The Brilliant Fighting Master
581 Snakes and Dragon Never Mingle
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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581 Snakes and Dragon Never Mingle

The big forces in the Realm of True Force loved making bets. They would bet
for whatever came up, and then send their best disciples to slug it out.
They would never miss such a big event as the Great Competition of Three
Besides the young Venerables from the Realm of True Force, there were also
participants from the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of Milky in this
year's competition.
The big forces wanted to use them as their bargaining counters, and these
people were also eager to be used as bargaining counters.
There was something that confused Jiang Chen as he listened.
"It wasn't what we wanted. After all, it's not something you can be proud of to
be a bargaining counter, but you might change your opinion as well, if you
know how the Great Competition of Three Realms will be going."
Mu Kun explained to him, "We'll enter a small world to compete first, to
compete for everything. The forces of the Realm of True Force will offer us
help in this process."
"Like you'll get panaceas from them when you're heavily injured."
"Or you might know where to find practicing resources despite of the
restriction of your state."
"You can even take assistants with you."
Surprised and puzzled, Jiang Chen said, "If you are no one's bargaining
counter, won't the situation be very unfavorable to you?"
In this way, the disciples from the big forces of the Realm of True Force would
be at great advantage.
"Yeah, but what can you do?"
Mu Kun and the others looked helpless. They knew it was unfair, but there
was nothing they could do.
Soon, Jiang Chen learned the competitions held in the small world were held
by the forces in private.
Because no matter what you achieved in the small world, you would be able
to have a fair duel in the end.
The big forces from the Three Middle Realms wouldn't come to pick talented
people until then.

"We can even refuse to take part in them?" Jiang Chen asked.
"Yes. The thing is, it's said there are many valuable practicing resources in
the small world. We will neither die nor be eliminated in there. Why shouldn't
we go?"
Jiang Chen nodded. He agreed.
As to how to stand out and get picked by the forces of the Realm of True
Force, it was simple — to be good enough.
The Sacred Martial Arts Institute would give the participants an opportunity to
display themselves. Before the start of the competitions in the small world, a
banquet would be held and all of the young Venerables would be invited. That
was where they could show their mettle.
There were still five days to go to the banquet.
"By the way, you disabled Wu Tian. Aren't you afraid the Sacred Martial Arts
Institute will make you account for that?"
A young Venerable from the Realm of Nine Heavens asked curiously.
"I couldn't think so much when I was in a fight," Jiang Chen told the truth.

That was actually what the whole Holy Martial Arts Yard was curious about.
Everyone was expecting the institute's decision.
However, half a day had passed, and there was still no news from the Sacred
Martial Arts Institute, except Wu Tian's men working in the yard were all
They were replaced with some pretty maids and obedient servants, who
would take care of the young Venerables living in the yard.
In the end, nothing happened to Jiang Chen.
Some people supposed Tang Shiya had helped. Otherwise Jiang Chen would
have been in big trouble.
Such assumptions led to more imaginations regarding the two's relation.
The next day, two more people came to the place of residence assigned to
the Realm of Nine Heavens.
Jiang Chen knew neither of them, but they both knew Jiang Chen well.
Not until then did he realize he had such a big fame in the Realm of Nine
A group of people rushed in like the day before while Jiang Chen was greeting
the two newcomers.

But this time everyone in the group was Venerable. There were about 20 or
30 of them.
"They're from the Realm of Milky."
Mu Kun whispered to Jiang Chen. Then he confronted these people. He said
to them in a tough manner, "What are you up to?"
"Snakes and dragons never mingle. You ants from the Realm of Nine
Heavens, it makes no sense that you've come along for a ride. Move your ass
out of the Holy Martial Arts Yard!"
Walking out of the group, a gloomy young man said impolitely.
The practicers of the Realm of Nine Heavens flew into a rage upon hearing
It was fine that those from the Realm of True Force looked down on them, but
it was a bitter pill to swallow that these people from the Realm of Milky, who
were not any better than them, also held them in contempt.
These people wanted to kick them out of the Holy Martial Arts Yard.
Jiang Chen looked towards them. He noticed each of them had golden fight
loops embroidered on the sleeves, only the number differed. This proved his
"You want to stand out in this way and get rid of your rivals. How smart," Jiang
Chen said with a cold smile.
There was no hatred without any reason.
After learning the competition rules of the small world, Jiang Chen wasn't
surprised they would do something like that.
Among the young Venerables, the competition only existed between those
from the Realm of Nine Heavens and those from the Realm of Milky.
Those from the Realm of True Force already had some big force behind their
back. They were not only bargaining counters, but also trump cards.
These people from the Realm of Milky intended to kick those from the Realm
of Nine Heavens out, so that they would only have to compete with their
"Ridiculous! You regard yourselves as our rivals? You can't even find ten
Venerables despite that such a long time has passed. A backward place only
has backward people."

There was few change in the gloomy man's expression, but he spoke in a
contagious way, which was pretty annoying.
Pointing at Jiang Chen, he said, "And you, a guy who hid behind a woman,
although you disabled Wu Tian, you must have had some aid."
"Aren't you afraid you'll end up the same?" Jiang Chen said.
"Try me. If you resort to any external aid again in the Holy Martial Arts Yard, I
guess the Sacred Martial Arts Institute would love to take your treasure away."
However, the gloomy man didn't panic. His analysis made a lot of sense.
"Cut the crap. If you want to kick us out, show us your mettle," Mu Kun said
"Are you gonna represent the Realm of Nine Heavens?" The gloomy man
threw him a glance, full of disdain.
"No. I'll teach some jerk a lesson on behalf of myself."
"Okay. Show me how great you poor Venerables from the Realm of Nine
Heavens are."
The gloomy man came forward. He and Mu Kun were standing face to face.
Jiang Chen wanted to say something, but he held his tongue.
He shouldn't stop Mu Kun before the fight, no matter whether the latter had a
chance to win.
This was about the dignity of a martial arts practicer.
The others from the Realm of Nine Heavens weren't as worried as him. Mu
Kun was in the late stage of Martial Venerable.
And the gloomy man was only in the middle stage. Venerables in a lower
state usually couldn't defeat those in a higher state, so the odds were in their
However, the smile on the gloomy man's face was quite unpleasant.
"Remember my name, Song Ji, the person who is gonna defeat you."
After introducing himself, the gloomy man had a long sword in his hand.
At the same time, the square where they were was shrouded in lights, which
isolated them from the outside world.
It was to protect the Holy Martial Arts Yard from the possible damages a fight
between two Venerables could cause.

However, the ward appeared just in time. It meant some strong people from
the Sacred Martial Arts Institute were hiding somewhere.
Jiang Chen looked around. Then his look lingered on an artificial hill.
Mu Kun and Song Ji suddenly started.
Mu Kun's weapon was a knife, which moved as fiercely as fire, and too fast to
leave a trace behind. His first attack was charged with might power.
"Full of flaws."
However, Song Ji was very calm. He rolled his eyes, as if he had seen
through the flaws of this knife attack. Then he threw his sword over.


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