The Brilliant Fighting Master
590 Nine Heavens Realm“s Prestige
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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590 Nine Heavens Realm“s Prestige

All True Force Realm's people knew that person, as he was famous for his arrogance, and unpleasant words, were which harsh to the ear. Moreover, he still possessed great power, and was one of True Force Realm's New Talent List greatest ten people, and his name was Peng Peng.

"What did you just say?"

Ning Haotian was quite displeased by the youth's arrogant words. Even though he had an irreconcilable enmity with Jiang Chen, he still must admit how brilliant was the previous fight.

"Can't you understand humans' language? Do you need me to repeat it again?"

Peng Peng stood up. He was also tall like Ning Haotian, but he had an average look, and a pair of small eyes.

He took a look at Ning Haotian before he glanced at Jiang Chen, "Your sword strike was quite swift, but it didn't amount to more than it. Do you dare to compete against me?"

"If you want to fight with me, then why don't you just directly state it? Was there any need for you to bark loudly like a dog?" Jiang Chen said solemnly.

When his words echoed, the ambiance of this whole place changed, and a weird look appeared on the faces of all people in the first platform, and delight appeared even on the faces of some them, as they took joy in his misfortune.

Peng Peng wasn't just arrogant, he was also ruthless and merciless.

Jiang Chen wasn't mistaken when he called him a dog, as he was really a dog. He was a dog, which would bite you ruthlessly if given opportunity.

"Hehe, you really have a bad temper," Peng Peng laughed sinisterly, as he spoke, and he squinted his small eyes until they became just thin slits, and his gaze was as sharp as a needle.

"I'm speaking with you, did you hear it or not?"

When Ning Haotian was ignored once again, he almost burst with rage, as he was ignored because of Jiang Chen.

"You don't need to fight with your tongues. Jiang Chen just went through a fight, and according to tonight's rules, no one is allowed to fight several fights consecutively."

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's gray-clothed man stopped their endless noisy quarrel.

Peng Peng looked at Ning Haotian when he heard his words, "It's really just a humiliation to fight against someone from Nine Heavens Realm, but to let all of you know how weak you are, I don't mind fighting you."

"Enough with boastful words."

Ning Haotian didn't fear to ascend the stage, and he took a step forward first, and flew into the air, while he held his heavy spear in hand tightly, as he spoke coldly, "Jiang Chen would be defeated by just me alone, and you aren't apt enough for it."

"What ignorant words!"

Peng Peng shrugged his shoulders, before he soared up in the next second, and charged toward Ning Haotian.

He charged at full speed like a war chariot, as he raised his right arm, and pulled it back until it seemed like a pulled bowstring, while his fist's Qi danced like flames, and left a long trail behind it in the air.

"His fist had really vigorous power," Jiang Chen said inwardly.

This Peng Peng guy was really somewhat skilled, as this fist's might almost rivaled his Divine Dragon Martial Technique. Moreover, the way it was used let it possess a greater destructive power.

"This Peng Peng ran into a fortuitous encounter, and got a fist scripture, and later on, he even became Fist Doctrine's inheritor, and his fist techniques are number one in the whole True Force Realm," Zhao Wenhao said to him.

"Fist Doctrine's inheritor?" Jiang Chen was quite surprised, as it was his first time meeting such a person.

When he carefully observed Peng Peng, he found out that his fist's power was really extraordinary, and the difference between it and ordinary ones was like the difference between sword, who possessed Sword Doctrine's power, and not

However, since his opponent was Ning Haotian, then Jiang Chen didn't really need to worry about the latter, and he became full of expectation for this fight

When Ning Haotian faced this punch, he chose to face it head-on, and he put the long spear in front of him

"You are really extremely stupid."

Peng Peng couldn't help but laugh, and he felt like he was looking at a mantis, who was trying to stop a chariot.

His fist, which seemed like a scorching sun, bombarded Ning Haotian's spear heavily, and his fist overwhelming power bent the spear over.

The heavy spear was a magical treasure grade weapon, and it was impossible to damage it easily, however, such matter still occurred, and the first's tremendous power reached even Ning Haotian's body, and injured him heavily.

However, an angry roar transmitted from Ning Haotian's body at this moment, and boundless power surged into him, and not only did he unexpectedly manage to block such strike, he even managed to push the heavy spear forward.

Peng Peng was startled, and when he raised his head, and had a look at him, he saw Ning Haotian's face, which was filled with anger.

For a moment, he even felt like he saw an ancient ferocious beast behind Ning Haotian, it seemed like a dragon, yet it also seemed like a roc, and as the latter roared angrily at him, his soul suffered an intense impact."

"Jiang Chen isn't someone the likes of you can hold in contempt."

Ning Haotian took avail of such an opportunity to wave his heavy spear, and strike Peng Peng's chest with it.


Peng Peng felt at such moment like his chest was bombarded by a giant mountain, and his vision darkened, as he spouted a mouthful of blood.


The fight came to end suddenly like how it was the confrontation between Jiang Chen, and Nan Xuan ended, and many people couldn't accept such a sudden end.

Peng Peng, who was ranked among the top ten in New Talent List was defeated in a single move. Many people couldn't believe what their eyes just witnessed.

"A hybrid beast, which inherited two bloodlines?"

"His aura is so powerful, and it seemed like it belonged a grandiose mountain, or a boundless ocean."

"Nine Heavens Realm's geniuses are really outstanding.

All factions in the first platform were surprised by Ning Haotian's performance.

Unlike Jiang Chen, the person, which Ning Haotian defeated, was a True Force Realm's young venerable, and it let people have a direct comparison way, as they didn't really know how was Nan Xuan's power, and they only knew that he was a Half Spirit.

It was because of such a reason what the shock brought to them by Ning Haotian was greater than Jiang Chen's by many times.

"Jiang Chen, come to have a fight with me."

After he got a great victory, Ning Haotian became even more confident, and he pointed his spearhead at Jiang Chen, as he took the initiative, and challenged him.

"Tonight's rules forbid all people from having several fights consecutively, how many times do you need me to repeat it?" The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's gray-clothed man said.

Ning Haotian could only helplessly go back to the platform.

In the past two matches, the Nine Heavens Realm's people got all the limelight, and let many people criticize them in secret.

It was especially the case for True Force Realm's young vegetables. They all felt like they mustn't let them continue on.

Since now Ning Haotian must rest for a round, they could only choose Jiang Chen.

The True Force Realm's young venerables looked at each other, and hesitated as they pondered over who should go to challenge Jiang Chen.

However, after a short while, a Tianyi School's disciple stood out.

"I'm Tianyi School, Su Ning, and I want to challenge the Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion."

His tone wasn't arrogant like Peng Peng, and he was quite polite, however, Su Ning's rank in New Talent List was inferior to Peng Peng.

The implication behind the fact that he dared to challenge Jiang Chen was quite obvious.

"Hehehe, Jiang Chen, this guy is weaker than Peng Peng, yet he still dared to challenge you. Don't you feel like it's quite humiliating?" Ning Haotian was pleased with himself, and he transmitted his voice to Jiang Chen.

However, he recalled shortly after that Jiang Chen already isolated his holy awareness, and he wouldn't hear any voice transmission.

He wanted to open his mouth, and speak at him directly, but he feared that would be incapable of living in peace in True Force Realm if he acted too rampantly, and he could only bear such an impulse.

"I take up your challenge," Jiang Chen revealed a faint smile, and spoke.

He didn't mind treating people who had nice manners nicely.

Su Ning nodded, and took a step forward first, and flew into the air. The weapon used by him was also a sword.

Even though he already witnessed Jiang Chen"s sword strike, which slowed the flow of time, he still challenged him confidently.

"We mustn't lose this time."

The Holy Martial Arts City's people weren't willing to see the Nine Heavens Realm's people win three times in a row, and they felt like it should be their turn to get a victory this time.

Su Ning was different from Nan Xuan, who fought him before. He was a middle stage Martial Venerable, and even though he wasn't a Half Spirit, he still managed to master a Sword Doctrine.

In addition to this, he still had high achievement in conceptions cultivation.

"Jiang Chen, if you couldn't defeat him in a single move, then it would be obvious that you are weaker than me." This was what Ning Haotian wanted to said at this moment.

Ning Haotian sat calmly as he wore a confident smile, as if victory was at his hand, and waited for the outcome.


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