and Duke Yan, like a tide.

Duke Yan didn't dare to be careless at such a moment, and he used his cultivation method. His whole body started burning like a ball of fire before the Nine Underworlds Flame engulfed him.

As for Jiang Chen, he didn't take any preparations for it, and he just stood there motionlessly.

Both of them were shortly after devoured by the Nine Underworlds Flame, and the crowd was incapable of witnessing the course of events, and they could just wait for the final outcome.


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