The Brilliant Fighting Master
575 Apprentice Brother He
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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575 Apprentice Brother He

Azure Demon was set up, too. After his death, his soul was hiding in a hunting
lodge in the mountains, waiting for an appropriate man to appear so that he
could seize this man's body.
He didn't leave there until he met Jiang Chen. By then 1000 years had
passed. Things were still there, but men were not.
The whole Azure Gang was gone. His enemy could have died, too.
Although Azure Demon didn't show up, Jiang Chen could empathize with him.
For Azure Demon, it was 1000 years, while for him , it was 500.
He was wondering whether he would have the same feeling when he went
back to the Sacred Zone again. By then the Over Cloud Palace would have
been gone. So would the people he was looking for.
The mere thought of that put him panicked. He looked pale.
As smart as Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er, they didn't disturb him.
Don't know how long had passed, the three felt a chilly wind coming
headlong. And they smelt blood in the air.
They put on guard immediately. Looking around, soon they saw a flock of
birds flying over from not far away. The dense mass of them froze their blood.
"Bloody crows! Sister Shiya, run!" Tang Ru'er shouted.
"Don't let the bloody crows surround you."
Tang Shiya told Jiang Chen, looking for a place to hide in.
If they escaped through the air, they could choose any direction and any
However, Tang Shiya looked like she was in a pickle. Tang Ru'er was even
more anxious.
Jiang Chen saw there were not only bloody crows ahead, but also in other two
directions. These birds seemed to intend to surround them, as if they knew
The only direction free of the bloody crows led to a mountain forest. The
highest mountain there was only hundreds of meters high.
But Tang Shiya hesitated, because there was a dreadful holy-level fierce
beast in that forest.
If they flew over it, the fierce beast would definitely chase them.

"These bloody crows don't seem very formidable. Let's break out of the
encirclement," Jiang Chen proposed.
"There is something you don't know. These bloody crows are very dreadful.
They suck people's essence blood. Once you get entangled by them, you'll
die in one minute."
Tang Shiya didn't agree. She said, "We should either fly very high or find a
cave on the ground."
Jiang Chen didn't see why. Two of them were Martial Venerables. They
shouldn't have panicked like this.
And he really didn't think those bloody crows were strong.
The same size as normal crows, they had black feathers and small red eyes,
which looked ferocious.
The front end of their beaks, which looked like ebony, was extremely sharp.
"No practicers below Spiritual Venerable level can deal with such a great
amount of bloody crows, unless they're good at the conception of fire."
Tang Ru'er explained. She knew he was puzzled.
"Well, I'm good at the conception of fire. Let me handle them," Jiang Chen

"And you must achieve the great doctrine of fire!"
Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er reacted pretty much the same. They remembered
Jiang Chen hadn't used any fire in the fight against Xu Guan.
"Don't worry."
Jiang Chen raised his right arm high. Palm up, he looked as if he was lifting
something. Soon, a hot wave started to whirl, with his hand as the center, and
started to spread fast.
Although the two sisters didn't see any flames, they felt it was getting hotter
and hotter.
The thousands of bloody crows were approaching. They kept hearing the
fluttering sound of the crows' wings and their chirps.
Tang Shiya made up her mind, if Jiang Chen didn't do anything, she would do
Right at that moment, a small flame rose from Jiang Chen's palm.

A fire dragon rose in the hot wave. The orange flame was very dense, like a
It was formidable. As soon as the bloody crows made contact with it, they
disappeared immediately.
The sky full of the dense mass of crows cleared up instantly. The remaining
bloody crows fled away. They were too few to be threatening.
Tang Ru'er patted her plump chest, feeling relieved.
"Thank you."
Tang Shiya expressed her gratitude. She said, "You might not know how
strong those bloody crows are. Fire is almost the only effective way to get rid
of them. Once surrounded by these bastards, you'll be killed in only one
minute, just like how ants plod away at an elephant."
"Do people run into them frequently?" Jiang Chen asked out of curious, not
very interested in what Tang Shiya had told him.
"No. Actually you don't run into them a lot. And usually you'll be able to run
Speaking of this, Tang Shiya felt puzzled, too. She said with hesitation, "I've
never heard about the situation like today, that they surrounded people from
three directions."
At this moment, the three noticed a group of practicers were approaching
them from not far way. There were eight people, all Martial Venerables.
"What happened?"
The leader was a strong man. He had light brown skin and thick brows.
It seemed he had been attracted here by the disturbance of just now. He was
pleasantly surprised when he had seen Tang Shiya.
"Apprentice Sister Shiya, it's you! What a surprise to see you here," the man
said excitedly.
"Yeah, Apprentice Brother He." Tang Shiya didn't seem very glad. She was
even a bit cold.
Apprentice Brother He seemed used to that. Still smiling, he laid his eyes on
Jiang Chen. He asked, "This is...?"
"A friend." Tang Shiya didn't tell him more.

"How did you know each other? I didn't know you had such a friend,"
Apprentice Brother He said.
His response was annoying. Tang Shiya apparently furrowed. She didn't want
to answer him at all.
"We knew this brother for business matters. We're traveling together because
the account hasn't been settled," Tang Ru'er said unconcernedly. She didn't
seem to have noticed those details, but a cunning look flashed across her
"What a big deal. How much is that? Just tell me," Apprentice Brother He said
"About 200 million upper-grade yuan stones," Tang Shiya said unhappily.
Apprentice Brother He and those with him all turned pale. They were
obviously shocked.
"Apprentice Sister Shiya, what did you buy? Is he a conman?" Apprentice
Brother He threw Jiang Chen a skeptical look, and he didn't sound he was
afraid of anyone.
"No, it's not like that. He bought something from me and I don't have the
change for him," Tang Shiya said.
Apprentice Brother He was embarrassed again, but he didn't blame Tang
Shiya. Instead, he was looking at Jiang Chen in a more and more unkind
"Apprentice Sister Shiya, this guy doesn't look like a good person. He looks
rich, but who knows where his money is from," Apprentice Brother He said in
a sarcastic tone.
Jiang Chen burst out laughing instead of getting angry.
"What are you laughing at?!" Apprentice Brother He said in anger.
"You tried to be generous, but failed. Then you started to talk aimlessly. And
now you even said such a shameless thing. Do you think you can get a pretty
woman in this way? Aren't you crying for the moon?"
In Jiang Chen's eyes, this guy was like a clown.
"You!" Apprentice Brother He didn't expect him to have the nerve to refute.
Didn't he see so many people were standing behind him?

"Apprentice Brother He, we're leaving if everything is fine here." Tang Shiya
didn't want to lose face in Jiang Chen's presence.
"Apprentice sister, I'm thinking for your sake. I don't want this Adonis to cheat
you. He doesn't look like a good man," Apprentice Brother He said nervously.
"What does a good man do? To send the bloody crows to attack and then
pretend to be the hero?"


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