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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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592 Zhao Pojun

The Geniuses Group was a group formed by top-notch genius young venerable of True Force Realm. They were all top-notch geniuses like the previous six Spiritual Venerables, but they were still at the Martial Venerable Realm.

They didn't plan to participate in this meeting at first, but someone looked for them, and informed them of Ning Haotian, and Jiang Chen's performance, and they all came especially for them.

Ning Haotian, who was in mid-air, stopped roaring, and put back the heavy spear in his hand.

He wasn't willing to accept such an outcome, but he still didn't continue fighting, and he went back to the first platform quietly.

"Thanks for letting me win." Ye Chen said politely, while still standing in mid-air, as he swept Jiang Chen with his sharp gaze.

"Senior Li, can I fight another battle?" Ye Chen asked.

Everyone knew which person Ye Chen wanted to challenge, and the Holy Martial Arts City's people would be happy to have him continue fighting, and defeat Jiang Chen.

"Brother Ye, it won't be interesting in such a way, there are just two people, so how could we let you take all of them for yourself?"

The man, who provoked Jiang Chen, spoke in displeasure.

Ye Chen wore a smile, and didn't reply, and waited for the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Celestial Venerables reply.

Li Gang was somewhat swayed by him, and when he was just hesitating, the gray-robed man beside him spoke, "There are set rules."

"Fine." Ye Chen didn't insist on, and he slowly descended before many pair of gazes, which were filled with disappointment.

"Hahaha, be at ease, I, Zhao Pojun, won't disappoint any of you."

After he spoke, he flew into the air impatiently, and spoke loudly, "Jiang Chen, come forward. Didn't you just want to know how powerful I'm?"

Jiang Chen's former words let him decide to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"Be careful, this Zhao Pojun's power isn't any lesser than Ye Chen."

Zhao Wenhao, who was beside Jiang Chen, noticed their conflict, and when he witnessed that they were about to fight, he couldn't help but become worried about Jiang Chen.

Zhao Wenhao wasn't mistaken, as when people witnessed that the one, who would fight after Ye Chen, was Zhao Pojun, they didn't worry about the latter at all.

Moreover, they all felt like only by letting Ning Haotian, and Jiang Chen be defeated by different people would the True Force Realm's power be shown more properly.

"Didn't they say that Zhao Pojun came just because he pursued Tang Shiya?"

"Oh right, it's no wonder that he didn't want Ye Chen to take this fight."

"We will get a good show now."

People suddenly recalled the rumors about Jiang Chen, and Tang Shiya, as well as the fact that Zhao Pojun loved the latter.

"Jiang Chen, do your best!"

When Jiang Chen flew into the air, Tang Shiya's voice suddenly rang near his ears.

Jiang Chen was startled. It seemed like this fight wouldn't be as easy as the past ones.

He sized up Zhao Pojun earnestly. He was more or less as tall as him, and he had an average look, and his face was filled with pride. His cultivation was at the middle stage of Martial Venerable Realm, and it was even higher than Ye Chen, who just defeated Ning Haotian a moment ago."

"He would also surely lose."

At the Dragon Rebel Kingdom's people side, Ning Haotian prayed inwardly.

Even though he lost, he didn't feel ashamed by it, as his performance was already too dazzling for a cultivator, who came just from the Nine Heavens Realm.

With Ye Chen's prominent status in True Force Realm's people heart, they all felt like it was obvious that Ning Haotian would lose to him.

What Ning Haotian cared about now was Jiang Chen, and Zhao Pojun's fight, and he obviously hoped for the former to lose, as only then would the disparity between them seemed lesser.

If Jiang Chen won, then the great disparity between would be exposed before all people.

"How could an ugly toad like you, who came from Nine Heavens Realm, dare to dream about eating a swan's meat?"

The other person, who also wanted Jiang Chen to lose, was his opponent, Zhao Pojun, and even though it was his first meeting with the Jiang Chen, but he still hated, and despised him greatly.

"It's probably because all of True Force Realm's geniuses are useless like you," Jiang Chen said seriously

Zhao Pojun was so infuriated that he laughed when he heard his words, and as a ray of light flickered, a precious long blade appeared in his hand

"After I beat you badly, you will surely regret everything which you just said."

When his words just echoed, Zhao Pojun waved his blade, and advanced forward.

Even though he still didn't use any blade techniques, the power exposed by him still astonished many people, who didn't know him well.

Ning Haotian's body had two inherited bloodline which fused together, and turned into an alien beast bloodline, and each time he attacked, a thunderous sound would be emitted from his body.

However, the disturbance caused by Zhao Pojun was many times more intense than Ning Haotian, and even though there weren't any roars, which transmitted from his body, but whistling sound, which was harsh to the ear, echoed as his body flew in the air, and he left behind him a trail of sparks in the air.

By the time he reached Jiang Chen, his blade's edge was already burning with raging flames.

"Mad Dragon Blade Doctrine!"

As he thrust his blade, it seemed like it was a mad dragon rushing here from outside the firmament.

"Rainbow Sword Method, a Rainbow Penetrates the Sun."

Jiang Chen didn't take him carelessly, and he used his Divine Sea's power, and Dragon and Phoenix power at the same time.

His sword light, which seemed like a scarlet bolt, collided against the mad dragon's blade energy. Their collision emitted a dazzling radiance, which illuminated the dark night sky.

The whole sky seemed now like a billowing sea, as many bursts of energy wreaked havoc in it.

Jiang Chen, and Zhao Pojun retreated both by a hundred meters just after, and none of them managed to take the upper hand.


Such a scene was out of the True Force Realm's people expectations. They didn't expect that a person as ferocious as Zhao Pojun wouldn't manage to defeat Jiang Chen in a single move.

"You are a Blade Doctrine inheritor, and your body still had an inherited bloodline, and you comprehended fire and metal great doctrines."

Jiang Chen unexpectedly declared many pieces info about Zhao Pojun, before he spoke coldly, "You had just such power, yet you still dared to be this arrogant, should I say that you are a frog in a well, or that you are a short-sighted rat?"

Jiang Chen's words were even more vicious than Zhao Pojun by much, and they managed to truly infuriate the latter, and he wasn't just annoyed like before.

"Then, do you know what's the inherited bloodline in my body?" Zhao Pojun asked coldly.

Different inherited bloodlines would grant martial artists different assistance and power.

He wanted to use such words to remind Jiang Chen that he still didn't use his whole power.

"Who cares about what it's."

Jiang Chen spread his hands, and raised them up to his shoulder's level, as he held the Redcloud Sword, and black knife in each of them.

"Can you inform me whether your inherited bloodline can achieve this matter?"

After Jiang Chen spoke, a pair of long and big fire wings appeared on his back.

After the wings appeared, imposing raging flames rose from his back, and they rose up to several hundred meters, and illuminated the whole Holy Martial Arts City.

The raging flames turned in the end into a phoenix, and a dragon, and each of them fell on one of Jiang Chen's weapons, and let his Redcloud Sword, and black knife shone with splendid light, and lightning started flickering in them.

Moreover, it still didn't end with just this, as the wind, started suddenly wailing like ghosts, as countless wisps of sharp wind revolved around Jiang Chen.

"Erratic Sword Strike!"

"Immeasurable Sword Strike!"

Describing the whole process took a long while, even though in fact, it occurred in just several short seconds.

When his sword's imposing manner rose up to its peak, all Heavenly Venerables in the first platform were dumbfounded, and several of them couldn't help but stand up.

"Martial Doctrine Great Mastery?"

"He's just at the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm, yet he already reached Martial Doctrine Great Mastery? What kind of monstrous genius he was?"

"Wind, fire, and lightning. Those three conceptions power is marvelous.

While the crowd cried out in alarm and surprise, Zhao Pojun already started facing Jiang Chen's sword strike.

"Is it just an illusion?"

When Zhao Pojun felt the power contained in the pair of sword and knife, he found himself incapable of believing that it really possessed such power.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》