The Brilliant Fighting Master
568 Crystal of Lore
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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568 Crystal of Lore

The emotionless blade pierced through the chest of the Spiritual Venerable.
Not until then did he regret for not having made himself a battle suit just to
look good. Otherwise, maybe he would survive.
"I can't believe I'll die in the hands of a..."
The Spiritual Venerable had never thought he'd end up like this on his way
here. Jiang Chen's decisiveness especially surprised him.
The peace in his eyes when he killed could only be seen from soldiers who
had come back from battlefields.
Anyway, it didn't matter anymore. The Spiritual Venerable was dying.
Jiang Chen drew the Redcloud Sword out of his body. His movement was
very smooth, but he slightly frowned at the sight of the blade covered with
"Your blood stained my sword," he said in anger.
The Spiritual Venerable's face distorted, but then he looked helpless. He
started to fall.
Shaking the blood off the blade, Jiang Chen closed the brochure of the eight
groups of spiritual beings and the three groups of beings went back into the
Then Jiang Chen grabbed the wooden sword still whirling in the air. It was a
magic weapon of high class.
It was only one foot long. The handle was even smaller Jiang Chen's palm.
After some studying, he found it was a flying sword, which could kill enemies
hundreds of miles away.
In addition to the super sharp blade, the power was decided by the sword
user's sword doctrine level and Holy Sea.
He got ride of the brand on the sword and put it into his storage ware.
About to leave, he threw the chariot another glance. The four Pegasuses had
finally calmed down after the black dragon had been gone.
But they had almost been frightened dumb, staying there still.
Jiang Chen approached the chariot. He went into the carriage after having
confirmed there was no risk to do so.
To his disappointment, there wasn't any treasure. It was almost empty. There
was only a rush cushion on the floor.

He was about to leave when he had some findings. He groped in the carriage
and found a transparent crystal.
"A crystal of lore of wind?"
Jiang Chen was extremely pleasantly surprised. It was a good stuff that might
be useful for him.
The martial techniques of conception were classified into minor doctrine and
great doctrine.
But after achieving the great doctrine, it wasn't the end. Instead, it would be a
new start.
The phase of lore would start since then.
The lore existed in the universe. And the nature is the best teacher.
Practicers needed to comprehend water, fire, wind, electricity, and so on.
Crystals were the medium of the lore. Pure enough, they were the best choice
for practicers whose state wasn't high enough.
Because many places where they could comprehend the lore were very
dangerous. Any carelessness could cost them their lives.
Some of the crystals were naturally formed, while others were processed by

strong people so that their apprentices or descendants could comprehend the
aforementioned elements in a secure environment.
Jiang Chen found three crystals of lore of wind in the carriage after searching.
Once his great doctrine of wind leveled up to the lore of wind, his sword
method would be more powerful.
"Time to go."
Jiang Chen knew he couldn't stay there longer after having estimated the
time. Otherwise he would be found by other strong ones from the
Shangguans again.
The eight groups of spiritual beings could only help him deal with people in
the preliminary stage of Spiritual Venerable, barely enough to handle those in
the middle or late stage. Not to mention Celestial Venerables.
Not long after Jiang Chen had left, Shangguan Yan finally arrived with her
She had a hunch that things weren't good when seeing the chariot moving
randomly in the air.

Soon, her hunch was confirmed. The soldiers found the dead body of the
Spiritual Venerable.
Shangguan Yan took a deep breath when seeing the Spiritual Venerable's
fatal injury.
She recalled what Jiang Chen had told her. It turned out to be true. She felt
she hadn't been discreet enough to have chased him such a long way.
Suddenly, a big disturbance came from overhead. The noise came from the
rolling of wheels. It sounded like even the sky couldn't put up with the heavy
Ten-odd chariots stopped. Some Venerables flew out of them one after
another. The weakest of them was in the preliminary stage of Spiritual
The strongest was in the preliminary stage of Celestial Venerable, who was
maybe the strongest person from the Shangguans.
"Uncle Iron!"
Even Shangguan Yan had to address him respectfully.
"Young lady."
Uncle Iron nodded at her, looking around with his narrow eyes.
"That guy has a very great magic treasure, with which he cracked Li Ren's
defense. Then he pierced his sword into Li Ren's heart."
Uncle Iron managed to see many things through the energy fluctuation
remaining in the air. He analyzed, "That being said, given that he, a Martial
Venerable, killed Li Ren, his swordsmanship is indeed extraordinary."
"Uncle Iron, is it possible to detect his current position?" Shangguan Yan said
"No. He has erased all of his tracks. So he must be good at that, too."
Uncle Iron said, "But this young Martial Venerable must have come for the
Great Competition of Three Realms. We'll see him by then."
"I swear I'll make him pay back for my younger brother's death," Shangguan
Yan said coldly.
On the other side of the world, Jiang Chen, in his flee, disguised again. He
looked like a totally different person.
His disguise didn't need any tools, so no one could detect it.

He could change his skeleton, his figure and his skin temporarily through
some mysterious method. The disguise could be easily achieved like sculpting
clay figurines.
The drawback was he would lose control of the disguise when he had spent
60% of his strength in a fight.
Jiang Chen found a big city where many practicers were gathering a few
hours later. It was built by a big canal. The dock was full of ships coming and
going. And there were always a lot of people in the city.
This was the first city in the Realm of True Force he had really visited.
A formation forbidding flying was deployed over the city, but people didn't
have to walk into the city, since there were shuttle air ships picking them up.
As soon as Jiang Chen arrived, a splendid air ship stopped before him.
A young woman was standing on the ship, grinning at him. She said,
"Apprentice brother, welcome to the Water Dragon City."
"Apprentice brother?" Pulling a long face, Jiang Chen looked over squinting.
He looked like a man about 25 or 26 years old, good-looking but cold, not a
soft touch at all.
The woman was surprised. She looked up to throw him a careful look. Then
she hurried to say, "I'm sorry, senior!"
Practicers had their specific way to address people.
Seniority was decided by their stages within the same state level and they
could call each other apprentice brother. For two people whose state and
stage were completely the same, seniority would depend on their ages.
If there was a huge gap of state between two people, the one in the lower
state should address the one in the higher state "senior".
It had never occurred to the woman that as young as Jiang Chen, he was
already a Venerable. She was in the Reaching Heaven State. Calling him
"apprentice brother" was apparently quite impolite.
"It's all right. You can just call me apprentice brother. I'm only a few years
older than you," Jiang Chen said, smiling.
The woman felt relieved. She drove the air ship right before Jiang Chen and
took him into the city.
Beating around the bush, Jiang Chen got to know how the power was
distributed in the Realm of True Force.
There were not many forces that he should really worry about.

Top Ten Sects and Schools, Top Six Aristocratic Families and the Dynasty of
Three Dragons.
It seemed there were 19 forces, which were a lot, but there weren't any
prefectures or fields in the Realm of True Force.
Each of the 19 forces had their own land.
But the center area of the Realm of True Force was under the joint control of
all forces.
For example, the Water Dragon City was one of the cities in the center area.
The upcoming Great Competition of Three Realms would be held in the
center area, too, and the Water Dragon City was where to register for the
Having these information in mind, Jiang Chen felt the Realm of True Force
less strange. And he gradually felt expectant.
""What will the geniuses of the Realm of True Force be like?""
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》