The Brilliant Fighting Master
584 Major General
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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584 Major General

The day when the banquet was held was also the deadline to register for the
Great Competition of Three Realms.
During these five days, eight more young Venerables from the Realm of Nine
Heavens joined them.
However, Jiang Chen hadn't seen Ning Haotian yet. It seemed the latter didn't
have to stay at the Holy Martial Arts Yard.
The eight newcomers were very cold to Jiang Chen, not interested in making
friends with him.
Because those from the Realm of Milky had spread the word that Jiang Chen
would be tackled in the banquet.
Those who were going to elect Jiang Chen as their leader hesitated. Some of
them wanted to distant themselves from him.
But they didn't have the courage to do it, since Jiang Chen had defeated Song
Ji and so on.
Jiang Chen didn't think it a big deal. He had been used to the complication of
human beings. He focused on the crystal of lore of wind wholeheartedly.
He had three crystals in all. The lore of wind in each of them were
consumptive. No matter whether practicers comprehended anything from
them, the crystals would break once the lore of wind was used up.
In other words, these were consumptive practicing resources, and they were
very expensive.
The Spiritual Venerable of the Shangguans embedded the crystals in the
compartment. I guess he did it to make them more efficient. Jiang Chen
thought to himself.
He could do the same, but he didn't think it necessary, since a person without
enough talent wouldn't improve anyway, however slowly the lore of wind
contained in the crystals flew away.
Most importantly, these crystals were like something he found on the street by
accident, which he didn't cherish so much.
He was holding one crystal in either of his hands. The energy in his Holy Sea
was slowly flowing into the crystals.
The transparent crystals emitted a bright white light right away. A howling
wind started in the room, as if a sword was being brandished in the air.
The wind cut like a knife. It blew towards him cruelly. His clothes were torn
open right away.

Jiang Chen looked painful. The force of thunder in his body reacted strongly.
Electric arcs started to jump on his skin.
Then he stopped manipulating the force of thunder and started to make an
effort to comprehend the lore contained in the wind.
The wind edges were emotionless. Jiang Chen got hurt soon. He was covered
all over with cuts and bruises, and couldn't stop bleeding.
But this process was inevitable. The wind edges wouldn't be absorbed by his
body, but the lore of wind would reveal in this process.
Jiang Chen started to resist the attack of the wind edges when he had figured
out the law of it.
Soon, he started to try to control the wind the crystals had created.
It was difficult. He didn't get any progress until he had used up two crystals of
lore of wind.
He treated his injuries and wiped off the blood. Then he picked up the last

crystal of lore he had.
He didn't expect to completely comprehend the lore, but just wanted to do as
best as he could.
To his surprise, he had some unexpected gains.
After achieving the great doctrine of wind, he hadn't had any further progress
for a long time. Thanks to the last two crystals of lore, he seemed to have had
some breakthrough.
When the last crystal had worked, he felt like an unstoppable flood had
Jiang Chen floated in the air, whirling in the wind.
The wind edges formed some walls of wind, half transparent, swirling around
Jiang Chen at high speed.
What's more, in this process, thunders and flames also emerged. They
seamlessly merged with these walls of wind.
In the end, the three energies - wind, electricity and fire - merged perfectly.
When Jiang Chen opened his palms, the three energies transformed into two
lotuses in them.
Jiang Chen exhaled a long breath. As he slowly opened his eyes, the vision in
the room disappeared. The two lotuses were the only things left.

I didn't comprehend the lore of wind completely, but gained this pleasant
Jiang Chen smiled to himself, full of joy.
The merge of fire, wind and electricity was a sign of the great integration of
martial arts techniques. It was what practicers would like to spend their entire
lives looking after.
It was a great thing that such a sign occurred when he was in the preliminary
stage of Martial Venerable.
"In this way, the Ultimate Sword Method will as lethal as the Sword Method of
The Ultimate Sword Method, originated from the Ultimate Knife Method, was a
brand new sword method that Jiang Chen created.
It might not be famous, but was the most suitable for Jiang Chen.
If he used the Redcloud Sword and the black knife together with the three
energies, and at the same time exerted the Ultimate Sword Method, his rival
would have no way to resist.
Jiang Chen found it had been dark outside when he looked out of the window.
That meant the banquet had begun. It was time to go out.
The theme of this night's banquet was lights, which was to say, it was a
banquet of lights.
All of the big forces and all of the young Venerables who would take part in
the Great Competition of Three Realms would attend it.
The banquet appeared to be a warm-up for the competitions in the small
world, to give the young Venerables from the Realm of Nine Heavens and the
Realm of Milky a chance to adapt to the upcoming matches.
But everyone knew the big forces would pick some excellent candidates from
the Realm of Milky and the Realm of Nine Heavens in the banquet.
Jiang Chen saw his fellows from the Realm of Nine Heavens, about to attend
the banquet together, as soon as he walked out of his room.
They looked odd when they had seen Jiang Chen.
"Jiang Chen, are you going?"
A woman who had expressed her admiration for Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Chen remembered her name was Zhang Li. He found the doubt on her
face funny. He said, "Yeah, but you don't have to go with me."
The attitude they showed a few days ago was still very vivid before his eyes.
However, just because some people would aim at him in the banquet, they
started to distance themselves from him.
Jiang Chen had had too many similar experiences. He had been used to it.
Mu Kun strode out of his room. He said to Jiang Chen, "Jiang Chen, we
elected you as our leader to suffer hardship together, not just to ask you to
solve problems for us. We'll be with you."
However, only few people responded.
"You!" Mu Kun was speechless.
"Come on. We didn't elect him as our leader at all."
"Yeah. He should resolve his problem by himself."
"Didn't he just say he would go alone?"
Especially the eight people who had come most recently, they didn't hold any
respect for Jiang Chen at all.
"Hahahaha, Jiang Chen, you never expected such things to happen to you,
did you?"
Suddenly, a familiar laugh came. Then a familiar figure came into Jiang
Chen's sight.
It was a tall youngster in a neat outfit. Wearing a cape and a rose gold crown
on his head, he looked pretty mighty.
"Ning Haotian."
Jiang Chen showed a meaningful smile, as if he had been expecting this guy
for a long time.
"Tonight's banquet will be full of traps. I guess you should know how important
it is. I'm Ning Haotian, from the Black Dragon City of the Realm of Nine
Ning Haotian threw him a glance. Also smiling, he looked complacent. He said
loudly, "Now I'm a major general of the second rank of the Dragon Rebel
"I don't need any forces to pick me. On the contrary, I can help you instead."
"If you want, you can go with me, so that we can fight for the dignity of the
Realm of Nine Heavens together."

Those from the Realm of Nine Heavens were piqued with interest. They were
very excited. They had never imagined a man from the Realm of Nine
Heavens could go so far in the Realm of True Force.
"Apprentice Brother Ning, you're great. It would be the best if we can go with
you," Zhang Li said loudly in an exaggerated way. She stood behind him right
"Not at all. We're fellows from the Realm of Nine Heavens."
Ning Haotian said politely, throwing Jiang Chen a glance complacently at the
same time.
"Not all toy boys can be as successful as you. You must have some wonderful
skills," Jiang Chen said, pretending to be serious.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》