The Brilliant Fighting Master
571 A Scrap Metal
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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571 A Scrap Metal

Jiang Chen was still strolling in the Water Dragon City. He came to one of the
most crowded streets in the city.
Treasure Boulevard!
Only people above Venerable level were allowed to have stalls there. It wasn't
difficult to imagine how expensive the goods were.
Most of the goods were what the Venerables had got during their adventures
outside. They came here to sell them because they didn't want to pay the high
service charges and commissions to those chambers of commerce.
The prices of the goods were relatively cheaper here, too. That was why the
street was always full of people.
And only people above Venerable level or accompanied by Venerables had
access to the street. The others could only look at it from the outside.
Jiang Chen was just doing window shopping. Most of the commodities weren't
good enough for him, while those that were good enough were useless to
Suddenly, there was a weird disturbance coming from his spiritual storage
ware. He opened it and then showed an odd expression.
It was the copper plate that someone gave him when he was in the Realm of
It could absorb all kinds of energies. It almost bankrupted Jiang Chen.
Somehow it was shining. It felt hot when he grabbed it.
Jiang Chen stopped walking, looking around. He assumed something on the
street had triggered the copper plate's reaction.
He tried to walk ahead a little bit, and the copper plate reacted stronger.
Soon, he stopped before a stall. He laid his eyes on one of the goods on the
table there, feeling sure that it was what he was looking for.
Because it was a copper plate, too, a little bigger than his. It wasn't just a thin
plate, but a bit thick and heavy.
He wanted to pick it up to take a closer look, but a woman's hand appeared
and stopped him.
Jiang Chen looked over and saw the owner of the stall was sizing him up with
a dubious look.

Since all of the stall owners were Venerables, they all looked extraordinary,
including the woman before him.
She was in blue, very pretty and smart-looking, with delicate features. Plus
her tall slim figure, she seemed flawless.
The only fly in the ointment was she was a little flat-chested.
But that was also what made her so special.
"Don't touch it if you are not gonna buy it." Her voice was beautiful, but it
sounded cold.
"How would I know whether I want to buy it if I don't touch it?" Jiang Chen
asked, smiling.
The woman looked dubious. She threw him some glances and then retracted
her hand. She said, "Touch."
Her inconsistent reactions were puzzling.
But since she wasn't really a businessman, Jiang Chen didn't feel it too
strange. He picked the copper plate up. The pattern on the rusted surface told
him many things.
These two copper plates should have belonged to a treasure which was at
least magic level. It could be a treasured weapon, more probably an immortal

Such small fragments could absorb all of the energies of the resources he
had. Not to mention the complete piece.
Correspondingly, its power should be very surprising, too.
"How much?"
Looking towards the owner, Jiang Chen asked, staying calm.
"500 million upper-grade yuan stones." The pretty woman tried very hard to
control her emotions while telling him the price, but she still looked nervous.
Jiang Chen squinted. He thought for a while, and then said, "Could you
introduce me a little about its characteristics?"
"No, I can't," she refused him directly.
"And you're asking for 500 million?" Jiang Chen had never seen people doing
business in this way.
"Not a penny less!" she said resolutely.

The stall owners next to her had been listening to them for a while. They
couldn't help but burst out laughing by then.
"My friend, ask her why she set this price on the metal plate," the stall owner
on her left, a middle-aged man, said excitedly.
Jiang Chen looked towards the pretty woman opposite him. Frowning, she
didn't speak.
"Let me tell you. It's because it absorbed all of the energies of her treasures,
and they're worth 500 million. That's why she is asking for so much. But the
copper plate is useless except absorbing energies."
The stall owner on her right was also a woman, ordinary-looking. Maybe
because of jealousy, her tone was full of sarcasm.
"Exactly. That's why," the pretty woman said coldly, pulling a long face.
"According to the chamber of commerce, it's a fragment of some treasure. In
other words, it's a scrap metal," the woman on the right went on.
"Sister Shiya, ignore her."
A girl came up to the stall and comforted her. Looking towards Jiang Chen,
she said impatiently, "Not a penny less. No bargain. Take it or not."
Jiang Chen didn't get angry. On the contrary, he felt pity for her. He believed
what had happened to her was true, since he had experienced the same.
As to her attitude, there must have been too many people asking about the
price, and the stall owners next to her had been scorning. No one would feel
good in such a case.
Jiang Chen was still thinking whether to buy the copper plate or not.
If he could assemble the plates and restore the treasure, it would absolutely
be the most rewarding investment.
But judging from the plate, the treasure must be a big piece, which meant
there were more copper plates like this.
Well, just chance my luck.
Jiang Chen made up his mind to buy the copper plate.
"He's here!"
At this moment, a familiar voice came from not far away. Fang Zixiong and his
companions came over in anger to surround Jiang Chen.
Seeing Jiang Chen in trouble, the girl beside the pretty woman immediately
took the copper plate back, in case any unexpected thing came up.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, shaking his head. Looking at the disciples of the
Tianyi School, he said, "Are you coming to ask for a beat?"
Their faces were still badly swollen.
Although pissed by Jiang Chen's sarcasm, they didn't answer.
The people around noticed what was going on and recognized those were the
disciples of the Tianyi School. From the disciples' facial expressions and
Jiang Chen's remark, it wasn't difficult to imagine what had happened
between them.
"It's you?"
Another voice came, which put the bystanders pale. They took a step back
spontaneously with a respectful look.
"It's Xu Guan!"
"Key disciple of the Tianyi School."
"Ranked thirteenth in the Promising Youngster List!"
Jiang Chen knew from these comments it wasn't an average person even
before seeing him.
As expected, after Fang Zixiong and others had made way, a man in white
came at a slow pace.
There wasn't a single stain on his white clothes. His hair was as black as ink.
His features were clear-cut. When he pressed his lips together, they looked as
thin and as sharp as a blade.
"Apprentice Brother Xu, it's him!" Fang Zixiong said, gnashing his teeth.
Xu Guan stopped walking. Only ten meters away from Jiang Chen, he said,
"Any explanation?"
"What should I explain?" Jiang Chen said, smiling, not affected at all.
However, he was surprised to see Xu Guan was only in the preliminary stage
of Martial Venerable, the same as him, but he felt the latter was stronger than
any Martial Venerable he had ever met.
As expected, no matter in what state, there can be a huge gap between
people. That's why the ranking systems are so lasting.
Jiang Chen had heard people talking about the Promising Youngster List. Xu
Guan was ranked thirteenth. He was curious to see how strong the top three

"So, do you admit you insulted the disciples of the Tianyi School, took their
disciple tokens and made them walk on the street without any clothes on?" Xu
Guan said.
"Exactly," Jiang Chen admitted immediately.


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