The Brilliant Fighting Master
569 A Tourist Trap
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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569 A Tourist Trap

The Water Dragon City got the name because the canal connecting cities was
said to have had a freshwater dragon living in it.
The bottom of the river was also one of the best options to practice to
enhance the conception of water.
Jiang Chen knew all of this from the woman leading the way.
He knew lots of things about the Water Dragon City from her, and her name,
She was called Xue Qing, working in an inn in the city. Her job was to look for
customers for the inn.
Seeing her working so hard, Jiang Chen didn't refuse her. He followed her to
the inn called Zhen Yi.
But he soon knitted his brows after going into his room.
Nothing was satisfying, from the decoration to the furniture. It wasn't even
clean enough. He just felt the inn had done nothing right.
"Makes sense."
Jiang Chen suddenly felt relieved. If it were a famous inn in the city, it wouldn't
have used such a way to look for customers.
Customers would be attracted by its fame. As a new comer here, it was
normal for him to make this mistake.
He was going to practice through the night here and decide what to do later
when he had got enough information.
"Apprentice brother, feel free to let me know if you need anything." Xue Qing
didn't leave right away when she had finished her task. She was standing by
the table, expecting Jiang Chen's instructions.
Jiang Chen sized up this woman. They were actually about the same age.
She was fair-skinned. Her slim brows were long and bending, and she was a
small woman.
"The night is still young. Why don't you stay here to tell me more about the
Jiang Chen came up to her, smiling mysteriously. He sounded vague. At the
same time, he took panaceas and upper-grade yuan stones out of the spiritual
storage ware.
Xue Qing knew what that meant. It wasn't the first time she was facing such
requests, but she still turned pale.

"Senior, there must be some misunderstanding here. I'm not the type of
woman you think."
Jiang Chen could see the humiliation in her eyes, but she didn't lose her
temper, because Jiang Chen was a Venerable and she didn't dare offend him.
Jiang Chen laughed. After a wave of his sleeve, ten crystals of fire dragon
appeared on the table.
Plus the panaceas and the yuan stones he had given her, it was a big fortune
for a Reaching Heaven State.
Xue Qing obviously hesitated, but it only lasted for one second. Then she
made up her mind. She pushed Jiang Chen away and ran towards the door.
As soon as she was at the entrance of the room, the wooden door closed
automatically. She was stopped by an invisible power.
"Senior, I'll shout if you don't stop..."
Turning around, Xue Qing said as sternly as possible, but she was struck
dumb before she could finish the whole sentence.
She saw Jiang Chen standing by the window. She was facing his profile, from

which the evil look she had seen had disappeared.
"It was just a test to see what kind of person you were. These are your tips,"
Jiang Chen said.
Then the panaceas, yuan stones and crystals on the table all flew towards
Xue Qing was pleasantly surprised. If it were an average person who had
treated her in this manner, she would have slapped him.
But the guy before her was a Venerable, who was testing her moral character.
She passed the test and got the award, which was a great honor.
"Thank you, apprentice brother."
Xue Qing changed the way to address him again. She took her awards
happily and walked out of room.
"It's fun to disguise," Jiang Chen murmured to himself.
It wasn't his face or his name anyway, so he didn't have to be too discreet.
For example, just now, if he hadn't disguised himself, he wouldn't have done
the same thing, because the woman could have thought the test was only an
excuse after he had tried to come on to her and got refused.

He looked at the Water Dragon City out of the window for a long while,
standing there still and meditating.
He travelled from the Alien Battlefield to the Water Dragon City in less than a
day. There were too many things to digest.
Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. He sorted his thoughts out
and cleared his head.
"Keep enhancing myself."
He took out the crystal of lore of wind. When he was about to deploy a ward to
isolate holy awareness, he found there was already a ward deployed in the
He thought it could have come with the design of the inn, but when he
investigated the ward a little bit, he found something weird.
The ward was reverse. It wasn't used to prevent the people outside from
detecting what was happening in the room, but to prevent the people in the
room from detecting what was going on outside.
If Jiang Chen weren't so good at wards, he wouldn't have found it out.
It took him only a few minutes to find the flaw of the ward. He released his
holy awareness to search the inn, trying to find its secrets out.
He found another weird thing after careful observation -- the inn didn't have a
Jiang Chen remembered Xue Qing had told him this was what was special
about this inn.
""Is this a tourist trap?""
He couldn't help but think, and he saw each room had an independent
hallway, which was hard to notice.
He had some new findings soon.
There were noises coming from a downstair room. When Jiang Chen tried to
move his holy awareness into it, he found there were martial arts practicers
standing at the door.
When his holy awareness had approached, one of them slightly frowned.
He hurried to stop, just listening to the situation.
"Are you a fool? Why didn't you say yes to him?"
A man's angry reproach came first.
"That apprentice brother only wanted to see what I would do."

Jiang Chen furrowed. That was Xue Qing, and she was talking about the thing
that had happened between them.
"You're stupid. He said that because he was embarrassed. If you had
consented, do you think he wouldn't have done what he had said?"
The man sounded disdainful. He said, "You go upstairs now, excusing you're
taking liquor to him. Let him take off your clothes. Then we'll enter the room
and make him pay us."
Jiang Chen tumbled to what they were planning there by then.
"I'm your woman. Do you really want me to do that?!" Xue Qing said, sad and
"Take it easy. We'll be there in time. Won't let him to anything to you," the
man coaxed her in a gentler tone.
"He is a Venerable. If he wants to take off my clothes, my clothes will be off
just by a mere thought of his. Will you really be able to arrive in time?"
Xue Qing didn't take his word. She said in a sarcastic tone instead, "Or it
doesn't matter to you at all that I'm naked before others?"
"What are you insinuating?" the man changed his tone again.
"It's humiliating enough to scam. Now you even want to scam people in such
a way. Aren't you ashamed as a disciple of the Tianyi School?" Xue Qing said
in a cold tone.
Then Jiang Chen heard a slap. He didn't have to see it to know what had
He had already been at his door, but then it occurred to him Xue Qing would
protect the man if he tried to meddle in and that would make things awkward
for him.
But judging from the conversation he had heard, he knew he would have
more chances to act, so he wasn't in a hurry.
Early next morning, someone knocked on his door.
After Jiang Chen had answered, a man strode in with a bill in his hand. He
said, "My guest, here we perform day-end closing. This is your bill for last
night. It's 6,800 upper-grade yuan stones in all."
The man smiled, expecting Jiang Chen's reaction.
No matter how Jiang Chen would react, he would have a way to deal with it.


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