The Brilliant Fighting Master
563 A Small Jade Bottle
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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563 A Small Jade Bottle

The senior generals of the Dragon Rebel Army all turned pale upon hearing
Black Dragon General thought to himself, ""Is this what the father and the son
are aiming for, the Black Yellow Gas?""
Otherwise, how would Jiang Chen have been informed of that?
"If the Sacred Martial Arts Institute knew there was the Black Yellow Gas
here, they wouldn't have allowed you to act at will. They would have taken
over the place from you."
Jiang Chen explained, but it was still hard to believe.
"You jumped to the conclusion just because of that?" frowning, the princess
said with doubts.
"I know it now," Jiang Chen said, smiling.
The princess was embarrassed, and the others came to themselves.
Jiang Chen wasn't sure, either. He was just sounding out, and the princess's
response confirmed his assumption.
"It doesn't matter whether the Sacred Martial Arts Institute knows it or not. The
problem is if things go on like this, they might get informed soon. You have 15
minutes. Seize your time!"
One of the great Venerable of the Dragon Rebel Army said.
Jiang Qingyu looked towards his beloved son.
"The Black Yellow Gas has seven blowout locations. We're only at one of
them. Only one of them. Do you think you're dealing with two beggars?" Jiang
Chen said unhappily.
"Finders keepers -- we do agree that, but how much you can take will depend
on your ability. The exploitation vehicles and the gas wells are ours. Who can
you blame for not having your own equipment?"
Jiang Qingyu looked up. He said, "So, why don't I kill you two and grab
everything from you?"
"That will make you robbers. If the Sacred Martial Arts Institute really gets
informed and starts to investigate, it will be easy for them to find an excuse to
make you give them what you've got."
"Now, we'll give you 15 minutes. We'll keep it between us."

The two great Venerables of the Dragon Rebel Army said one by one. They
wouldn't give even an inch in terms of the Black Yellow Gas.
Glancing at each other, Jiang Qingyu and Jiang Chen exchanged a look.
In fact, Jiang Chen had returned to the city in order to rescue the captives.
Then he found how precious the Black Yellow Gas was and was tempted. He
wouldn't let the chance to slip.
And they had fair enough reasons to take the gas.
The Dragon Rebel Army had intended to kill Jiang Chen so many times that
Jiang Qingyu, as the father, had a good enough reason to kill all of the
soldiers and generals in the city.
In that way, the Black Yellow Gas would be ownerless and it would be natural
for them to have it.
However, neither the father nor the son were persons who would do that, so
they asked for it directly.
But the Dragon Rebel Army only gave them 15 minutes. What they could get
in these 15 minutes by the eight exploitation vehicles would be almost

"We're generous enough. We could have told you first come, first served, and
you wouldn't get anything in that case," one of the great Venerable of the
Dragon Rebel Army said.
"Son, how many do you want?"
Jiang Qingyu ignored them. Looking at Jiang Chen, he said, "Don't scruple or
feel worried. I'll make your wish come true by all means."
He wasn't taking the Dragon Rebel Army seriously at all, which put their great
Venerables unhappy.
"It's all right, father. Fifteen minutes will be fine."
An idea occurred to Jiang Chen and he suddenly eased up. He said, "But
remember, it's not because of your generosity that I've won these 15 minutes.
It's the trophy of me capturing the city."
"Empty the exploitation vehicles so that he can use them in the next 15
minutes," Black Dragon General ordered.
"It's all right. I've my own tool," Jiang Chen said.

The Dragon Rebel Army was confused. The Black Yellow Gas wasn't just any
energy. Unless it was a great Venerable, the others would all need tools to
extract it.
And the tools had to meet many requirements. The Dragon Rebel Army had
made a great effort to build these eight exploitation vehicles.
They were curious about Jiang Chen's tool.
Jiang Chen walked over and stopped beside the pit. He took a small jade
bottle out of his pocket. It was as big as a hand palm.
"Jiang Chen, are you kidding us?" Ning Haotian couldn't help but scorn.
"A moron shouldn't speak so much. Just cherish your life, which you almost
lost," Jiang Chen said impatiently.
"Huh, stop bluffing. Maybe you indeed can kill me, but it isn't because you
weren't in the mood that you didn't do it, but because you didn't want to waste
the time."
Ning Haotian was finally right about something.
The result of a fight wasn't decided by comparison of statistics of the two
opposing parties. It would take them time to fight.
Even a fight between two persons having a huge gap could last for hours.
"You're proud of that?" Jiang Chen found it funny.
Ning Haotian was struck dumb. Gnashing his teeth, he said in anger, "I said if
you defeated me! It doesn't mean you really can. Let's fight to prove it!"
"Not enough time. Not in the mood," Jiang Chen said plainly.
"Damn it!"
Ning Haotian was irritated. He wasn't afraid Jiang Chen would ask Jiang
Qingyu to kill him.
Just like he was unhappy with the intervention of the general of guards troops,
he believed Jiang Chen wouldn't ask someone else to resolve the problem
between them.
"Fifteen minutes. You only have 15 minutes."
One of the great Venerable of the Dragon Rebel Army reminded Jiang Chen
from the air.
"Jiang Chen, just go away like a beggar with the tiny Black Yellow Gas you'll

Ning Haotian was pissed seeing Jiang Chen make a light of his challenge. He
intended to hurt him with vicious word.
However, all Jiang Chen did was shrugging his shoulders. Then he threw the
jade bottle into the pit.
This was a confusing move. Then people saw the bottle floating up
At the same time, the deep pit was occupied by a powerful sucking force.
Under the Dragon Rebel Army's nervous gaze, endless Black Yellow Gas was
extracted into the jade bottle.
The small jade bottle seemed to be bottomless, as if the Black Yellow Gas
could never fill it.
Two or three minutes later, the great Venerables of the great Venerable were
sweating heavily in the air. They regretted so much that they even wanted to
slap themselves.
If they had known Jiang Chen had such a magic treasure, they would in no
way have given him these 15 minutes.
Seven or eight minutes later, those in the city heard a resounding sound
coming from the bottom of the pit, which meant it would be drained of the
Black Yellow Gas soon.
The two great Venerables couldn't take it anymore. They wanted to stop Jiang
Jiang Qingyu waved his sleeves. Then twelve lightswords appeared around
Jiang Chen, surrounding him to prevent the attacks from Black Dragon
General or the general of guards troops.
"There are still seven minutes left."
Throwing the two angry great Venerables a glance, he said, "Resources from
the battlefield go to the winners. My son won. When I came here, I could have
eliminated the whole city with only one sword attack, while you were still
unaware of it."
"You proposed 15 minutes, and we accepted it. This is quite fair. If you think
you burnt your fingers, if that's the case..."
"Eleventh Sword: : reincarnation!"
Then Jiang Qingyu launched another attack. Numerous swords were pointed
at the sky. They formed a storm which swept over the ground.
"No way!"

The two great Venerables of the Dragon Rebel Army turned panic. It seemed
they couldn't believe Jiang Qingyu's sword attack was so powerful. They were
extremely fragile when they had bumped into the momentum of the sword.
Heavily injured, their lives were in danger.
"That's dreadful. Why would he have accepted the 15-minutes' offer if he is so
In the city, Black Dragon General was extremely shocked and frightened.
He had thought the father and the son had comprised for the fear of the two
Venerables. Not until then did he realize they had really been reasoning
things out.


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