The Brilliant Fighting Master
564 Great Competition of Three Realms
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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564 Great Competition of Three Realms

"My bad! My bad! Don't kill me!"
The two great Venerables plead for Jiang Qingyu's mercy, screaming and
Seeing even the great Venerables have such a side, the soldiers in the city
realized no matter how strong a person was, he could be weak facing
stronger people in the same state.
Black Dragon General was in panic. He was afraid the two great Venerables
would be killed. It would be an unbearable loss for the current Dragon Rebel
Fortunately, Jiang Qingyu wasn't going to kill them. He stopped when the two
had already been heavily injured.
"Retreat. Everyone, retreat!"
Black Dragon General ordered soon.
This time, the Dragon Rebel Army acted quickly. They disappeared from the
city soon. Then they gave up the whole battlefield.
"Luckily. Luckily."
Ning Haotian, who had managed to run off, felt lucky. He was afraid Jiang
Chen would kill him if he slowed down a little bit.
However, he felt angry when he had looked back and found Jiang Chen
wasn't chasing him.
""He doesn't regard me as a threat!""
This was the reason he survived, and a shame he couldn't take.
After all, the two hadn't had a fight. He wouldn't throw the towel in this way.
""Jiang Chen has got so many Black Yellow Gas. He'll be stronger. I'll have to
work hard.""
Then he looked towards the princess of the Dragon Rebel Army. Regardless
of the problem they had had, he was going to the Realm of True Force with
In the city, the small jade bottle was still working, extracting the Black Yellow
Gas from the underground.
This was beyond Jiang Chen's expectation. He felt all of the Black Yellow Gas
under the city had already been extracted, but the underground worlds

opened up to each other, so the Black Yellow Gas of the other six cities were
being extracted, too.
He was really excited when he had confirmed his assumption.
He got the jade bottle in an auction held by the Sacred Wind Chamber of
Commerce. No one knew it was a magic treasure, and he got the luck to get
It was used to hold large amounts of liquid and could transform the liquid in it.
For example, it was draining the Black Yellow Gas out of the battlefield.
After that, the Black Yellow Gas Jiang Chen poured out of the jade bottle
could be gas used for practice or liquid used for weapons.
When everything had been over, the jade bottle stopped floating and fell.
Jiang Chen picked it up.
Not until then did he notice the Dragon Rebel Army had all retreated from the
"We tried to reason things out with them, but you give them an inch, they'll
take a mile," Jiang Chen said.
"In the end, it's your strength that speaks," Jiang Qingyu said.
Then Jiang Qingyu walked up to Jiang Chen. He said to the latter in a tone of
blaming, "You told me last time you wanted to come to the Alien Battlefield,
and now here you are. If you hadn't run into me, how would things end up?"

"Speaking of that, father, I didn't come here voluntarily."
Jiang Chen hadn't told him about the Realm of Milky yet, because not long
after they had met, Ning Haotian appeared with his team.
Jiang Chen volunteered to come into the city first to see how things were
going here.
It was beyond his expectation that his father had really become a great
Venerable in the Alien Battlefield. He was completely convinced.
In the Sacred Zone 500 years ago, such a young great Venerable wasn't a
common thing.
"Are things so bad there? Is your mother all right?!"
Jiang Qingyu asked seriously.
"As I know, the Gaos are still fighting. Mother should be fine," Jiang Chen

"Should be fine? Who knows what has happened? Fine. I have to go back
Jiang Qingyu looked up and threw where the planes' channel was a look.
Then he said, "Anything else you need to deal with here?"
"The Dragon Rebel Army caught many soldiers the Third Legion had left here.
I want to save them so that they can leave the battlefield and go back home,"
Jiang Chen said.
"All right. The planes' channel isn't open yet. I'll help you," Jiang Qingyu didn't
refuse. With his help, Jiang Chen got around the battlefield to save captives.
In the end, all of these captives gathered below the planes' channel, waiting
for their departure.
"Jiang Chen, we owe you our lives."
"We'll keep in mind your kindness forever."
"I'm Tang San from Kun Prefecture of the Realm of Milky. Pay me a visit if you
go there, so that I can pay you back!"
These captives had never thought they could leave alive. Extremely excited,
they really appreciated Jiang Chen's help.
Jiang Chen had been used to such comments, so he didn't take them too
"Jiang Chen."
Qiu Yan walked over with the Red Flame Battalion and the Holy Arrow
"Don't thank me for anything," Jiang Chen said before she could speak.
"Okay." Qiu Yan nodded. Then she suddenly gave Jiang Chen a big hug.
The whole Red Flame Battalion was struck dumb. Jiang Chen opened his
arms involuntarily. Then he came to himself and patted her back.
Qiu Yan got out of his arms. The hug wasn't anything sexual. She just missed
her brother too much.
"Focus on practicing after you go back. Don't waste your time on this."
Jiang Chen said, "The Black Yellow Gas you get is as good a result as being
conferred a rank of nobility or becoming a minister of the Flying Dragon

Jiang Chen gave away a great amount of Black Yellow Gas to each of the
comrades with whom he had fought together.
"It's open! It's open!"
The place suddenly fell into an uproar. People saw the planes' channel
overhead was finally open. It looked like a long pit, too dark to see the other
The rescued captives dashed over excitedly.
After having seen Qiu Yan, Tang Zhengyi and Wang Qiang from the Red
Flame Battalion go in there, Jiang Chen was going back to the Realm of Nine
Heavens with his father.
"Jiang Chen, you don't have to go back," Jiang Qingyu said all of a sudden.
Jiang Chen was confused. He said, "Where else can I go if I don't go back?"
"You won't be of any help even if you go back. In fact, I alone will be enough
to deal with the whole thing," Jiang Qingyu said.
"But I don't know how things are going with mother, with my friends. I can't
ease up like this." Jiang Chen didn't understand what his father was
"The thing is if all those things already happened, you can't do anything to
change it. When I sort them out, I'll figure out a way to let you know."
It was the first time for Jiang Qingyu to speak to his son in such a stern tone,
"I want you to go to the Realm of True Force to take part in the Great
Competition of Three Realms."
"What competition?" Jiang Chen didn't understand why.
"It's a competition among Venerables under 30 years old, held by the Realm
of Nine Heavens, the Realm of Milky and the Realm of True Force."
"But why should I go?" Jiang Chen said, kind of angry. He was confused.
"Son, this is for your sake. Do you think I'll harm you?" looking into his eyes,
Jiang Qingyu said sincerely.
"But father, I don't get it," Jiang Chen said helplessly.
"If we go back together, we won't be able to stop the things that already
happened from happening. For things yet to happen, you're still not strong
enough to meddle in. I know you're pretty good at tactical formations, but
once practicers achieve Celestial Venerable, they'll be able to get rid of the

restriction of tactical formations. What if you're caught while I'm fighting
against others?" Jiang Qingyu tried to persuade him.
Jiang Chen didn't speak, because he knew his father's worry made sense.
It was to prevent that from happening that his father had used 12 lightswords
to protect him when he himself was in a fight.
"I'll bring you good news after the Great Competition of Three Realms," Jiang
Qingyu went on.
Jiang Chen had to agree. He wanted to ask his father to ask around for Yin
Shuang and Wen Xin.
But then it occurred to him Murong Long had died and Ning Haotian had gone
to the Realm of True Force. There was really nothing to worry about.


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