The Brilliant Fighting Master
582 Nine Golden Fight Loops
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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582 Nine Golden Fight Loops

"They just wouldn't give us a break."
Two impressive men were standing shoulder by shoulder on the artificial hill.
However, when people looked over, they could see nobody there.
"The Sacred Martial Arts Institute has gathered the most renowned young
geniuses from the three realms together. It would be weird if no conflict ever
The man in a gray robe laid his eyes on Jiang Chen instead of Mu Kun and
Song Ji while speaking.
His companion looked towards the same direction. Then he seemed to have
realized something. He said, "That 's Jiang Chen, I suppose. The
Shangguans went to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute to ask us to hand him
"And then?" the man in the gray robe said with curiosity.
"In short, we told them to wait until the Great Competition of Three Realms
The man in the gray robe wasn't surprised to hear that. In the Realm of True
Force, only the Sacred Martial Arts Institute had the nerve to reply the
Shangguans in this way.
"This Jiang Chen isn't simple," the man in the gray robe said involuntarily, at
the thought of the look thrown to him just now.
"He is talented indeed, but he is too arbitrary. Let's see whether he can
overcome this problem in the banquet a few days later."
Then, smiling coldly, he said, "Does he really think he'll be fine after disabling
someone from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute?"
On the other side, Jiang Chen frowned as soon as he saw Song Ji's attack.
He knew immediately that was a disciple of the Infinite Sword School from the
Realm of Milky, a master of the Infinite Doctrine of Sword.
He exchanged blows with a disciple of the Infinite Sword School, also owner
of a golden fight loop, during his short stay in the Realm of Milky.
The Infinite Doctrine of Sword wasn't as powerful as the Immortal Doctrine of
Sword, but it was Mu Kun.
His knife method had already achieved the peak. Making hard things simple, it
was almost perfect.

However, he wasn't inheritor of any knifesmanship, and wasn't talented
enough to start his own knifesmanship.
Mu Kun was in a very passive situation when the knife and the sword had
met. He was stuck.
Jiang Chen sighed helplessly. As well as he knew about the Infinite Sword
School, if the momentum of the sword couldn't be resisted from the very
beginning, things would turn worse later.
"Hahaha, a genius from the Realm of Nine Heavens is so weak?" Song Ji
scorned. He didn't even have to make any effort to gain advantage.
Mu Kun shouted in anger. The power emitted from his knife tumbled madly.
He intended to restrain his rival's good technique with his strength.
However, it couldn't pose a threat to the Infinite Doctrine of Sword at all. Mu
Kun was like a man struggling in a marsh.
Song Ji seized the chance. He looked colder. His sharp sword was
emotionless. The radiance of the sword glistened like moonlight.

Mu Kun tried his best to resist, but his arms were full of sword injuries. He
couldn't stop bleeding.
But Mu Kun was very tough. He still refused to throw the towel.
Song Ji scorned. He could have defeated his rival with only one sword attack,
but he didn't do so. He was so cruel that he kept injuring his rival with his
sword, neither too heavily nor too lightly, leaving startling wounds on the
"Apprentice Brother Mu, give up."
Those from the Realm of Nine Heavens said to him through holy awareness,
trying to persuade him. They couldn't bear to see him suffering like this.
Mu Kun was reluctant to give up. He thought his disadvantage was only due
to the gap of martial arts techniques. Once he got the chance to show his
advantage in the state, he would be able to turn the tide.
However, the chances were slim.
A red radiance of sword dashed over and hit Song Ji's blade. As a result, the
fight ceased.
"Get some rest."
Jiang Chen said, not leaving any negotiating space.

Gnashing his teeth, Mu Kun stepped back reluctantly.
"Tut, tut, tut. A Martial Venerable in the late stage has been defeated, and
now comes one in the preliminary stage. You people from the Realm of Nine
Heavens are funny."
Song Ji didn't mind the change at all, because he had come here this day to
defeat Jiang Chen.
That day, in the home city of the Infinite Sword School, Jiang Chen defeated
the Infinite Doctrine of Sword with the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, which
severely shook the authority of the Infinite Sword School in the Realm of
This day, he was going to prove how great the Infinite Sword School was in
this Holy Martial Arts Yard, in the presence of other young Venerables from
the Realm of Milky.
"Half of you aren't a match for Mu Kun. Do you think yourselves strong just
because you sent the best of you for the fight?"
Jiang Chen looked awe-inspiring and cold.
"Does that mean Martial Venerable in the preliminary stage is the highest
level the Realm of Nine Heavens has?" Song Ji said disdainfully.
"Speaking of that, I think no one knows it better than you Infinite Sword
School," Jiang Chen said.
Upon hearing that, Song Ji lowered his eyebrows. The corners of his lips
turned down. He looked extremely ghastly and bloodcurdling.
"You were just lucky."
"Yeah? I thought she was the best disciple in the Reaching Heaven State you
Infinite Sword School had, but she wasn't?" Jiang Chen said, smiling.
"Reaching Heaven States can't be compared to Martial Venerables."
"Infinite Sword Formula: the inmense sea!"
Song Ji, already mad, launched an attack, much more powerful than any
attack he had launched to Mu Kun.
The narrow space in the ward seemed insufficient.
The mighty radiance of the sword kept coming. He threw the sword over as if
he intended to cut his rival into thousands of pieces.
It was fair to say his Infinite Doctrine of Sword was indeed much better.

However, Jiang Chen wasn't the same Jiang Chen in the Infinite Sword
School, either.
"The Sword Method of Ksana: the second movement!"
He had completely mastered the second movement of The Sword Method of
"He's confident."
The two strong men on the artificial hill were pretty surprised to see his sword
Song Ji's sword movement was preemptive. If no defensive action was taken,
his rival would have to confront him with some real skill.
But Jiang Chen's sword attack was without reservation. It was ingenious and
Once he failed, the consequence would be severe.
"You're courting death!"
Song Ji flew into a rage, as if he had been offended. He kept brandishing his
sword right and left. The boundless radiance of the sword filled the zone
within a range of five meters.
However, the zone was crumbled soon. It was crumbled from all directions at
the same time.
The Venerables on the spot were completely intrigued. They couldn't even
see where Jiang Chen was.
They only knew the radiance of Song Ji's sword disappeared as quickly as an
air leak.
If time could be slowed down dozens of times, people would see Song Ji
standing there motionlessly like a punching bag, while Jiang Chen
brandishing his sword towards different directions at a steady speed.
Two seconds later, Jiang Chen went back to where he had been, while Song
Ji knelt down, covered by blood.
"It's over?"
Many people didn't come to themselves until Song Ji's sword fell on the
ground and gave out a flop, because he couldn't hold it anymore.
"That's the top level of the Realm of Milky? Couldn't take even one sword
attack from me?" Jiang Chen asked, taking the Redcloud Sword back.

Song Ji's arrogance was completely gone. He never expected such a quick
Pah! Pah! Pah!
An applause came when the people from the Realm of Milky and the Realm of
Nine Heavens were still in surprise.
Then a man came forward from the rear of the group of the Realm of Milky.
"Apprentice Brother Nan Xuan!"
The people from the Realm of Milky greeted him loudly as soon as they saw
him. The frustration brought by Song Ji's defeat was immediately swept away
from their faces. They cheered up.
"Brother Nan Xuan."
Even Song Ji made an effort to get to his feet. Looking toward that guy, he
lowered his head because of shame. He said, "I disappointed you."
It wasn't hard to imagine how powerful the man was in the Realm of Milky,
because even Song Ji behaved in such a humble manner before him.
"You would have disappointed me if you had really defeated that Jiang Chen."
He patted Song Ji's shoulder, and then looked towards Jiang Chen. He said,
"You're wrong about one thing. Song Ji doesn't represent the top level of the
Realm of Milky. I do."
Jiang Chen saw he had nine golden fight loops on his sleeves.


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