The Brilliant Fighting Master
561 Father and Son
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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561 Father and Son

In the city, Black Dragon General and the long-legged princess weren't
surprised to see Jiang Chen brought back.
The Alien Battlefield was completely under their control after the retreat of the
Third Legion. They would be surprised if he had managed to escape.
""He's so young?""
Sizing up Jiang Chen, Black Dragon General was very surprised. He was the
age of the general's son, young and promising.
He was about to call Jiang Chen over to pose him some questions when the
princess beat him to it.
"Did it ever occur to you that you would be in my hands when you kidnapped
There was more interest than rancor in the princess's eyes, which put Ning
Haotian, standing beside, unhappy.
Looking around, Jiang Chen didn't answer.
"What? Haven't you given up? I'm sorry, but there is nothing you can do
As she spoke, the princess walked ahead.
A guard gave Jiang Chen's shoulder a hard push so that he could keep up
with the princess.
"You only have two choices. The first is to work for the Dragon Rebel Army as
military counselor. But many soldiers and generals died because of you, so it
won't be easy for you to stay in the army," the princess said, without looking
"Or you can work for me. I can make you the state counselor."
Jiang Chen said, "The Dragon Rebel Army is still an insurrectionary army.
How come there is a state?"
"How dare you!"
The general of guards troops yelled at him right away. The other guards also
threw him an unkind look.
Jiang Chen's word touched their sore spot.
The princess waved her hand to calm down the guards. Then she turned to
come up to Jiang Chen. She said, "Think before you speak. Otherwise I won't
guarantee your safety."

By then Jiang Chen found they had arrived at the pit. Another eight
exploitation vehicles were extracting the Black Yellow Gas.
"What do you say?" Standing beside the pit, the princess was looking down
into it.
"Are there any other choices?" Jiang Chen asked with interest.
"Yep. To die." The princess beamed, but what she had said sent a chill up
people's spine.
Jiang Chen tilted his head to look towards Ning Haotian. He said with a smile,
"Princess, Ning Haotian's face is like saying only one of us can stay alive.
How is it possible for me to work for the princess in this way?"
The princess burst out laughing. Her eyes were pulled back into the shape of
the new moon by the laugh. She said, "You two stay with me for different
motives, but if you want to share his responsibility, I wouldn't mind."
Then she made a gesture with her hand.
The general of guards troops drew out his sword suddenly. He came up to
Ning Haotian as quickly as a lightening and pressed the sword against the
latter's throat.
"Kneel down and kiss my feet. You do that and I'll kill him for you."
As she spoke, the princess lifted her right leg. She curled her toes to hold the

shoe in place. Her foot was smooth and clean, with an arch in a perfect
Ning Haotian tried to hold his temper. There was anger, fear and
stubbornness in his eyes.
He sneered at Jiang Chen on their way that the latter didn't have any coattails
to ride on.
But then, as long as Jiang Chen was willing to, he would be replaced
Ning Haotian, regarding Jiang Chen as his biggest enemy, felt it unfair.
But neither the princess nor the general of guards troops cared about how he
was feeling.
Jiang Chen made a smart choice. He squatted as Ning Haotian had expected.
The princess laughed joyfully, but then, the laugh froze on her face.

Jiang Chen helped her put on her shoe and then got to his feet. Staring at her,
he said, "I don't like to kiss what others kissed."
Another offending remark. The atmosphere was charged with tension as the
princess pulled a long face.
The guards put their hands on their weapons, expecting to kill Jiang Chen and
cut his dead body into thousands of pieces.
The general of guards troops moved his sword away, which put Ning Haotian
hugely relieved.
"You won't be a military counselor as long as I don't want you to. You know
that?" the princess said coldly.
"Whatever, I'm not here to be a military counselor," Jiang Chen said, not
thinking it a big deal.
"So, you came to court death? Or to be kept in a cell where you can't even
see daylight?" the princess said.
"Princess, leave him to me. This guy has a silver tongue. It's useless to
persuade him," Ning Haotian took the chance to say.
The princess neither agreed nor denied. She was still expecting Jiang Chen's
"I came to eliminate you."
Under the princess's gaze, Jiang Chen said slowly.
At the same time, on the mountain where he had been, the Red Flame
Battalion and the Holy Arrow Battalion were gazing at the city.
"It should be fine," Tang Zhengyi said uncertainly, worried.
"Yeah, but after all, he is alone," the chiliarchy said.
Shaking her head, Qiu Yan said in a low voice, "He'll be fine. Although he is
alone...that's a great Venerable."
Before they ran into Ning Haotian's team, they had met a strong man in the
planes' channel, who was leaving, too.
He was a great Venerable. He wasn't there expecting them, but waiting for the
opening of the Alien Battlefield's channel like them.
To their surprise, Jiang Chen knew that strong man, and they were...father
and son!
In the city.
"First Sword!"

As soon as Jiang Chen finished speaking, a resonant voice came from over
the city.
Then the energy of the sword swept over the city like a tornado. The
omnipresent radiance of sword cracked the defensing formation in the city
All of the weapons were smashed in an instant.
Thousands of lightswords fell whirling in a spiral way. A middle-aged man was
standing at the center of them.
"Gosh, a great Venerable!"
The general of guards troops and Black Dragon General both turned pale.
If any individual could influence war situations and turned the tide of war, it
would be a great Venerable!
To their surprise, this great Venerable was pretty young.
Althouge he was a middle-aged man, he was pretty young for a great
""It's he? How could it be he?!""
Opening his eyes widely, Ning Haotian couldn't believe it to be true.
He knew the guy. He once saw the guy, in white and carrying a sword,
causing turmoil in the Black Dragon City. The strong people in the city couldn't
subdue him at all.
They only managed to capture him by attrition battle and poison. Then they
kept him under the Black Dragon Pool.
What mattered most was his relation with Jiang Chen!
He was Jiang Chen's father!
The rare genius from the Hundred Thousand Mountains -- Jiang Qingyu!
The soldiers in the city stayed in shock for a good while. Then they finally took
their arms and surrounded the guy with fear.
"Don't attack!"
Black Dragon General shouted right away. Running over in a hurry, he said,
"Great Venerable, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute forbids great Venerables to
meddle in warfare happening in the Three Lower Realms."
He didn't say it in a tone of reproaching or blaming. Instead, he sounded
afraid and wronged.

"Yeah? You caught my son. And you don't want me to meddle in?" Jiang
Qingyu said in a cold tone.
The whole city went into an uproar.
Undoubtedly, the great Venerable's son was Jiang Chen!
"No wonder!"


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