The Brilliant Fighting Master
576 The Hand of the God of Fire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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576 The Hand of the God of Fire

Tang Shiya, who had just turned, turned back again, apparently in anger.
If what Jiang Chen said was true, it was really nasty.
Apprentice Brother He's expression changed. Staring at Jiang Chen in fury,
his energy as a Martial Venerable was being emitted.
But unfortunately, Jiang Chen, standing opposite him, was also a Martial
Venerable. Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He said with a smile, "Miss
Tang, what do you think about his reaction?"
Jiang Chen didn't show them any evidence. All he did was asking this
Tang Shiya kept staring at Apprentice Brother He. Then her knitted brows
relaxed. Before Apprentice Brother He could feel relieved, he heard her
saying, "Don't call me apprentice sister anymore."
Apprentice Brother He's face distorted. He was surprised that Tang Shiya had
believed Jiang Chen so easily. He wasn't happy with it at all.
He didn't reflect on himself, how bad his reaction had been. Anyone with
some insight could see through him .
In fact, he did use wind to control the bloody crows to attack these three
Because he was good at the conception of fire and he wanted to play the
But to his surprise, Jiang Chen took the credit and disclosed his scheme.
"Apprentice sister, I didn't have any bad intention. I just wanted to amuse
you," Apprentice Brother He hurried to explain.
"Could you guarantee we would be 100 percent safe?" Tang Shiya said
"Sure. Of course I could," Apprentice Brother He said immediately.
Jiang Chen shook his head. He didn't want to comment.
"You're really disappointing." Tang Shiya didn't want to speak to him, either.
"Apprentice sister!"
Apprentice Brother He panicked. He came up to Tang Shiya immediately,
trying to grab her wrist.

However, his arm was grabbed first, by a pair of hands with delicate long
"Let go of me!" Apprentice Brother He said in a threatening tone, throwing
Jiang Chen a gloomy look.
"I suggest you stop here." Jiang Chen stopped smiling. He looked into
Apprentice Brother He's eyes.
Apprentice Brother He was struck dumb, but he soon said with a fierce look,
"This is between us. We're sibling disciples. It's none of your business."
As he spoke, he manipulated his Holy Sea. The muscle of the arm grabbed by
Jiang Chen heaved, pushing the veins out to the surface.
However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get rid of Jiang Chen's
And Jiang Chen looked so relaxed. He couldn't accept the fact at all.
Suddenly he closed the other fist and threw it over to Jiang Chen's face.
Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er shouted in surprise. Fortunately, taken hold of by
Jiang Chen's other hand, the fist stopped moving immediately.
"Who the hell are you? Meddling in my business!" Apprentice Brother He flew
into a rage, spitting as he spoke.
"Since you brought this on, let me ask you, why did you make the bloody

crows attack me?" Jiang Chen asked.
Apprentice Brother He was speechless. However, people like him would only
be humiliated into anger, but wouldn't be convinced.
"I've given you face, but you don't want it. I won't go easy on you then!"
Apprentice Brother He said.
Then his arms became extremely red. His skin had experienced some
wonderful change. It looked like the surface of magma. Then some dreadful
flames gushed out.
The Martial Venerables with Apprentice Brother He hurried to step back upon
seeing this.
Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er didn't look good, either. Tang Shiya even threw
the latter a reproaching look.
"I didn't expect him to be mad enough to exert the Hand of Fire of God." Tang
Ru'er grimaced, sticking out her tongue.
Apprentice Brother He's arms looked like the arms of the fire of god. The
flames on his fists were red, while the rear of the flames were orange.

His arms even cracked like magma.
The temperature was high enough to melt any metal, but apparently he would
have to pay a price to exert such a great power.
"Poor man."
"He challenged Apprentice Brother He. Isn't he courting death?"
"Any living creatures of flesh and blood will be burnt to ashes if they make
contact with the Hand of the God of Fire."
Those who had come with Apprentice Brother He couldn't help but shake their
heads, as if they had already seen Jiang Chen's tragic ending.
"How will you stay arrogant before me when your hands are disabled?!"
Apprentice Brother He said with a hideous smile.
When Tang Shiya was about to meddle in, Jiang Chen said, "Are you talking
in sleep?"
Not until then did those on the scene realize Apprentice Brother He had been
so eye-catching that they had forgot about Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen's hands touched Apprentice Brother He's Hand of the God of Fire
without any protection, but nothing happened to him.
"No way!"
Apprentice Brother He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He made the fire
burn stronger. The temperature of the Hand of the God of Fire became even
higher. There were smokes in the air.
"You like to play with fire?"
Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He pulled Apprentice Brother He's hands over.
Then, the genuine blood of phoenix in his body started to boil.
His hands were emitting the same surprising heat. There were flames on the
tip of all of his fingers.
Apprentice Brother He took a deep breath. He felt his hands had been burnt.
He, in the middle of exerting the Hand of the God of Fire, almost thought it
was an illusion.
But a few seconds later, the burning feeling became stronger and stronger.
He soon couldn't take it anymore.
"There is no way you can surpass me in the use of fire!"

Apprentice Brother He couldn't accept the fact, because this was his pride,
also how he became famous in the Realm of True Force.
He shouted in anger with the last bit of strength he had. The flames extended
to several meters away from his shoulders.
"Don't think you're always right."
Jiang Chen smiled coldly, accumulating strength in his fingers.
The others were surprised to see Apprentice Brother He's power of fire
cracking. It fell apart. The fragments kept falling. Each one looked like glowing
hot charcoal.
Apprentice Brother He's arms were broken from his biceps, but he didn't
Everyone heard his tragic screams. He, high-spirited and vigorous only a few
minutes ago, by then lost his arms. It wasn't hard to imagine how difficult it
was for him to accept the fact.
By comparison, Jiang Chen only had some small flames on his palms.
"Anyone wants to revenge him? You can come together."
Having extinguished the fire, Jiang Chen asked those who had come with
Apprentice Brother He seriously.
They shook their heads automatically, without any desire to fight.
"Then I'm leaving."
Jiang Chen glanced at Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er, intending to bid farewell
with them there. After all, that was their sibling disciple. They'd better part with
him to avoid troubles.
"It's all right. We're leaving together."
To his surprise, Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er didn't have any problem with it.
They flew up to Jiang Chen, signaling him to leave.
When the three had been quite far away, Apprentice Brother He was still
"Don't take it to heart that he tried to disable your arms," Tang Shiya said.
"An eye for an eye. I have no reason to take it to heart, but I don't want to
bring you any troubles," Jiang Chen said.
"It's us who brought troubles to you," Tang Shiya corrected him.

"Apprentice sister, it's you. I had nothing to do with it. Apprentice Brother He
did that for you. So did this brother," Tang Ru'er said, smiling, showing two
eye teeth.


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