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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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580 Paralyzed

A brochure appeared on Jiang Chen's hand.
He opened it under Wu Tian's confused gaze. A mighty power burst forth from
there immediately.
Coming out in Buddha's light, Azure Demon, the deva, was so awe-inspiring
that any devil would run away from him.
Facing Wu Tian's attack, Azure Demon extended his right hand calmly.
"What is that?!"
Wu Tian was shocked. He felt like the golden shining Buddha hand was going
to suck him in. Clearly visible, its palm lines seemed endless.
When he had got closer, he found these lines looked like many Buddhas.
A whole wealthy country seemed to be hiding in there.
Wu Tian couldn't resist it at all. He didn't even think about fighting back. The
palm got him in the air and he fell.
A series of popping sounds came. Wu Tian fell onto the ground, unable to
move anymore, and all of his bones were broken.
In this way, it wasn't a concern for him anymore that he couldn't take part in
the Great Competition of Three Realms.
Because even if the rules were changed, he, already disabled, couldn't
participate in it all the same.
Jiang Chen closed the brochure, and Azure Demon went back into the eight
groups of spiritual beings.
"Lots of fleas in the Realm of True Force, aren't there?"
Jiang Chen strode ahead, without throwing him another glance. He arrived at
his place soon.
Other Venerables from the Realm of Nine Heavens were also here.
Jiang Chen's curiosity was suddenly piqued. He wondered besides Ning
Haotian and him, who else from the Realm of Nine Heavens would be here.
It was unnecessary to release his holy awareness to detect the environment,
since he had seen some people as soon as he arrived.
Jiang Chen was surprised. There were seven or eight young Venerables from
the Realm of Nine Heavens, not including Ning Haotian.

He glanced at them one by one. All of them were about 25 years old, but he
knew none.
"What? Do you think Venerables below 30 can only appear in the Dragon
"No, he isn't from the Dragon Field. He is from the Fire Field."
"The famous Jiang Chen. Doesn't seem so great, huh? I heard he had been
hiding behind a woman."
Jiang Chen didn't know any of them, but they knew a lot about him.
However, none of them showed him any kindness. Jiang Chen didn't
understand why.
He thought about asking them about the news regarding the Dragon Field, but
seeing them treating him like this, and at the thought of when his father had
left for the Dragon Field and when the Great Competition of Three Realms
would begin, he figured they knew nothing new, either.
Since they didn't seem to have the desire to befriend him, and he had nothing
to say to them, either, he walked towards his room.
A tall good-looking youngster walked out of them. However, his brows were
so tightly knitted that they seemed to be never smoothed.

"I don't care who is your connection in the Realm of True Force. During this
year's Great Competition of Three Realms, you'll be at my disposal as a
candidate from the Realm of Nine Heavens."
The youngster was quite confident. He didn't beat about the bush, but told
Jiang Chen directly, "My name is Mu Kun. Keep it in your mind."
"Why should I be at your disposal?"
Jiang Chen found it funny.
"Because I wouldn't hide behind a woman. What you did just now brought
shame on the Realm of Nine Heavens," Mu Kun said angrily.
It turned out they had heard about the conflict in the Holy Martial Arts Yard.
But they were still unaware of Wu Tian's handicap, since it happened only two
minutes ago.
"What would you do if you were me?" Jiang Chen asked.
"I would fight against him!" Mu Kun said immediately.
"Very brave. Hopefully you would really put it into action."

He was totally stunned. Jiang Chen patted his outer arm and then walked
Mu Kun didn't come to himself in time. A large group of people rushed in
when he was about to stop Jiang Chen.
They were all from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute.
Although all of them were in the Reaching Heaven State, their arrogance
overwhelmed those from the Realm of Nine Heavens. Only Mu Kun looked
over, frowning.
"Jiang Chen, was that you? You paralyzed Apprentice Brother Wu!"
One of them brought Jiang Chen to account.
"It was me. Do you want to end up the same?" Jiang Chen said in a casual
The guy who had posed the question was given a scare. Exchanging a look,
he and his companions reached a tacit understanding and left.
All this happened in only ten seconds. It took Mu Kun and others a good while
to come to themselves.
"You disabled Wu Tian?"
Jiang Chen's fellows from the Realm of Nine Heavens kept exclaiming.
They only heard Jiang Chen had been hiding behind Tang Shiya, so they
waited here to give him a good talking.
Mu Kun was the most shocked one. He heard the news just after he had said
Jiang Chen wasn't manly enough, which put him pretty embarrassed.
"In this case, you don't have to be at my disposal."
However, Mu Kun was a frank man. He admitted his fault as soon as he got
the news. He said, "But we'd better stick together. This year's Great
Competition of Three Realms won't end in only a few rounds."
The other young Venerables also nodded.
"I'm okay with that. By the way, my name is Jiang Chen, but I guess you
already know it." Jiang Chen wasn't a narrow-minded man, either. He even
never thought it a big deal.
"What we know is not only your name, but also your achievements in the
Dragon Field."
"The only top one in the Dragon Rise List in the past few years."

"You beat a Venerable's teeth off when you were in the Reaching Heaven
"I told you Jiang Chen couldn't be a coward."
These people's attitude had a sharp change after being informed of Wu Tian's
It didn't matter how Jiang Chen managed to disable Wu Tian without creating
a big disturbance. What mattered was he had the nerve to do it.
The courage mattered a lot at such a point.
They told Jiang Chen their names and their origins.
It turned out only Mu Kun was from the Dragon Field, while the others were
second-to-none geniuses from other fields.
However, since there was no large-scale competition in the Realm of Nine
Heavens, they hardly knew anything about other fields. Not to mention there
were so many fields.
"Do you know anything about the rules of the Great Competition of Three
Jiang Chen felt curious. He kept hearing people say how special the Great
Competition of Three Realms was since he had arrived in the Holy Martial
Arts City.
"It actually has something to do with the custom of the Realm of True Force."
Mu Kun and the others did know a lot, since they had been here longer than
Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen showed an odd expression as they spoke. He had to admit the
Great Competition of Three Realms was different indeed.
On the other hand, the news that Wu Tian was paralyzed spread out all over
the Holy Martial Arts Yard.
The young Venerables, who had thought the whole thing was over, were
First of all, they hadn't expected the conflict to escalate to such an extent.
Secondly, they were shocked that it was Wu Tian, the stronger one, who got
They were curious how Jiang Chen had made it.
Their puzzle was kind of resolved when another piece of news had come.
Jiang Chen wasn't as simple as most people had thought.

He killed Shangguan Fei from the Shangguans in the Flying Feather City.
Then, being chased by the Shangguans, he arrived in the Holy Martial Arts
And on his way, he defeated Xu Guan from the Tianyi School in the Water
Dragon City.
It was nothing weird that Wu Tian ended up like that.
However, Wu Tian was from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. People couldn't
help but wonder how this affair would develop.


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