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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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578 Wu Tian

Those who had admired him the most by then laughed most loudly.
Except one person - the girl who had assumed Jiang Chen was a swordsman.
"Xiaoyun, how you admired him, but he turns out to be a guy from the Realm
of Nine Heavens."
"So, he is dressing like this because he can only afford to dress like this."
"Gosh, Realm of Nine Heavens. I can't imagine how they traveled here."
The girls next to her laughed at Jiang Chen to relieve them of their
embarrassment, because they had complimented him and they didn't want to
be laughed at for that.
Folks born in the Realm of True Force knew the nine Planes Worlds were
classified into three groups, the upper, the middle and the lower realms.
However, they would usually avoid talking about the Three Middle Realms or
the Three Upper Realms, so that they could stay proud of living in the best
realm of the Three Lower Realms.
"Don't you think it's even harder for a guy from the Realm of Nine Heavens to
achieve Venerable at such a young age?"
The girl called Xiaoyun said something significant. Apparently, not everyone
was so ignorant or arrogant.
She kept admiring Jiang Chen, and she started to worry about him.
Jiang Chen, facing his back to them, shrugged his shoulders. Glancing at the
two large men, he said, "Pick up my token and apologize to me. I might
forgive you."
However, the two large men laughed in a sarcastic manner, ignoring his
The man who had thrown Jiang Chen's token away struck one of the gate
panels with bronze rings. He said loudly, "You can't even open this gate
without our help. Why do we need your forgiveness? What you should do is to
bow and scrape us!"
The gate didn't look any different from the commonly used ones in rich
families. It had two vermilion panels covered with bronze rings.
Nevertheless, the panels were deployed with wards. Each bronze ring
contained great power.

Anyone who intended to force into the yard would be attacked.
The two gatekeepers knew Jiang Chen could defeat them easily once he
attacked, but they didn't believe he had the nerve to do it.
He was only a guy from the Realm of Nine Heavens. What could he do? To
"I gave you the chance, but you didn't cherish it."
Jiang Chen walked to the middle of the gate, two meters away from either
The two fearless men somehow had a hunch that something bad was going to
Their intuitions turned out to be right. Jiang Chen opened his hands suddenly
and a strong gale shrouded them.
They lost control of their bodies immediately and flew towards each other.
When they were about to bump, Jiang Chen extended his hands.
Pressing his palms on their heads, he pushed them towards the gate with
As strong as they were, they could do nothing at the moment. They flew off
the ground and bumped onto the gate.

They screamed. Their heads, next to the bronze rings, were smoking and
sizzling due to the high temperature.
In the eyes of those on the street, there were lights surging around the gate,
and the bronze rings were extremely red, as if they were being heated in a
raging fire.
The two gatekeepers' heads became the key to the gate. The price was their
heads had been heavily injured. Their blood became solid due to the effect of
the high temperature as soon as they bled.
Those who had been laughing at Jiang Chen all became speechless,
frightened and shocked.
Such cruelty was rarely seen in the Realm of True Force.
It was too sudden for them to accept the evil side of Jiang Chen, who usually
looked elegant.

When the gatekeepers' voices had turned hoarse because of the screaming,
the gate they claimed only they could open produced a popping sound, and
then a crack showed up.
"Isn't it open?"
Jiang Chen let go of the two muscular men, who had been demolished, as if
he was throwing garbage.
He pushed the door open without throwing them another glance.
Not until then did the people on the street approach. They held their breaths
when they had seen the two gatekeepers' heads.
They had lost their ears and part of their skulls, as if someone had cut the
skulls with a knife.
They looked into the gate, but only managed to see Jiang Chen's back before
the gate was closed again.
"Are people from the Realm of Nine Heavens all so cruel?"
Glancing at each other, they couldn't come to themselves for a good while.
The two gatekeepers, still alive, got to their feet. They ran into the yard
despite of the pain, with resentment on their faces.
The bystanders knew this wasn't over yet, but they couldn't see how things
would advance with their own eyes.
The girl called Xiaoyun looked very worried.
Who Jiang Chen would run into in the yard wouldn't only be some Reaching
Heaven States.
It was another world in the yard, whose size could be compared to a city.
This place was where the young Venerables stayed. Of course it was good.
The buildings were well-designed, beautiful and noble-looking. The view there
was also nice.
Walking in there, Jiang Chen forgot about the unpleasant experience for the
In a garden not far away from the gate, a group of people from the Sacred
Martial Arts Institute was maintaining the order in the yard, informing the
participants of the Great Competition of Three Realms of the commands from
the top management.

Since it wasn't about any important task, most of the people there were in the
Reaching Heaven State.
The leader was a Martial Venerable. Otherwise it was impossible to manage
so many people.
"Apprentice Brother Wu, the rules of the Great Competition of Three Realms
are really shitty. Otherwise with your ability, I'm sure you'll cut a great figure."
"Yeah. To be honest, I don't think you'll have any problem to participate in the
Some members of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute who were not on shift were
sucking up to the Venerable.
The Venerable didn't look well. He looked he was troubled by something.
Without giving any response to his subordinates, he just kept drinking.
The Great Competition of Three Realms was for Venerables below 30.
He had just turned 30, a few months to go to turn 31.
However, a rule is a rule. Even if he were only one day older than 30, it still
wouldn't work. Wu Tian felt it a pity. He was in a very bad mood.
Thirty years old, in the late stage of Martial Venerable, he was kind of
excellent, although not one of the best.
But the goal of the Great Competition of Three Realms wasn't to decide
ranks. At the end of the competition, people from the Three Middle Realms
would pick the good ones out.
Wu Tian was confident he could make it, but he couldn't take part in the
competition. What's more, he had to deal with the trivial matters for the
participants. If this weren't a task assigned by the Sacred Martial Arts
Institute, he would have left.
The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. And it was so noisy outside.
Wu Tian really needed to give vent to his anger on someone.
But when the two gatekeepers had entered, Wu Tian had no time to stay
angry anymore.
"What happened to you two?"
The others also exclaimed, scared by how they looked.
People had round heads, but theirs were almost triangular.
The two unfortunate guys told them what had happened despite of the pain.

"You two Reaching Heaven States tried to stop a Venerable. You're already
lucky that you survived. What else do you expect?" Wu Tian said unhappily.
"Apprentice Brother Wu, that guy is from the Realm of Nine Heavens. We just
wanted to hold him in awe."
The people in the yard reacted strongly upon hearing that.
"A guy from the Realm of Nine Heavens is so arrogant?"
"Trash, and the worst trash. How dare he beat our men!"
Even Wu Tian rose to his feet, pulling a long face. He said coldly, "Take me to
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》