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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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574 Azure Gang

"Kalpa of Reincarnation!"
Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy. Combining the four movements of the
dragons' martial arts techniques in one, he waved his fists.
His arms were like swimming dragons. The energy emitted from his fists was
shining with golden radiance. Combining with the sparkling thunder, it
suddenly exploded.
The Martial Venerable disciples of the Tianyi School were panicked. No
matter what kind of movements they had exerted, under the fist radiance as
strong as sunlight, they felt helpless.
Since their breakthrough to Venerable, this was the first time they'd felt
themselves so small.
At the same time, Jiang Chen removed his disguise. Those who hadn't
noticed this detail thought it was another person.
Four Martial Venerable disciples of the Tianyi School were hit off the ground.
They screamed and fell heavily. Their bodies almost fell apart.
"Now, remember my name -- Jiang Chen."
After having removed the disguise, Jiang Chen looked even sharper. His
black eyes were freezing cold.
"He's so handsome!"
Seeing Jiang Chen's real face, the girl's eyes lit up. She was very excited.
Giving the pretty woman next to her a glimpse, she thought they could make a
good couple.
Of course, she didn't dare to speak it out.
Plus Xu Guan, there were five Martial Venerable disciples of the Tianyi School
lying on the ground.
This youngster called Jiang Chen was only in the preliminary stage of Martial
The bystanders suddenly found Jiang Chen had gone. They couldn't find him
By then Jiang Chen had been out of the Water Dragon City. He was about to
Familiar with how these big schools ran things, he knew if he stayed in the
city, Spiritual Venerables or even Celestial Venerables would come to teach
him a lesson soon.

The Shangguans were another ticking time bomb. He had to go.
"Brother, can we talk?"
Before Jiang Chen set out, the pretty woman and the girl came up to him.
The girl was smiling. She had two dimples on each side of her cheeks.
Jiang Chen felt the way the girl had called him a bit odd. It wasn't because
she had called him brother, but because of her tone.
But he didn't think she had any bad intention, so he didn't take it seriously.
However, the pretty woman glanced at the girl, as if she was warning the
latter. Then looking towards Jiang Chen, she said, "We're leaving the Water
Dragon City as well to prepare for the Great Competition of Three Realms. If
you don't mind, we can travel together."
"Of course I don't," Jiang Chen said.
"It'll also be convenient for me to give you back the extra yuan stones and the
spiritual storage ware," the pretty woman added, afraid he would
misunderstand her.
Jiang Chen shook his head, smiling. He didn't think it a big deal.
Then he got informed of the pretty woman's name, Tang Shiya.

The girl had the same family name. She was called Tang Ru'er.
Jiang Chen also told them his name. They didn't ask for each other's
background, as if it was a tacit understanding.
During the talk with them, Jiang Chen got to know there were 108 cities in all
in the center area of the Realm of True Force, which covered a vast space.
Only few of the 108 cities belonged to only one force. Most of them were
governed by schools, aristocratic families and the dynasty together.
The Flying Feather City was governed by these organizations in turn as well.
The Great Competition of Three Realms would be held in the Holy Martial Arts
City. The name of the city already told it was the center of the center area.
The three headed for the Holy Martial Arts City.
On their way, Tang Ru'er's animated nature helped to create a harmonious
Jiang Chen told them he was from the lower realms and he had come here
specifically to take part in the Great Competition of Three Realms.
Tang Shiya and Tang Ru'er weren't surprised at all.

Jiang Chen got to know more about the center area, too. It wasn't the 108
cities that had made the center area, but the reverse.
There were endless resources and treasures that hadn't been excavated in
this area. Every force wanted to have a finger in the pie.
One hundred and eight cities didn't seem a lot, but the area they covered was
even bigger than the whole Dragon Field of the Realm of Nine Heavens.
So it was a long way to travel to the Holy Martial Arts City.
At the same time, a piece of news spread out of the Flying Feather City and
the Water Dragon City. It caused some discussions in the center area.
It was said a young swordsman from the lower realms was on a rampage. He
killed the Third Young Master of the Shangguans as soon as he arrived in the
Realm of True Force.
People heard through the grapevine that he had even killed a Spiritual
And it had been confirmed it was the same swordsman who had defeated Xu
Guan and other four Venerable disciples of the Tianyi School in the Water
Dragon City.
In other words, a solo swordsman challenged the Tianyi School, one of the
top ten schools, and feuded with the Shangguans.
It created a big uproar. The news spread fast.
Jiang Chen hadn't arrived in the Holy Martial Arts City, but the local people
there were already talking about him.
The Shangguans had offered a bounty. Anyone who caught Jiang Chen, dead
or alive, would get a rich reward.
Jiang Chen knew nothing about this. He was still on the way to the Holy
Martial Arts City with the two women.
At this moment, they were talking about the Great Competition of Three
It was impossible to make such a big event, in which the young Venerables
from the Realm of Nine Heavens, the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True
Force gathered, happen without attractive prizes.
But in fact, the winner wouldn't get any prize.
Because the winner will get a chance to go to the Three Middle Realms.
Forces from the Three Middle Realms would come to recruit excellent
disciples by then.

The training these forces would offer these young people would be amazing.
People from the Realm of Nine Heavens and the Realm of Milky were eager
to start a life in the Realm of True Force. In the same way, the young people
in the Realm of True Force were also eager to go to the Three Middle
As to why, it was very simple -- because a great ship asks deep water.
If you didn't go while others did, the huge gap between you would make you
regret when they came back.
Not until then did Jiang Chen know about this. He suddenly realized why his
father wanted him to take part in the Great Competition of Three Realms.
Comparing with traveling to the Three Middle Realms precipitately, winning
the competition was a more plausible way to go there.
"But I've heard it's not the only reason the competition is held," Tang Shiya
suddenly said.
"How would the Sacred Martial Arts Institute spend so much time and so
many efforts just to send talented people to the Three Middle Realms? It
obviously doesn't make any sense. It's said it has something to do with the
Azure Gang," Tang Ru'er said.
"Azure Gang?"
Jiang Chen was struck dumb, because he noticed Azure Demon, one of the
eight groups of spiritual beings, had reacted strongly at the mention of that.
"The Azure Gang used to be the most powerful gang in the Realm of Milky.
Even the Sacred Institute couldn't subdue them. The gang leader Old Demon
of Azure Cloud was very ambitious. Unhappy with the governing of the Realm
of The Realm of True Force, he led a big army to travel to the Realm of True
Force through the planes' channel, intending to attack it."
"However, at the crucial moment, Old Demon of Azure Cloud was set up by
the man he trusted most. In this way, he failed. The army of the Azure Gang
was also eliminated in the Realm of True Force."
"The thing is the strategic resources and the weapons of the army all
mysteriously disappeared."
"It's said Old Demon of Azure Cloud hid everything where he would be buried
before his death. It's called Azure Cloud's Hidden Treasure."
In this way, Jiang Chen got to know such an anecdote from Tang Ru'er.

Jiang Chen nodded. Putting his hand on the eight groups of spiritual beings,
he said, "Azure Demon, is this Azure Gang...?"
"Exactly. It's the force I was in," Azure Demon interrupted him. He sounded
pretty disturbed.
"Are you Old Demon of Azure Cloud?"
"No. That's my father. My name is Azure Demon."


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