The Brilliant Fighting Master
587 Marquis Champion
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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587 Marquis Champion

Although fireworks were crackling in the sky, but the people in the city were still quiet and calm, and many of them were rubbing their eyes, as they couldn't believe what they just witnessed.

The appearance of the two hundred young venerables in the first platform was funny and ridiculous, yet no one laughed at them now.

In such silent surroundings, everyone heard Jiang Chen's question clearly, and this time, the Holy Martial Arts City's people weren't infuriated by it, as they were quite stunned.

He depended upon his power only to face the True Force Realm's cream of the crop, and they could only accept him despite themselves.

"What a terrifying person!"

As they thought back now of what Jiang Chen had done, their impression of him couldn't help but change.

Jiang Chen wasn't really thin, but because he was tall, his body seemed quite slim and frail, however, his performance a moment ago let him seem more like an extremely dangerous beast.

The expressions of the members of many factions in the first platform was quite unsightly. They wanted to suppress Jiang Chen, and let him curb his arrogance, yet they ended up letting him get the limelight for himself.

"It's nothing more than Holy Sense's power."

After they got ever such shock, they were still people, who couldn't believe it such as the Milky Realm's people.

Although, even Song Ji himself didn't believe his words, as if it was him on Jiang Chen's place, he might be already dead now.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Nan Xuan clapped once again, as he wore a fake smile, and spoke, "Not bad, but didn't you overstep your place?"

It turned out that Jiang Chen already came to the second platform staircase.

When Song Ji heard the reminder of the person beside him, he felt more at ease, as regardless of how amazing was Jiang Chen, he must still wait beneath their feet.

"Go down!"

The Shangguan Family's Celestial Venerable furrowed his brows, and thrust his palm at him.

A solemn Celestial Venerable attacked a Martial Venerable, and it was, even more, before the gazes of a large crowd. There wasn't anyone who expected it.

While facing the power of a Celestial Venerable's palm strike, even if Jiang Chen summoned the eight groups of spiritual beings, they still wouldn't manage to block it. Moreover, he already didn't have even enough time to make any response.

"This is true repression." Ning Haotian smiled complacently.

When Jiang Chen was just about to be struck, and sent flying by it, a golden light ray revolved in the at an extremely swift speed, and it seemed like a flying dragon, which descended beside him.

It was a square-shaped shield, whose height was half that of an ordinary man, and it emitted a faint muffled sound as it bore the Celestial Venerable's palm strike, and it blocked all of its power without even being shaken off.

"The Flying Dragon Shield?"

The whole city's went an uproar when the people witnessed the shield, and it was the case for even the Celestial Venerables in the first platform.

"Tie Shouwu, you really disgraced all Celestial Venerables like us."

A peal of clear laughter echoed, as the general of the Flying Dragon Dynasty's third legion, Du Zhenfei, descended from the sky.

There was a fluttering flag behind him, as well as an imposing and shocking army, which traveled in the dark night sky, and came over.

This was a division of elite troops, who all wore golden battle armor, and the soldier walking at the front was even beating a drum strongly.

Even the fireworks in the sky were overshadowed by the arrival of such division.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty finally came."

"Moreover, it seemed from their actions like they wanted to create a disturbance here."

"They don't seem like the third legion's soldiers, are they Flying Dragon Guards?"

"That's right, they are Flying Dragon Guards, three thousand Flying Dragon Guards. What a great formation!"

The Holy Martial Arts City descended into chaos, as they couldn't understand what was the Flying Dragon Dynasty up to.

"Du Zhenfei, you aren't allowed to bring with any military strength except in an emergency, what is your dynasty up to?" The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Li Gang spoke angrily.

"It's obviously an emergency," Du Zhenfei replied calmly.

"What situation?"

"Marquis title conferment?" Du Zhenfei's voice suddenly became extremely loud, and he startled all people, and they all found it quite incredulous when they heard such words clearly.

The longer the time elapsed since the appearance of a dynasty, the fewer would be the opportunities of bestowing someone a marquis title, and they were all mostly inherited.

The Marquis title conferment today seemed quite strange, and marveling.

The Flying Dragon Guards descended on the plaza, and lined up on four lines, and formed a formation.

A eunuch, who wore gorgeous palace robe, walked out from among them, and held an imperial edict in his hand and read it loudly.

"Nine Heavens Realm's Jiang Chen."

"You made many contributions in the Alien Battlefield, and saved the army from a desperate crisis. Your contributions are second to none in the army, and the Dragon Emperor bestowed you a Marquis Champion title."

The voice of the eunuch, which looked like a pretty woman, wasn't sharp as imagined, but it still spread to the whole city, and all of the people in it could clearly hear it.

"A Marquis Champion!" Ning Haotian shouted in disbelief loudly.

His young general status wasn't even worth mentioning in comparison to a Marquis Champion.

Since Jiang Chen was bestowed a marquis title, then his status would thoroughly change from a Nine Heavens Realm's person to the Flying Dragon Dynasty's unmatched Marquis Champion.

The Marquis Champion status was illustrious, and getting was quite difficult. One must be quite young, and make an outstanding military service to get it.

There was barely anyone, who could achieve those criteria, as one's power didn't matter in the battlefield, which made it impossible for young people to achieve the second condition.

After the eunuch announced it, he wore a smile as he looked at Jiang Chen, and waited for him to accept the bestowal.

However, Jiang Chen didn't budge from his place, and he wore a complex look, as if he was hesitating about whether should he accept such matter, which people yearned for even in their dreams.

"Go!" Du Zhenfei feared that he would refuse it, and he quickly threw a meaningful glance at him.

Three people immediately walked out from among the Flying Dragon Guards. They all held long trays, which had separately a purple gold crown, a dark gold combat robe, as well as a belt.

Jiang Chen didn't care about those objects, but about the people holding them.

The Flame Camp's battalion commander, Qiu Yan, the centurion, Tang Zhengyi, and the Bright Moon Troop's commander, Zhao Wenhao.

"Jiang Chen."

Their faces were filled with delight, and worry couldn't be seen any longer in Qiu Yan's eyes.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty looked for all soldiers saved by you in the Alien Battlefield, and they already evaluated your contribution. They are now short just of you, Marquis," Zhao Wenhao revealed his white teeth, and wore a smile as he spoke.


Jiang Chen was greatly surprised by the Flying Dragon Dynasty's actions.

Qiu Yan, and Tang Zhengyi, nodded at him, as the former spoke, "This division of Flying Dragon Guards is composed wholly of soldiers, who made a contribution, and they all possess a Flying Dragon Totem."

Tang Zhengyi continued on, "Half of them are even from the Flame Camp."

When Jiang Chen observed them carefully, he discovered that it was really the case.

"Fine, I will accept it then."

Jiang Chen's furrowed brows finally relaxed. If he was the sole person awarded, then he would surely not accept it because it would be unfair to the other soldiers

Jiang Chen slowly spread his hands before the crowd's gazes, and Zhao Wenhao took the combat robe, and draped it over him.

Qiu Yan fasted Jiang Chen's identity belt on him, before she received the purple gold crown from Tang Zhengyi.

She was quite delighted and happy, but when she stood in front of Jiang Chen, she suddenly thought of something, and her eyes became flushed and her tears flowed out.

"I will take it."

Jiang Chen took the purple gold crowd, and wore it, as he spoke, "Battalion Commander, if you don't mind it, then we can be brother and sister from now on, and you will be my big sister.

Tears streaked across the face of Qiu Yan, who missed her little brother, when she heard his words. She was quite moved by them, and she nodded.

"General! General!"

After Jiang Chen wore the purple gold crown, and draped the Flying Dragon Combat Robe, his whole look, and bearings changed greatly.

The three thousand Flying Dragon Guards raised their arms, and shouted loudly. Their shouts weren't fake, and they were filled with their heartfelt respect and veneration.

"Calm down."

Jiang Chen raised his right hand at the Flying Dragon Guards, and they all immediately calmed down.

Such deference and subservience stunned and shocked all of the city's people.

Ning Haotian's face was as pale as paper now, and his lips were shivering, and he couldn't utter even a single word now.

How could the status, which he got by depending upon a woman, be compared to one gotten through fighting at the risk of one's life?


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