The Brilliant Fighting Master
591 The Geniuses Group
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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591 The Geniuses Group

Su Ning had a good look, and he raised now his head high, and stuck his chest out, and kept an upright posture.

He held a precious sword, which flickered in blue light, and Sword Doctrine's power was surging out of it.

He bore a heavy burden on his shoulder now, as he now represented all of True Force Realm's young Venerables.

When Jiang Chen flew into the air, he looked at him with his sharp gaze, which gradually became graver when he met Jiang Chen's gaze, and when the latter unsheathed his Redcloud Sword, he furrowed his brows.

They didn't immediately start fighting, and they just stood there while holding their swords, and looking at each other.

All of a sudden, an extremely sharp sword momentum burst out of Su Ning, and swept the surrounding like a storm.

Jiang Chen raised his eyes, looked at it, moved his wrist, as he waved his Redcloud Sword, and a sword momentum not any weaker than his opponent's erupted out of it.

As they were competing with their formless Sword Doctrines, the people beneath were all confused, and they wondered why they didn't start fighting directly.

Only people, who also mastered Sword Doctrines could see through what was happening.

"His Sword Doctrine is too powerful."

Song Ji, who was in the second platform, looked fixedly at Jiang Chen. He already realized how great was the disparity between him and the latter by comparing himself to him many times.

He looked at the resentful Nan Xuan, as he suddenly understood why the later lost.

"I lost."

At this moment, Su Ning, who was in the air, suddenly uttered shocking words, which gave rise to a commotion, before he returned to the first platform.

Tianyi School's elder just let out a long sigh, and didn't say anything. How could they not notice that what Su Ning said was really true? It was better for him to make a firm decision now than lose unsightly later on."

"You let me win it."

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by such an outcome, but he still admired his opponent's open-minded nature.

"Did he make some mistake there?" Ning Haotian, who was quite confident, couldn't help but grumble. If Jiang Chen didn't manage to defeat Su Ning in a single move, then he should have won, but who would expect that Su Ning would concede on his own?

"Don't the True Force Realm have any competent people?"

It wasn't just Ning Haotian, who was dissatisfied, as all people in the plaza couldn't accept it.

As such voices echoed, the crowd's gaze swept the bodies of several people in the first platform. Those people were quite calm and quiet, and didn't catch anyone's attention at first, however, when there was a need for someone to stand out for them, they immediately became this place's focal point.

It was because those people were the True Force Realm's true pride, and they were unlike Su Ning, and Peng Peng, who could be just considered first-rate experts, and weren't at all top-notch geniuses.

The True Force Realm had just six top-notch geniuses, whose age didn't reach thirty years old.

The criterion needed to be meet by them to become top-notch geniuses was reaching the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

No matters how much Jiang Chen and Ning Haotian tossed about, as long as one of those six people made a move, he could defeat them easily.

However, the reason why they didn't participate in was that they were already Spiritual Venerables, and they felt it beneath themselves to compete against Martial Venerables.

When they faced the crowd's expectant gaze, they glanced at each other, and waited for someone from them to stand out.

However, they just after revealed a smile at the same time, and stood out.

They didn't need to utter any words, and they just looked at each other, as they extended out their right hand.

Before the crowd gaze, which was filled with expectation, their hands turned into stones, papers, and scissors.

They were unexpectedly playing the rock-paper-scissors game.

The one who lost, in the end, chuckled bitterly, and flew into the air helplessly.

"You, come forward."

He pointed his finger at Ning Haotian, and challenged him.

Ning Haotian's expression became extremely unsightly when he faced the Spiritual Venerable's challenge, and he looked at Jiang Chen.

"You don't need to look at him, after he rests for a round, there will be someone else, who will challenge him," the Spiritual Venerable in the sky said.

"Even if lost to you, it will be just because of the disparity between the Martial Venerable and Spiritual Venerable Realms, and it isn't because I'm worse than you."

After Ning Haotian flew into the air, he said such words cleverly.

"It's enough for you to know that True Force Realm's young venerable, who didn't reach their thirties, are more powerful than you by much."

"When I reach Spiritual Venerable Realm, I can then defeat you with ease."

Ning Haotian thought back to the words once said to him by Jiang Chen in the past, and used them now.

When his words echoed, the expression of the Spiritual Venerable facing him changed drastically, and his carefree attitude disappeared, and he was somewhat infuriated.

However, when the battle was just about to start, a scarlet ray streaked across the sky, and stopped in the plaza.

"Senior Brother Li, let me take care of him."

After the ray's radiance disappeared, a youth appeared before the crowd's eyes. He was, even more, younger than Jiang Chen, and he was just seventeen years old, yet he was already at the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm.

His tone was filled with confidence, as if he was unaware of Ning Haotian's accomplishments a moment ago.

"Ye Chen, why did you come here?"

The Spiritual Venerable wasn't angered by the youth interruption, and his anger even died.

"I was drinking wine with the other because I assumed that with Peng Peng and the other here, it will be enough, and I didn't expect that Nine Heavens Realm's people would be this amazing."

The youth called Ye Chen was quite handsome, and had uncommon bearings. He was wearing a gray long robe, which was quite simple and unadorned, yet it still gave him a grand air.

The face of Peng Peng, who was in the first platform, became filled with shame when he heard his words, and he was so ashamed that he almost couldn't bear showing his face around anymore.

At the same time, countless rays of light flickered, and flew to here. They belonged to young people, who all emitted extremely powerful auras.

"The Geniuses Group!"

"Didn't they say that they didn't feel like coming here?"

"If they still didn't come here, won't a Spiritual Venerable be really obliged to deal with a Martial Venerable? It would be then just a one-sided unfair battle."

The Holy Martial Arts City's people let out a breath when they saw those people, and they all became quite excited.

"Senior Liu, senior Li. We didn't come this late deliberately, we just became somewhat eager to fight when we heard about the Nine Heavens Realm's geniuses."

The youth called Ye Chen had elegant bearings, and he immediately apologized to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Heavenly Venerables.

"It doesn't matter. Those, who won't fight, should descend there for now."

Li Gang revealed a smile, which he rarely showed, and it seemed like he really valued the Geniuses Group.

The Spiritual Venerable addressed Senior Brother Li by them, as well as the members of the Geniuses Group, descended on the first platform.

Ye Chen looked at Ning Haotian, who was ignored by them for a while, and spoke, "Please advise!"


As Ning Haotian looked at this person. he felt for some unknown reason that he was quite similar to Jiang Chen, and he let him recall the day, in which he was defeated by Jiang Chen in the sect.

"Overbearing Spear Sweep the World"

Ning Haotian waved his long spear, as the alien beast in his body roared crazily, and a boundless power erupted out of him.

"Peerless Sword, A Sword Strike Break Ten Thousand Techniques."

Ye Chen unsheathed his sword calmly, and thrust it. Such a move was practiced by him for more than ten thousand times, and he managed to display it easily and swiftly.

The eyes of Jiang Chen, who in the first platform lit up. It was his first time being amazed by the sword techniques of someone at the same age as him.

"You don't need to observe it, as the outcome is already determined, and you should better worry about yourself now."

A deep voice transmitted from beside him now, "I don't care about what's your relationship with Shiya, but if you are sensible, then you should better not exchange even another word with her, or you will surely end up lying weakly on the ground like a dead dog."

Jiang Chen raised his brows, and looked at the person coming at him. He was one of the members of the Geniuses Group, which just came here.

When he was just about to reply, a pained angry roar transmitted from the sky.

When he raised his head, and looked at it, he witnessed Ning Haotian waving his long spear crazily like an injured wild beast. As for that Ye Chen, he already sheathed his sword now.

"Nine Heavens Realm's genius, did you witness it? This will be your fate too."

The person standing in front of Jiang Chen revealed a smile, as he spoke proudly, and addressed Jiang Chen mockingly.

"I hope that your power is at least half as sharp as your tongue," Jiang Chen said coldly.


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