The Brilliant Fighting Master
586 Holy Sense“s Power
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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586 Holy Sense“s Power

His voice was thunderous, and it would let anyone listening to it felt his chest become heavier, and his ears numb.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, and looked at the first platform.

The person, who just spoke, was a Celestial Venerable, and he overlooked him from above with his ice-cold gaze.

He sat in the Shangguan Family's seat, and he had a high status. His age surpassed fifty, and he wore a solemn look, while his chin had a long and fine beard which reached his chest.

The platform was the whole city's focal point, and such disturbance immediately caught all people's attention.

When the crowd witnessed Jiang Chen, they started pointing at him and wagging their tongues.

"It's him, Jiang Chen."

When many people were still confused, someone stated Jiang Chen's name.

Their confusion expressions immediately disappeared, and they opened their eyes widely, and looked at him.

The Holy Martial Arts City's people were already curious about Jiang Chen, and want to get to see his appearance, as this youth, who came from Nine Heavens Realm killed many people in the True Force Realm boldly.

Some people were offended by his actions, while others found them new, odd, and interesting.

When they got to see his appearance, they weren't disappointed by it at all, and his look and bearing even surpassed many people's expectation by much.

"Why aren't we allowed to go to the platform?" Mu Kun asked in displeasure.

The three platforms were set high above the plaza, and the people, who didn't get to them, wouldn't seem any different than ordinary people, who came here to watch such a bustling scene.

"I came to today's evening party just to brighten my mood, and get to know other, but I don't really care about the True Force Realm's people, so there isn't any need to go to the platform."

"Arrogant guy, what qualifications do you have to sit along with us?"

The Shangguan Family's Celestial Venerable disdained to argue with a Martial Venerable, but two True Force Realm's young venerables in the first platform immediately stood out.

One of them was even a woman, and she was Shangguan Yan, while the other was a youth, which Jiang Chen didn't know.

"Hehe, Jiang Chen, did you assume that you can run amok in True Force Realm? If you beat any person here, you will be implicated in a complex relationship net, which surpasses your imaginations, and the obstructions, which you will find before you, would surely crush you alive."

Song Ji's complacent voice rang near Jiang Chen's ears. He used sound transmission to transmit it to him, so there wasn't anyone besides them, who heard it.

"Jiang Chen, let see how can you push your weight around today," the Milky Realm's Song Ji, who was in the second platform, spoke complacently.

"You should quickly go back, as you are quite disgraceful."

The Nine Heavens Realm's Zhang Ji, and the others, who were in the third platform, feared being implicated by them, and end up becoming a laughing stock like them, and they all hoped that Jiang Chen, and his two companions, would disappear from here quickly.

"It turns out that today's repression doesn't amount to more than this?" It seemed like Jiang Chen was just mumbling by himself, yet it also seemed like he was talking to all people here.

"You still dare to talk back obstinately even now?"

Nan Xuan sneered coldly, and spoke, "You won't get any factions' help today, and you will be the target of all people. I will have a look at how much can you persist on before collapsing."

When he just finished his words, his expression changed drastically, and anger appeared in his eyes. It was because Jiang Chen didn't feel like listening to his words, and he directly isolated his Holy Sense, and prevented people from transmitting their voice to him.

"If you will ascend the platform, then make it quick, or just go back."

Li Gang, who was at the highest place in the platform, which was the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's place, spoke.

When his words just echoed, a large number of True Force Realm's young venerables stood up, and wore a cold look, while their gazes were as sharp as swords.

The staircase leading to the third platform was filled with a formless magnetic field formed by their power.

"It's too overboard."

The people, who were watching such show, sighed subconsciously, but as they thought back of all what Jiang Chen had done, they felt like it was appropriate for him.

A Holy Sense could just put pressure on someone, and it couldn't cause any substantial damages, however, everything had an upper limit, and the fusion of the Holy Senses of more than a hundred True Force Realm's young venerables would form a formless obstruction.

Not only would taking even a step forward became extremely difficult, but the people among it would also be like a dough, which was kneaded strongly. In light cases, their muscles, and bones might be shattered, and in severe cases, they might even die on the spot, and die in a horrible and hideous way.

"It's now slightly interesting."

Jiang Chen raised his head, and swept the True Force Realm's disciples, which intervened, before he strode forward.

"Jiang Chen!"

Tang Shiya, who was all along sitting there calmly, shouted with worry. However, her shout didn't let Jiang Chen stop, and his right foot already stepped upon the first step of the staircase.

"He's really reckless!"

Ning Haotian's words stated many people's thoughts, although unlike other people, he knew that Jiang Chen would surely forge ahead in the face of any difficulties.

However, he was still quite confident about the True Force Realm's young venerables, and he would now just have a look at Jiang Chen's sufferings.

"He went up."

When people witnessed Jiang Chen's left foot stepping upon it too, they cried in alarm repeatedly, as they all couldn't believe that such person, who seemed quite reserved, would be this arrogant and crazy.

"Did he want to face more than a hundred True Force Realm's geniuses by himself?"

Someone described it in such a way, although it wasn't really true, as Holy Sense, and one Realm Cultivation were completely different concepts.

But, the pressure formed by Holy Senses on the staircase was still enough to kill anyone below the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

It could be faintly seen that the first step, where Jiang Chen was, was sinking slightly, as if it was made just from frail wood, and many cracks even appeared on it.


All of a sudden, wind and lightning power surged out of Jiang Chen's body, and turned into the Magical Thunder Armor.

Such a scene surprised many people, as men capable of controlling lightning were always people's focal point, let alone someone like Jiang Chen, who could control it to such a high degree.

"What a mighty lightning's power, it isn't something which he got by luck, and he should have really cultivated with lightning."

It was easy for the group of Celestial Venerables in the first platform to see through this matter, and it could be seen from their current expressions that they were really stunned, and amazed by it.

Just a few people in the True Force Realm could turn lightning into their bodies' own power.

Jiang Chen, who depended upon the Magical Thunder Armor, took four steps forward in one go. The Holy Senses' power wasn't enough to stop him.

It was now the hundred True Force Realm's young venerables turn to feel, and bear, a burst of pressure, and it let even breathing become strenuous for them.

"How long would you observe a Nine Heavens Realm's lad get the limelight for himself?"

As such words echoed, half of the other two hundred young venerables, who were just observing them, stood up. They didn't utter even a single world, and they just let their Holy Sense's power turn into a mountain-like pressure, which tried to put Jiang Chen down.

The pressure borne by Jiang Chen immediately doubled, and he lowered his knees, which he just raised, while the flames and lightning on his body were being suppressed as if they were suffering strong wind assault.

"This is surely impossible."

The people, who were looking forward to seeing how much longer could Jiang Chen walk, shook their heads. However, their number still didn't lessen, and it even doubled instantly, and even some of the True Force Realm's famous geniuses were among them.

Such Holy Sense's power was enough to contend even against a Spiritual Venerable, and it was already too outstanding that he wasn't destroyed by it instantly.

He seemed now like a person trapped inside a tornado, who couldn't even budge by an inch, and who could just wait for his imminent destruction.

All of a sudden, many people heard wind and lightning sound being emitted from Jiang Chen's body, and such sound was becoming more intense as time passed.

The Holy Power in Jiang Chen's Holy Sea revolved through his whole body, while the Divine Dragon, and Celestial Phoenix in his body were awakened.

"Does it amount to just this alone?"

Jiang Chen raised his head, and his gaze, which was similar to that of a ferocious beast, let the hearts of the young venerables in the first platform shudder slightly.

In the next second, he stopped walking forward slowly, and he scurried quickly, and disregarded such Holy Senses' power completely.

The True Force Realm's young venerables suffered an intense impact, and their bodies went out of control, as if their chests were just bombarded heavily by something.

The sight of two hundred people in such a state at the same time seemed quite spectacular, and some of them almost fell off the platform.


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