The Brilliant Fighting Master
573 You Don’t Deserve to Know My Name
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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573 You Don’t Deserve to Know My Name

Folks in the Realm of True Force had a high expectation. If they were in the
Realm of Nine Heavens, a fight between two young Venerables would have
caused an uproar.
Not like here, people were too picky. They even looked down on Jiang Chen.
But there was still a pretty big audience, who had come for Xu Guan's
amazing sword methods. They wanted to see him in person.
The arena in the city center was built with bronze, sculpted with many roaring
beasts, whose giant open mouths could take in the energy generated during
the fights to keep the city safe.
Xu Guan and Jiang Chen both arrived. They were standing on two ends of the
bronze arena.
"Your name?"
Xu Guan raised his right arm shoulder-high, pointing at Jiang Chen. His hair
was dancing in the wind. He looked extremely serious.
"For the moment, you don't have to know it," Jiang Chen said.
It was an unsatisfying answer. People thought him arrogant.
It was out of courtesy and respect that Xu Guan asked for his name.
However, Jiang Chen didn't even want to tell him, and he sounded so
sarcastic. Many people who didn't know what had happened wished Xu Guan
could defeat him immediately. They wondered how he would behave by then.
"Doctrine of Sword of Tianyi."
Xu Guan didn't get angry. He put his index and middle finger of the left hand
together. The blade, just next to his right hand, was thrown over. The
resonant sword chiming echoed in the city.
The energy of the sword spread all over the place. The radiance of the sword
overflew. His white clothes fluttered.
He read his formula. The man and the sword turned into a ghost shadow that
naked eyes couldn't follow. It was sometimes close and sometimes remote. It
sometimes looked real and sometimes looked fake.
Jiang Chen took a step back, but he didn't raise the Redcloud Sword.
Xu Guan's sword attack wasn't some stupid camouflage. It was a little tricky,
very similar to the Sword Method of Ksana.

When he was ten meters away, the shadows behind Xu Guan overlapped
The sword had layer upon layer.
The man was full of changes.
Xu Guan's sword method had already reached the peak of perfection. In
addition to that, the strength in his Holy Sea was extremely powerful.
The bystanders were all amazed. Their eyes lit up.
"This guy must be shell-shocked."
Fang Zixiong said, smiling complacently. His level didn't allow him to see the
essence of Xu Guan's sword attack, but he could see Jiang Chen standing
there still.
"A sword without limit, a limitless sword attack."
Jiang Chen threw his sword over at the last minute. It didn't seem some
splendid swordsmanship. The movement of the Redcloud Sword in his hand
left some wavy shadows behind it.
"It's so fast!"
The crowd didn't come to themselves until someone exclaimed.
They were seeing the shadows because the sword was moving too fast for

the naked eyes to follow.
Soon, the two swords met.
It looked like a fight between two electric dragons moving extremely fast. And
it had a unique rhythm.
"Damn it!"
The swordsmen on the scene all felt annoyed, because their levels weren't
high enough to appreciate this gorgeous fight.
A few seconds later, Jiang Chen and Xu Guan separated.
The sharp fatal radiance of the sword was on the verge of transforming into a
wind edge and spreading out, but the arena absorbed it right away.
As a result, the fight wasn't too splendid or magnificent.
But judging from the expressions of the bystanders, it was a normal scene in
the Realm of True Force.
Fighting on the arena was a competition of martial arts techniques.

"Sister Shiya, this guy is gorgeous."
The girl beside the pretty woman, who had also followed the crowd here,
couldn't help but exclaim.
She spoke out what was on other people's mind. The fact that Jiang Chen
had taken Xu Guan's sword attack perfectly was enough to earn him a fame.
The pretty woman nodded. Then she said, "Don't call him guy."
"Sister Shiya, are you falling in love with him?" Tilting her head, the girl looked
over with interest.
The pretty woman looked at her without blinking.
"Noooo. I didn't say anything."
The girl hurried to shake her head. Then she shifted the topic right away. She
said, "So, I should call him uncle? But Sister Shiya..."
If she called him uncle and called her sister, they wouldn't have the same
seniority, but she didn't dare speak it out.
While the two were talking, the bystanders around the arena came to
themselves. They couldn't stay so calm anymore.
"Who is this guy?"
"He didn't say his name. No one knows."
"His performance is good enough to amaze the whole center area. Why
doesn't he want people to know?"
These people, who had looked down on Jiang Chen, had changed their
opinions. They were very curious about him.
Xu Guan was very unhappy to hear these comments, but he looked very
serious, since he knew this time he had met someone tricky.
Xu Guan threw his sword over again decisively, because he didn't want the
hesitation that had emerged in his heart to spread.
He focused on his sword. The radiance of the sword was ceaseless like
"My turn."
Before his momentum of sword could reach Jiang Chen, the latter beat him to

"The Sword Method of Ksana: the first movement!"
Intentionally or not, this sword attack was very similar to the last sword
movement of Xu Guan, as if he wanted to compare their sword movements.
Xu Guan wasn't as calm as Jiang Chen when the latter had been facing his
attack. He totally freaked out. The cold and aloof image he had been
maintaining was completely destroyed.
His Holy Sea broke out. The strength injected into the sword was surprisingly
powerful. Xu Guan deployed a defense around him.
"Xu Guan has lost in terms of sword method," the pretty woman said.
When the others also found it out, they couldn't even find the appropriate
word to express their feelings.
"The Rainbow Sword Method: three movements in one!"
But Jiang Chen didn't stop there. He drew out the black knife with his right
hand while the sword in his left hand was still moving. It was another
extraordinary sword movement.
The black knife was carrying a fierce power of thunder. It cracked Xu Guan's
defense instantly.
Everything happened in only one second. In the eyes of Reaching Heaven
States like Fang Zixiong, it seemed Xu Guan was losing as soon as Jiang
Chen attacked.
"A sword attack without permanence, a sword attack without measurement!"
The power of Jiang Chen's doctrine of sword kept coming, immortal and
With the combination of the sword and the knife, he exerted a brand new
movement, as sharp and fatal as before.
"What a swordsman!"
Swordsmen using dual swords were rarely seen, but Jiang Chen was using a
knife with his right hand and it didn't look strange at all.
When the knife and the sword attacked together, the brand new spirit of the
sword was really shocking.
Xu Guan gave up competing with him in the doctrine of sword. The power in
his Holy Sea surged. He looked as if he were wearing a colorful holy battle
"You think you can win this way? I'll help you wake up."

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He threw his knife and sword into the air and then
closed his fists.
"Samsara Sword: break the universe!"
When the fists had got Xu Guan, the colorful holy battle suit disappeared after
a bang. Xu Guan flew off the ground and fell out of the arena. He lied on the
ground, too weak to get to his feet.
"This guy..."
Not only his swordsmanship was so astounding, but his Holy Sea had such a
formidable power. People felt more curious about him.
"Just one step away to know my name."
Jiang Chen felt his disguise would go wrong soon, since he had almost used
70% of his strength.
If his rival were a bit stronger, it would be okay to tell him his name.
Jiang Chen left the arena without throwing Xu Guan another glance. He was
"Don't go!"
"Stop looking down on the Tianyi School!"
To his surprise, the other disciples of the Tianyi School, all Martial
Venerables, swarmed towards him.
People changed their opinions when seeing this. They had been standing on
Xu Guan's side, no matter who was wrong.
But seeing the disciples of the Tianyi School, all Martial Venerables, attacking
Jiang Chen together because they couldn't afford any failure, they felt


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