The Brilliant Fighting Master
572 Five Hundred Million
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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572 Five Hundred Million

"Pay the price for what you did then." As Xu Guan spoke, a spiritual sword
appeared on his hand. A silvery melodious sword chime came immediately.
His appearance and his elegant movement with the sword were quite eye-
catching. Many naive girls were attracted.
"As their apprentice brother, there is no way you didn't know what had
happened to them. You posed me that question intentionally to set me up.
What a hypocrite," Jiang Chen said.
Xu Guan, frowning, apparently took his comment to heart.
"You didn't pay your room fee. How great are you?" Fang Zixiong said
"You mean the room fee of that tourist trap?" Jiang Chen found it funny.
"It's only an excuse. You actually couldn't afford it. A penniless vagrant. You
didn't pay and even robbed us," Fang Zixiong yelled at him.
By then those who knew the Water Dragon City well all tumbled to what had
Many people had heard about the tourist trap the disciples of the Tianyi
School were running. Usually only new comers would fall into their trap.
Facing the extortion of the disciples of the Tianyi School, these new comers
could only swallow it.
Even some of them refused to pay and picked a fight, in the end things would
quiet down.
"Are all of the disciples of the Tianyi School used to challenging people
stronger than them? You're challenging people here without knowing how
weak you are. That's a terrible quality. No wonder you're running a tourist
trap," Jiang Chen went on.
Xu Guan couldn't put up with him anymore. He said, "If you dare insult the
Tianyi School again, we'll wash off the shame you impose on us with your
"I was just telling the truth."
A middle-aged man suddenly came forward from the crowd. He said in a
sarcastic tone, "No matter how you put it, it's only about thousands of upper-
grade yuan stones. You didn't want to pay and got things into such a mess.
How pathetic."

Tianyi School managed to find Jiang Chen in such a short time. They must
have good connections in the city. It was normal there were people speaking
for them.
"Hehe, so you would feel happy if others extort money from you?" Jiang Chen
said with a cold smile.
Before the middle-aged man could respond, another woman said in a tart and
mean tone, "You call that extortion just because you don't agree with the price
they asked. So why did you come to the Water Dragon City? It would be
better to stay at home, wouldn't it?"
"Fight against them. Shame on you if you're just stalling for more time."
The bystanders started to attack Jiang Chen orally. Some of them even
cursed him.
"Just go. There is no way you can reason things out with them. They're
superior in number."
Behind Jiang Chen, the pretty woman who owned the stall said to him through
holy awareness, moving her lips slightly.
She knew about the tourist trap. And she knew it wouldn't work no matter

what Jiang Chen said.
"Reason things out? You can only reason things out with people, but not with
a bunch of dogs," Jiang Chen said calmly.
It put the crowd, who didn't like him at all, extremely angry. They took out their
spiritual weapons one after another.
"Whom did you call dogs?!"
They looked ferocious, as if as long as Jiang Chen had the nerve to answer
them, they would give him a hard time.
"I called you dogs."
Jiang Chen spoke word by word. The Redcloud Sword appeared in his left
hand. Glancing over, he said coldly, "Who comes, who dies."
Then crowd had a strange feeling. They saw Jiang Chen's eyes turn red.
They felt his strong killing intent sweeping over like a freezing wind. Neither
their arms nor their legs could move due to the coldness.
The whole street was super quiet, as if time had stopped.
In the end, Jiang Chen put down the Redcloud Sword voluntarily so that the
crowd came to themselves.

Some people puked immediately. They felt weak. Their faces were as pale as
a ghost. These people were exactly those who had cursed Jiang Chen.
Maybe it would take them a long time to recover.
Only those Venerables were in a relatively good condition, but they were more
surprised than others, because they knew such formidable killing intent
couldn't be from a guy who had killed few people.
"Don't worry. If you want to fight, I will keep you company."
Jiang Chen grinned at Xu Guan. Then he looked towards the pretty woman
and gave her a spiritual storage ware.
"Is this enough for you?"
The woman didn't understand what he was referring to immediately. When
she had understood, she took the spiritual storage ware and looked inside.
Then she looked pleasantly surprised. She nodded at Jiang Chen, but later
said with hesitation, "Isn't this too much?"
It wasn't yuan stones in the spiritual storage ware. It was crystals of fire
The woman apparently knew how much they were worth. She calculated and
found them worth more than 500 million.
"It's all right. Besides, you've seen the situation. I don't have the time to
exchange them," Jiang Chen said, smiling.
Under the angry gaze of the crowd, Jiang Chen was still able to joke around.
That was something admirable.
"I don't want to take advantage of you. I'll give you a receipt and give you the
change after exchanging them for upper-grade yuan stones, and your spiritual
storage ware."
The pretty woman insisted. She took out a pen and ink and wrote him a
receipt. Her writing was very neat.
"Where can I find you?" she said.
"See you in the Great Competition of Three Realms."
In this way, the business got done. Jiang Chen took the receipt and the
copper plate and put it into another spiritual storage ware.
"Hahaha, you just said he didn't have the money?"

The stall owner on the left, the middle-aged man, scorned loudly, as if it was
something really interesting.
He was a Venerable, so he wasn't afraid others would be pissed by him.
Those who had treated Jiang Chen with scorn wished they could find a crack
on the ground to crawl into. Jiang Chen had just spent 500 million without
blinking an eye. And he had various spiritual storage wares. These facts
suggested he was a rich man.
The corner of Fang Zixiong's mouth twitched. Jiang Chen had told the woman
she didn't have to give him back the change. The change of 500 million must
be a great number, probably as many as ten thousands.
It was far more than the room fee he had charged, but Jiang Chen not only
refused to pay, but gave him a good beat.
However, Jiang Chen paid this amount without blinking an eye at the moment,
which put him speechless.
Intentionally or not, Jiang Chen proved it wasn't because he didn't want to
spend the money, but because he didn't allow others to fool him.
But for some people, it made his reaction even more unnecessary.
Anyway, it wasn't big money. Why did he have to worsen the situation to such
an extent that he had to face Xu Guan?
"Can we start the fight now?"
Jiang Chen had made a hit. Somehow Xu Guan was unhappy about it. He
sounded out of patience.
"Bring it on. Show me what you have. You're dressing like a Sword Immortal,"
Jiang Chen said.
His witty remark made the girl beside the pretty woman giggle.
Xu Guan of course couldn't put up with it, but he didn't haste to express his
anger. He was going to use his sword to teach Jiang Chen he shouldn't say
everything that came to his mind and he couldn't afford to offend some
A formation was deployed over the Water Dragon City to forbid flying, so the
sky, a perfect ring for fights, couldn't be used.
To compensate it, there was an arena in the center of the Water Dragon City,
specifically for fights. Even Venerables could use it.

Because of Xu Guan, their fight had caught the attention of the whole Water
Dragon City.
"Both are in the preliminary stage of Martial Venerable? Is there any
Someone said immediately after knowing their strengths.
After all, Xu Guan was a genius able to challenge a Martial Venerable in a
higher stage than him. If his rival was below the later stage of Martial
Venerable, it wouldn't be fun to watch at all.


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