The Brilliant Fighting Master
585 Three Platforms
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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585 Three Platforms

Ning Haotian cast Jiang Chen a sideways glance, as he spoke coldly, "Incompetent people could only use their words to slander other."

It seemed like Ning Haotian became even more hypocritical than before.

Jiang Chen bore his impulse of laughing, as he continued observing his play.

Most of the Nine Heavens Realm's young venerables moved behind Ning Haotian, and only Mu Kun, and two other people were left, and they had a firm and resolute gaze.

"Each person can make his own choice, and bear its consequences by himself."

Ning Haotian's tone became filled with displeasure when he noticed that not all people went to his side.

However, he didn't insist on it, and he brought his group with him, and left decisively.

Zhang Li, and the others, took a glance at Jiang Chen, and Mu Kun, before they followed behind Ning Haotian without the least bit of hesitation.

"You didn't really need to take such actions," Jiang Chen looked at Mu Kun, and the others two, spoke.

"One cultivate to become stronger, and to live proudly. The word 'venerable' in Venerable Realm is a noble word, and people, who just go whichever way the wind blows would only let down their body's cultivation," Mu Kun spoke firmly.

"It's the case, Senior Brother Jiang Chen and that person obviously had a feud, so we mustn't, even more, go with him."

"Ning Haotian is just a nasty and vile person, who enjoyed small success."

The other two people declared their stand.

"Fine, let's see how this dragon pond, and tiger cave like evening party want to devour us."

Jiang Chen, who was accustomed to witnessing people's hearts fickleness, knew how rare was Mu Kun, and the other two people, good character.

The evening party would be carried at this moment in the Holy Martial Arts City's central plaza.

It was carried there because there wasn't any building, which could accommodate all factions' people, and young venerables.

The plaza had a quite ingenious setting, as they didn't just put chairs, and tables, side by side on it.

If one observed it from the sky, then he could see that the expansive plaza was divided into three ladder-shaped platforms.

Many young men, and women were singing and dancing on the plaza, and long lines of people were before the brightly illuminated eights streets leading to the plaza.

"Do you feel like the Flying Dragon Dynasty would send someone over?"

When the people observed the highest platform, they saw nineteen rows of seats there.

According to the True Force Realm's past rules and traditions, there would be just eighteen rows of seats in such large-scale events, and they would be set for the ten sects, four families, and three dragon dynasties, as well as the Sacred Martial Arts Institute.

However, there was one more today, and this should be related to the major affair, which occurred in the True Force Realm.

The Dragon Rebel Army, who rebelled against the Flying Dragon Dynasty, seized control of a third of the dynasty's territory, and set a kingdom there.

Moreover, they even got the recognition of all factions, including the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and the Flying Dragon Dynasty was greatly displeased by it.

The Flying Dragon Dynasty's row of seats was still empty even today, and people wondered whether they wanted to show their protest by absenting.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty would surely not be this impertinent."

Some sensible people felt like the Flying Dragon Dynasty would surely not continue incurring the sacred institute's displeasure at such a critical juncture.

Shortly after the Dragon Rebel Kingdom was established, one of the Flying Dragon Dynasty's princes rebelled in secret, harmed the Dragon Emperor, and caused his death, before he tried to eradicate all people against him swiftly.

However, it was fortunate that the third corps, which was in the Alien Battlefield, came back to the dynasty, exposed the prince's conspiracy, and obstructed it.

They handled the following matter according to the succession rules, and the new Dragon Emperor was quite young, while the whole dynasty suffered heavy losses.

If they gave the Sacred Institute a pretext for punishing them, then the consequences would surely be dreadful.

However, even after all other rows of seats were filled, the Flying Dragon Dynasty's seats were still empty.

More than twenty Celestial Venerables sat on their seats on the platform, and exchanged some pleasantries and polite greeting, before they all looked at the Flying Dragon Dynasty's seats.

"It's almost time. The lying Dragon Dynasty doesn't plan to come here," someone said.

When the other great factions' people heard such words, they looked toward the central place.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's seats were quite far from others, and they were even bigger, but there were still just two people on them.

They were the two people, who formerly stopped Jiang Chen and Nan Xuan's conflict, and they still wore the same clothes as then.

"It's time, start it formally," the gray-robed man spoke calmly.

"It doesn't matter whether the Flying Dragon Dynasty come here, or not."

The Celestial Venerable beside him had a bad temper. His brows were furrowed tightly, and he had a neat and glistering mustache above his mouth.

His name was Li Gang, and he was one of the True Force Realm's well-known Celestial Venerables.

Such words were just what the other factions' people hoped for, and they were happy to witness someone be out of luck.

After several minutes passed, the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people still didn't come, and Li Gang's expression became quite unsightly.

"Start it," the gray-robed man didn't hesitate at all, and he spoke bluntly.

Dazzling fireworks immediately soared to the sky, and they illuminated the whole city, and people's faces, with splendid radiances of different colors.

The varied fireworks brightened the whole city's ambiance, and many cheering sound, and clamor, echoed, and they reached even the firmament.

The young venerables landed on the plaza like falling starlight specks, and if one counted them cursorily, he would find that they were around four or five hundred people.

Most of them belonged obviously to the True Force Realm, and just a small part of them was from Milky Realm, and Nine Heavens Realm.

Each plane realm's strength could be seen from just this point alone. The Nine Heavens Realm didn't have more than twenty people, while the Milky Realm had around a hundred person, as for the True Force Realm's young venerables, there were more than three or four hundred.

"Are those the geniuses of Nine Heavens Realm, and Milky Realm?"

It was many people's first time witnessing people, who came from lesser realms, and they opened their eyes widely to see what was different about them.

However, apart from the difference in their bearings, they were all humans like them, and there wasn't any difference between them.

Moreover, there were still some outstanding people among the two Realms' young venerables, like for example the Nine Heavens Realm's Ning Haotian, and the Milky Realm's Nan Xuan.

"Go to the platform."

Li Gang beckoned at them, and the young venerables on the plaza immediately strode forward.

The platform was divided into three layers for the Three Realms.

The True Force Realm's disciples didn't stop in their tracks, and they directly went to the highest platform, and greeted their elders.

The Milky Realm's people were at the second platform, and the one below it was left for the Nine Heavens Realm.

"You, and you, come with me."

Ning Haotian didn't take all of the Nine Heavens Realm's people with him, and after he called just two fairly outstanding people, he strode forward.

"What's going on?"

The Milky Realm's young venerables reaction was the greatest when they witnessed such a scene, and it was especially the case when they saw that Ning Haotian didn't stop even in the second platform, and he continued forward.

Before many stupefied gazes, Ning Haotian raised his head, stuck his chest out, and went to the Dragon Rebel Kingdom's seats.


He nodded first at the man, who led the group. He was the Black Dragon General, who fought against the Flying Dragon Dynasty's third corps in the Alien Battlefield.

"Take your seat." The Black Dragon General nodded at him.


The long-legged woman, who had a feud with Jiang Chen, was also present in the seats.

She didn't pay attention to Ning Haotian, and she looked around, as she spoke, "Didn't you say that Ning Haotian would also be here?"

Embarrassment appeared on Ning Haotian's face, but he hid it properly, and spoke, "He probably won't come..."

"Is it? But didn't he already come?"

The long-legged princess interrupted him, and pointed her finger to a place outside the platforms.

Ning Haotian didn't see him at the first moment because he was standing then, and his back was toward him, and it was only after he turned around did he see Jiang Chen coming along with three people.

"Even if he comes, he would just disgrace himself," Jiang Chen finished his earlier words.

Jiang Chen walked to the platform, and was about to set foot on it, when a wave of overbearing pressure swept him.

"I felt like it would be better for you to just stay on the plaza." A voice transmitted to him.


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