The Brilliant Fighting Master
566 The Shangguans, Who Reneged on Their Promises
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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566 The Shangguans, Who Reneged on Their Promises

"You'd better let go of me! Otherwise you'll die and no one will bury you!" the
youngster was still shouting arrogantly, even though the Redcloud Sword was
being pressed against his throat.
"I like challenges. Shall we give it a try?"
Jiang Chen beamed, showing his white teeth, but he raised his sword a little
and scratched the youngster's skin.
"Don't act on impulse!"
The man and the woman flew out of the city and stopped when they were 30
meters away from Jiang Chen.
"Mister, please stay calm, so that you won't do anything that will lead to a bad
The woman was middle-sized, pretty. Her eyes were especially attractive.
"Let my brother go!" The man was very angry. He expected to intimidate Jiang
Chen in this way.
"You're making things difficult for me. I don't know which one I should listen
to," Jiang Chen said.
"Brother, let me handle it."
The woman threw the man a glance and then flew ahead slowly. When she
had been only 20 meters away from Jiang Chen, she gestured Jiang Chen to
stay calm.
"Mister, what on earth happened?" the woman said in a gentle voice.
"I'll let your brother tell you." Jiang Chen moved the sword a few centimeters
away from the youngster's throat.
"Sister! He's from lower realms. He neither listened to me nor took the Flying
Feather City seriously. He wanted to leave, and I tried to stop him with my
men, but he killed them all," the youngster shouted. He sounded wronged.
Knitting her thin and long brows together, the woman said, "My friend, my
name is Shangguan Yan. This is my elder brother Shangguan Cong. The one
you've taken is my third younger brother Shangguan Fei."
"The Shangguans are the biggest aristocratic family in the Realm of True
"Big forces of the Realm of True Force will take charge of the planes' channel
every now and then, responsible for entering the information of everyone
coming from the lower realms in the registering book."

"The Shangguans have been assigned with this task because of our strong
"If you kill Fei, there won't be any place for you in the Realm of True Force."
Jiang Chen found it funny, "You're telling me how powerful and terrific the
Shangguans are, so I'd better think well before I do anything, right?"
Shangguan Yan didn't speak, but her facial expression had answered him.
"I wanna ask you on what basis," Jiang Chen said.
"What?" Shangguan Yan didn't know what he had meant.
"The planes' channels already existed when the big world was split into Nine
Realms. What you did was only building a city at one end of the channel. And
then you deployed a tactical formation to restrict people, as if everyone were
your prisoner. Who gave you that right?" Jiang Chen sounded colder and
colder. When he had finished speaking, he looked as oppressive as the
Redcloud Sword in his hand.

Shangguan Yan had no idea how to answer him, because such a doubt had
never arisen in her.
"Because this the Realm of True Force. It's not your place. Will you kill people
in their own houses?" Shangguan Cong couldn't help but refute.
"Oh? So the Realm of True Force belongs to you, the Shangguans? The
planes' channels came into existence in a natural way. It doesn't make sense
to impose toll charges on travelers. If we have to pay the Shangguans for our
arrival in the Realm of True Force, does it mean the Realm of True Force is
dominated by the Shangguans?"
Jiang Chen turned Shangguan Cong's response into a joke easily.
"The toll charges are only one part of our responsibility. The Shangguans's
principal responsibility is to do background check on everyone coming from
the lower realms," Shangguan Yan said.
"No, the toll charges are the most important. If the charges were imposed at
the other end of the channel when we travel here, I wouldn't have problems
with it."
"It's like paying bus fare when I get onto a bus, but I've never heard travelers
have to pay on arrival."
"As to the background check, it makes even less sense. You're keeping
people in the city at will, restricting their freedoms, trampling their dignities
and questioning their souls."
"So, the same question, on what basis?!"

Even in the Sacred Zone 500 years ago, no forces would charge anything,
since once they did that, they would be laughed at by the whole Sacred Zone.
Shangguan Yan, who thought herself eloquent, was speechless.
After a long time, she said, "It's all right that you don't agree with us, but
please let go of my younger brother."
"But he just ordered his men to kill me. If I let go of him so easily, won't I bring
shame on myself?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.
As he spoke, the cold blade touched Shangguan Fei's skin again. He was
given a good scare.
"You killed our soldiers. You let our third younger brother go and we won't
take any action against you. If you insist on hurting him, we'll chase you
without any mercy," Shangguan Yan said.
"That's it?" Jiang Chen squinted, smiling.
"That's it!" Shangguan Yan said resolutely.
Jiang Chen put down the Redcloud Sword. He pushed Shangguan Fei back
like pushing a boat downstream.
He was suddenly so cooperative. Neither Shangguan Yan nor Shangguan
Cong had come to themselves.
Then the two showed different expressions.
The former looked relieved, while the latter showed a gloomy hostility on his
"Kill him! Let him know not anyone can challenge the Shangguans!"
Shangguan Cong said coldly.
The fully-prepared soldiers in the city showed up instantly. There were eight
Martial-Venerable junior captains. The amount of the soldiers was enough to
form a tactical formation.
"The Shangguans are really as good as their word," Jiang Chen said
Shangguan Yan was embarrassed. She obviously didn't agree with what her
brother had done, but she didn't stop him.
"Sister, I don't feel well..."

Instead of celebrating his survival, Shangguan Fei looked pretty painful. His
skin was red and swollen.
Shangguan Yan realized something right away. She turned pale.
But it was too late. After a twitch in the face, blood seeped out of the corner of
Shangguan Fei's mouth. Then his heart stopped beating.
Shangguan Yan stared at Jiang Chen in anger. Her eyes had turned red.
"You went back on your word first. Otherwise the sword energy I left in his
body wouldn't have been triggered to break his heart meridian."
Jiang Chen said. It turned out that the push he had given Shangguan Fei was
aimed at the latter's heart and it had left a sword energy in him.
If the Shangguans had kept their promise, everything would have been
negotiable and he could have removed the sword energy.
"I'll see you again."
Jiang Chen waved his hand. He ran away as fast as he could before the
soldiers could approach him.
"Chase! Keep chasing him. Don't lose track of him!"
Shangguan Cong, the originator of everything, said in fury. It was his mistake.
If he couldn't kill Jiang Chen, he would be severely punished by the family.
And it was also because of the hatred of losing his younger brother.
Shangguan Yan was even angrier than him. She followed Jiang Chen, flinging
caution to the winds.
"This guy is brave."
"Will he escape from them?"
In the Flying Feather City, those young Venerables, who were receiving
background checks, were shocked. Jiang Chen's word made them realize it
wasn't he being too arrogant, but they being too weak!
They felt like Jiang Chen had been speaking for them.
During their stay in the Flying Feather City, they had been questioned and
treated in an unfriendly manner. They really felt humiliated.

When the soldiers had gone to chase Jiang Chen, these young Venerables
exchanged a look with each other, and then they flew away from the Flying
Feather City quietly, not going to deal with the Shangguans anymore.


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