The Brilliant Fighting Master
579 A Young Martial Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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579 A Young Martial Venerable

In the best case scenario of a Reaching Heaven State challenging a
Venerable, the former would be disabled, while in the worst case scenario, he
would die in a tragic way.
Two Reaching Heaven States intentionally made things difficult for a
Venerable and told him to go through the back door. They were already lucky
that they were still alive.
Providing that the two interested parties were from the same world.
Otherwise, people like Wu Tian and his companions would be reluctant to
accept such a bloody fact.
In their eyes, a guy from the Realm of Nine Heavens was inferior to them.
Regardless of his state, he should just show them some respect.
In this way, the group of people set out aggressively, intending to find Jiang
They made such a great disturbance that other young Venerables in the yard
were piqued with curiosity. They also followed the group.
By then Jiang Chen was by a lake, looking at its glistening surface. He felt
extremely good.
But the bustling footsteps broke the cozy atmosphere he was enjoying.
People came from three directions to surround him.
Jiang Chen turned and saw two muscular men who had lost part of their
heads. He couldn't help but show a slight grin.
"It's you? Trash from the Realm of Nine Heavens!"
Wu Tian swore directly, with no intention to go easy on him.
"Because of you, I'm quite disappointed at the Realm of True Force," Jiang
Chen shook his head and sighed, but didn't get angry.
Wu Tian was even more irritated by his reaction, but he also perceived how
effective Jiang Chen's simple comment was.
He noticed many young Martial Venerables from the Realm of True Force
nearby looked discontented.
He could deal with Jiang Chen indeed. However, it was embarrassing to
swear at him.
"You almost beat our men to death. What's your explanation?!" Wu Tian said,
trying to deal with him in a different manner.

"The two Reaching Heaven States were conceited. They were in my way,
showing me no respect. I've shown them enough mercy not to kill them,"
Jiang Chen said.
"How dare you! Don't you see where you are? Rampaging through the Holy
Martial Arts City, do you still think you're in the Realm of Nine Heavens?"
Wu Tian flew into a rage. In a bad mood, he had intended to vent his anger on
Jiang Chen, but in the end he was irritated even more.
"What's wrong with the Realm of Nine Heavens? And what's so great about
the Realm of True Force? People who deserve to die should be killed, and
those who lack a lesson should be taught."
Jiang Chen was a little impatient. It wasn't an intriguing topic for him.
"Huh, you violated the rules of the yard. Give me your Sacred Martial Arts
Token and get out of here."
Wu Tian finally made a point. He thought this should be Jiang Chen's sore
Strength was only in the second place. In the Holy Martial Arts City, what

mattered was one's connection and networking skill.
He didn't want to rush into fighting against Jiang Chen. He wanted to kick the
latter out first.
The young Martial Venerables who were looking on took on a ghastly
expression. It was a severe punishment to be disqualified before the Great
Competition of Three Realms even started.
"Are you authorized to do so?"
Jiang Chen smiled coldly. Sizing up the guy opposite to him, he said, "You
look like a janitor of the yard. Are you authorized to kick people out?"
Although no one knew how Jiang Chen had got informed of that, he was right.
Wu Tian didn't have the right.
Wu Tian's anger was completely ignited. Closing his fists, he walked towards
Jiang Chen. Smiling coldly, he said, "I can keep you out of the yard. That's
Although he couldn't take part in the Great Competition of Three Realms, as a
practicer in the late stage of Martial Venerable, he wasn't weak at all. Actually,
in this yard, he was quite good.
By comparison, Jiang Chen, a guy from the Realm of Nine Heavens, was only
in the preliminary stage of Martial Venerable. It would be difficult for him to
stand up against Wu Tian.

"If you want to fight, why did you talk so much nonsense to tell everyone
you're dumb?"
Hands already on the handle of the Redcloud Sword, Jiang Chen was about
to draw it out.
"Stop. What are you doing here?"
At this moment, Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er walked over quickly.
The two sisters had a fame. As they walked by, the crowd voluntarily made
way for them.
"Tang Shiya."
Seeing her stand before Jiang Chen, Wu Tian pulled a long face. He said,
"Are you gonna help him?"
"He is my friend," Tang Shiya said. What she meant was obvious.
"Your friend?"
Wu Tian frowned. The others were surprised, too.
He was Tang Shiya's friend?
Instantly, jealous and envious looks were thrown to Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen didn't know how influential Tang Shiya was in the Realm of True
Force, but these people knew.
She was direct disciple of Yunlan School. Her father was grand elder of the
Tangs', while her mother was the beloved apprentice of Qiyun Great
Besides her background, her appearance and talent made her even more
She was one of the three girls men from the Realm of True Force wanted to
marry most.
Tang Shiya was always alone. Besides her younger sister, she rarely had
contact with people. Not to mention men.
Now that she told everyone Jiang Chen was her friend, not afraid to cause
any misunderstanding, they must be more than ordinary friends.
"Do you know he is..." Wu Tian tried to go on, not willing to give up.
"I know. I heard people talk when I came in. If you want to make an issue out
of this, I would be happy to speak to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute," Tang
Shiya interrupted him in an oppressive manner.

Wu Tian's anger diminished right away. After all, it was their fault in the first
If they really made a big deal out of it, Jiang Chen might get punished, but he
wouldn't be excused, either.
"Hiding behind a woman, that's what you do?"
Wu Tian threw Jiang Chen a gloomy glance, intending to irritate him.
"If you want to fight against someone, I wouldn't mind keeping you company,"
Tang Shiya said coldly.
Jiang Chen wasn't irritated by him, either. The way he did it was too lousy.
Instead, Jiang Chen laughed complacently, which put Wu Tian mad.
"Good! Great!"
Wu Tian was so angry that he burst out laughing. He flicked his sleeves and
then left.
The group of those Reaching Heaven States with him scattered right away. It
was ridiculous that the group had come in such an aggressive way but ended
up like this.
Walking away from the crowd, Jiang Chen said, "In fact, it was all right for me
to have a fight with him."
"The strength gap of the Holy Sea is too huge between one in the preliminary
stage and one in the late stage. Besides, Wu Tian is about ten years older
than you. The situation wasn't favorable to you at all."
Tang Shiya went on calmly, "You managed to defeat Xu Guan because your
martial arts techniques are better than his. Both of you are in the preliminary
stage, so there was no suspense at all. In the phase of Martial Venerable, it's
difficult to challenge someone in a later stage."
"Maybe." Jiang Chen smiled. He didn't look completely convinced.
"This is your spiritual storage ware, with the changes in it."
Tang Shiya didn't linger on that topic. She started to talk about something
Jiang Chen took it without verifying the number. Then it was time to find them
a place to stay.
The young Venerables here were accommodated according to their origins -
the Realm of Nine Heavens, the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True Force.
In this way, after parting with Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er, Jiang Chen came
to the place allocated to those from the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"You stupid jerk, do you really think you can do whatever you want in the
Realm of True Force?"
To his surprise, a gale suddenly started. Wu Tian, who had left, emerged in
the air again, charging down towards him.
Working himself up after leaving, Wu Tian just couldn't let it go. He had been
waiting for Tang Shiya to leave for a while.
He made up his mind he would disable Jiang Chen this day so that the latter
couldn't participate in the Great Competition of Three Realms.
"Why have you come back to court death?"
Jiang Chen was very disappointed. He didn't expect a Venerable to be so
Disdained to fight against such a person, he retracted his hands from the
sword handle.


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