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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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588 Half Spiri

After asking the Flying Dragon Guards to leave, Jiang Chen walked shoulder to shoulder with General Du Zhenfei, and went up, while followed closely by Zhao Wenhao, Qiu Yan, and Tang Zhengyi.

"This is..."

The Milky Realm's people looked at each other in dismay, and each person's face was burning hot from shame, and it was especially the case for Song Ji.

The situation changed quickly, and caught them off guard, and after they managed to come back to their senses with great difficulty, what they witnessed was just his back.

Nan Xuan, who all along loved clapping, was expressionless now, and was clenching his teeth, and it was unknown what he was thinking about.

Jiang Chen suddenly stopped in his tracks, and shouted at the people below, "What are you still waiting for?"

Mu Kun, and the other two, sobered, and looked at each other to confirm that what just happened wasn't just a mere illusion witnessed by them. They were quite excited, and they quickly followed after him.

When they passed by the third platform, Mu Qian looked at the dazed Zhang Li, and the other, and just shook his head, and didn't say anything.

When they reached the highest place here, Jiang Chen immediately felt many pair of gazes, filled with ill will, looking at him. They belonged to the young venerables, who wanted to pressure him a moment ago.

The failure of their Holy Senses' power didn't mean that Jiang Chen could defeat all two hundred people. It was just the former plan, which failed, and none of them would accept such an outcome.

However, Jiang Chen wasn't just a young venerable now, as he was also the Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion, and his status was higher than theirs by much.

It was because of it none of them uttered even a single provocative word.

Just after, Jiang Chen, and the other, filled the Flying Dragon Dynasty's empty seats.

"I really didn't expect that General Du Zhenfei, who lost the battle, wouldn't be punished at all."

When they just sat down, the Black Dragon General ridiculed him.

From the nineteen factions here, the Flying Dragon Dynasty, and the Dragon Rebel Kingdom had a deep feud, and if the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's people weren't sitting between them, then they would have already started fighting.

"If we compared despicable and low means, then how can I rival you?" Du Zhenfei spoke coldly.

"Nothing could be considered too deceitful in war. General Du, don't you feel like your words are too childish?" Black Dragon General sneered coldly in response.

"Is it? It's really a pity that even after rebels and traitors like you suffered tragic causalities for it, they didn't get anything in the end," Du Zhenfei didn't let himself be outdone, and he replied.


The Black Dragon General curled his lips, and looked at Jiang Chen.

"Today's evening party wasn't set for you to bicker," the gray-robed man in the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's side spoke in displeasure.

"This time Three Realms Competition would start after a month, and its participants could choose to enter into the trial ground prepared by us to train in it."

"You can't use any external assistance or magical treasures' power in the trial ground, and death wouldn't appear in it, and you can be just eliminated from it."

"The trial ground had cultivations resources set there by all of our side's factions, and you can fight over them, and take them."

"The people, who aren't willing to enter it, wouldn't suffer any punishments, and they would just need in the outside world for a month."

It was really like what people knew about it, the trail ground was obviously a small world.

"However, since the Nine Heavens Realm, and Milky Realm's young venerables would get the worst of it if they entered it rashly, you are allowed to display your talent here, and offer your services to someone," Li Gang said.

When his words echoed, the Milky Realm's people were the first ones to get eager over it.

Nan Xuan was the first one to stand up, and he spoke loudly, "Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion, please advise."

The first person, would always catch people's attention, and moreover, the person challenged by him was still Jiang Chen, and it was obvious that he would become famous.

The Shangguan Family, and Tianyi School, as well as the Dragon Rebel Kingdom, hated Jiang Chen, and if he managed to defeat him, then he would surely be fancied by them.

"Are you once again eager to fight?" Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

At first, this guy put on a calm and indifferent front, as if he felt it beneath himself to fight with Jiang Chen, yet now, he changed his opinion. It was really amusing.

When Nan Xuan understood Jiang Chen's words implication, he turned his face over, as he was left speechless.

He flew to the sky quietly, as he held an impressive long sword in his hand.

The one challenged couldn't refuse the challenge regardless of anything, and Jiang Chen also flew to the sky before the crowd's gaze.

It was unknown at what time did he take off the combat robe, belt, and purple gold crown, while the Redcloud Sword appeared in his hand.

He seemed like a pure sword cultivator.

"I'm really curious where you got your confidence from," Jiang Chen said.

Nan Xuan didn't utter even another word, and he waved his arm, and rolled up his sleeves, and pointed his nine Golden Battle Rings at Jiang Chen.

His cultivation was at the same realm as Song Ji, they were both at the middle stage of Martial Venerable Realm. However, Song Ji had just four Golden Battle Rings, while he had nine.

It must be known that Song Ji mastered the Immeasurable Sword Doctrine, and from this point alone, it could be seen that Nan Xuan, who had nine Golden Battle Rings, surely hid a shocking power.

However, like what Jiang Chen himself said, even nine Golden Battle Rings were still inadequate in his eyes.

"You will shortly know."

Nan Xuan was quite confident, and he seemed quite bold and heroic. He seemed completely different than his past lazy, and pretentious self five days ago.

After he spoke, he pointed his sword at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen didn't feel any Sword Doctrine's power from it, which meant that his opponent wasn't a Sword Doctrine's inheritor, but, for some unknown reason, he still felt a chill when such sword, which didn't possess any Sword Doctrine's power, was pointed at him.

This was a response which his body would have only when it detected danger.

"Something is fishy about him." Jiang Chen stopped taking him lightly, and he guarded against him, as a strong wind started surging around him.

"Shadow Sword, Lightless Darkness."

Nan Xuan took the initiative, and thrust his sword confidently. His sword momentum didn't seem sharp, yet it would still seem threatening to anyone.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed that a blood-ray light ray flickered in his opponent's eyes, and just after, his sword momentum changed greatly, and became powerful and sharp.

It wasn't the case for just his sword, as his whole body changed, and it seemed like all of his body's parts turned into deadly weapons.

When he carefully observed him, he noticed that there was a blood-like scarlet radiance around his body.

He thrust his sword at an extremely fast speed, which went over all people's expectation, and it flickered like a ghost, as it quickly reached Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen widened his eyes, as he was quite surprised by it.

A person's speed was decided by his body's power, as well as his mastery over wind conception, but it seemed like Nan Xuan's broke through such rule, and his body transcended speed's limit.

He retreated quickly, as he unsheathed his black knife, and waved it quickly.

A crisp sound echoed as it collided against the sword's edge, and after most of the crowd had a clear look at it, their short confrontation already came to end.

"How's it? Are you satisfied now?"

Nan Xuan sneered coldly, as his pupils became blood-red, and a scarlet radiance surged around his body.

"Oh my God! This is the Blood Shadow Holy Skill, he's a Spirit Clan's member."

An expert on the first platform shouted excitedly.

"Spirit Clan?"

The realm above the True Force Realm was the Spirit Clan's world, so they weren't at all strange to it, and they all knew that the spirit clan would send its outstanding descendants to the Lesser Three Realms to let them avoid being assassinated before maturing.

"It's the Spirit Clan Dynasty's Shadow Clan."

"Didn't he fear being killed after exposing himself here?"

"It isn't right, he isn't a real spirit, he's just a half-spirit."

The Holy Awareness of many Celestial Venerables fell on Nan Xuan's body, and they discovered all of his secrets.

A half-spirit was a term used to refer to the child between a human, and a spirit, and they weren't among the people, who would be killed in their youth, and it's only because of it did Nan Xuan dare to reveal himself fearlessly.

"Even a half-spirit like him managed to cultivate the Blood Shadow Holy Skill, this Nan Xuan is surely a rare genius."

Nan Xuan revealed a faint smile when he heard such discussions, and spoke, "Stepping upon a Marquis Champion beneath my feel would surely feel marvelous."

"I have a feud with the Shadow Clan, and I will let you pay for a part of it," Jiang Chen said.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》