The Brilliant Fighting Master
589 Speed and Time
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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589 Speed and Time

After Jiang Chen separated with his senior sister, he suffered the Blood Shadow Dynasty's assassination, and if he didn't have the Celestial Phoenix's genuine blood, then he would have already died while oblivious to everything, including even that forest's name.

Nan Xuan movement technique was extremely similar to the one used by the Shadow Clan, which once tried to assassinate him in the past.

"Didn't you notice that you already lost?" Nan Xuan chuckled mysteriously, while he spoke in a complacent tone.

When his words just echoed, a ripping sound transmitted from Jiang Chen's clothes, as a Sword Scar had streaked across him downward.

"Could even such matter be considered a defeat?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly.

This Nan Xuan was really cunning, tearing his cloths was already the upper limit of what his Sword Scar could achieve, yet he spoke as if he spared him on purpose, and stopped just there.

"Do you want to see blood?" Nan Xuan spoke proudly.

"Since it's the case, then why don't you sheath your sword, and just concede?"

After Jiang Chen spoke, Nan Xuan's sleeves fluttered away in the wind suddenly, and it was especially the case for his right hand's sleeves, as his Nine Golden Battle Rings were already shattered.

"How is this possible?"

Nan Xuan didn't notice at which time it occurred, as he assumed that he got the upper hand in their short confrontation a moment ago.

"Do you sill want to continue wasting your breath?" Jiang Chen asked coldly.

"It's still just a draw."

Nan Xuan raised his sword once again, as his Blood Shadow's golden light shone brightly.

"Blood Shadow Sword, Absolute Lightless Darkness."

With the Blood Shadow Holy Skill 's assistance, even an ordinary sword move would become extremely powerful, and it could be said that it was capable of making something miraculous even out of the most useless moves.

As he used such sword move, he disappeared thoroughly, and he didn't leave even a simple trail behind.

It seemed like Nan Xuan, and his sword, already broke free of speed's limit, and the whole sky turned into their playground, where they could do as they pleased.

However, this was still not its most powerful point, as it seemed like the Blood Shadow's scarlet rays around him turned into an armor, which could both attack, and defend.

"Ksana Sword Method, first move."

"Ksana Sword Method, second move."

Jiang Chen didn't panic when he faced his incoming attack, and he used Ksana Sword Method first and second moves with each of his hands.

He first sheathed the Redcloud Sword, and black knife, and took a step forward with his right foot, and bent his knee slightly

At this moment, the world before him became slower in his eyes, and Nan Xuan's track, which he couldn't even catch a glimpse of, because traceable, as the latter whole body flickered with light became he used the Blood Shadow Holy Skill.

In the end, several dozens of afterimages of Nan Xuan's appeared before Jiang Chen's eyes, and they were all in the hundred meters radius around him, and there were rays of light flickering between them, which linked them together.


Jiang Chen let out a breath, as he instantly unsheathed his knife, and sword.

"It's too swift!"

The crowd wondered how could Jiang Chen face Nan Xuan, who used his Blood Shadow Holy Skill, and none of them expected that he possessed such swift sword move.

Even other Martial Venerables couldn't have a clear look of Jiang Chen's movement, and only Spiritual Venerables, and Celestial Venerables could clearly see some fine details about it.


The expression of Nan Xuan, who assumed that he could easily deal with him, changed drastically.

He depended upon the Blood Shadow Holy Skill to break free of the speed limit, and he never expected that Jiang Chen would possess a skill, which could slow time.

Now, not only was he restrained by Jiang Chen, but he was also incapable of blocking the former's sword strike.

"Blood Shadow Sword."

Nan Xuan clenched his teeth, and turned the Blood Shadow's scarlet light around him into a sword.

When Jiang Chen's sword, and knife attacked, his Blood Shadow Swords, which were numbered in thousand, helped him to ward them off, and the sound of metal collision rang unceasingly.

"If time and speed fought against each other, do you still think that you can win?"

An ice-cold sound rang near Nan Xuan's ears before all of his Blood Shadow's light dissipated in the next second.

In the past second, Jiang Chen thrust more than a hundred strike with his sword and knife, and his Immortal Sword Doctrine's power erupted thoroughly.

Nan Xuan didn't even manage to respond back, while his body was being attacked by Jiang Chen's Sword Doctrine power, and he was injured heavily

"I really don't know where you got enough confidence to stand before me."

Those were the same words spoken to him before they started their fight, and it was only now did he realize that it was impossible for his Blood Shadow Holy Skill to deal with Jiang Chen, and that he couldn't withstand even a strike from Jiang Chen like Song Ji.

When Jiang Chen last sword strike struck him, Nan Xuan's body fell down.

The Milky Realm's people were stunned, and they even forgot to go forward to catch Nan Xuan, and it was only because the first platform's experts intervened in did Nan Xuan avert falling to his death.

"It ended just like this?"

Many people were disappointed when they witnessed that the outcome of the battle was already determined.

They assumed that the Half Spirit, Nan Xuan, who cultivated the Blood Shadow Holy Skill would have a shocking performance, and didn't expect that he amounted to just this much.

"It isn't Nan Xuan, who is weak, it's Jiang Chen, who is too strong."

They were also people, who saw through the truth, and they were the Celestial Venerables in the first platform.

"Nan Xuan just broke free of speed's limit, while Jiang Chen was capable of controlling time. The two of them weren't on the same level."

"What is crucial is age, age. His accomplishments aren't any worse than our True Force Realm's geniuses."

The Celestial Venerables looked at Jiang Chen, who was in mid-air, with a complex gaze.

"If it was you, how would it be?"

At the Dragon Rebel Kingdom's people side, the long-legged princess averted her gaze from Jiang Chen, as she asked.

It was only after a long while did Ning Haotian, who was beside her, realize that she was talking to him.

"The Blood Shadow Holy Skill's speed would catch all people off guard, but Jiang Chen could face it by using a sword move, which transcended time's limit, as for me, I could use the spear in my hand to sweep through all enemies," Ning Haotian spoke confidently.

"Then what are you waiting for?" The princess wore a smile as she looked at him.

Ning Haotian was startled, and he took a deep breath, as he took a step forward, and looked at Jiang Chen. He wanted to challenge him now.

"Nan Xuan, are you willing to join our Fushan Sect."

"Nan Xuan, our Shangguan Family is willing to give you a helping hand."

"Our Golden Dragon Dynasty need a genius like you."

Before Ning Haotian even managed to speak, the Celestial Venerables of all factions started fighting over Nan Xuan, and tried to rope him in."

Nan Xuan's injuries weren't light, and he was now supported by the Milky Realm's people.

It was quite amazing for a loser like him to manage to catch this many factions' attention, and it also showed how outstanding was Jiang Chen, who managed to defeat him.

As the Flying Dragon Dynasty's champion, Jiang Chen didn't really need to wait for any factions' recruitment, and he went directly into the first platform.

"I choose the Shangguan Family."

Nan Xuan wasn't willing to accept such a defeat, and his choice was quite thought-provoking, as it was impossible for him to be unaware of how much the Shangguan Family hated Jiang Chen.

His choice demonstrated that he still wanted to make a comeback.

"Jiang Chen, do you dare to have a fight with me?" Ning Haotian waited for Nan Xuan to take care of his affair, before he stood up impatiently.

"Hehe, did you really assume that tonight's evening party was set up just for lower plane's trash like you to put a show?"

Before Jiang Chen managed to reply, an arrogant sound transmitted from among the True Force Realm's disciples in the first platform.

Many gazes looked at a white-clothed youth, who was sitting there lazily. He disregarded all people, as he stretched himself leisurely.

"If people didn't inform me that it was Nine Heavens Realm's top-notch genius, which just defeated the Milky Realm's top-notch genius, then I would have assumed that they were just clowns invited here to brighten our mood."

As he uttered such words, he looked at Jiang Chen with a provocative gaze.

Jiang Chen, and Nan Wu's fight was top-notch even in Celestial Venerables' eyes, yet when it came up to the youth, he described it this harshly.

When the True Force Realm's people saw it was that youth, which was speaking, they weren't at all baffled by it.

"We will have a good show to watch now."


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