The Brilliant Fighting Master
560 Riding on Coattails
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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560 Riding on Coattails

Ning Haotian found the Red Flame Battalion and the Holy Arrow Battalion on
a mountain. He laid his sharp eyes on a person immediately.
"Jiang Chen!"
He shouted aggressively.
Jiang Chen flew into the air. His look was also odd. He said in surprise, "Are
you here to court death?"
He knew from Han Siming that Ning Haotian was here, too, but he didn't
expect the latter to come to see him.
Last time they parted, Ning Haotian was even weaker than Murong Long.
And he killed Murong Long so easily. He wondered whether Ning Haotian was
still unaware of it.
"I'm not as lame as Murong Long."
Ning Haotian said, which seemed a coincidence.
"So, you came here to see me defeated so that your wish would be fulfilled?"
Jiang Chen sneered. He looked towards the general of guards troops behind
Ning Haotian.
He wouldn't be a match for a Spiritual Venerable even if he had three heads
and six arms.
But Jiang Chen wasn't chickened out. He was rather calm.
"That would be unnecessary. I can take you down on my own."
Having perceived the disdain in Jiang Chen's tone, Ning Haotian said in a
deep voice in anger.
"This will make the third time. Three strikes, and you are out. If you lose to me
again, will you be too ashamed to live on this world?" Jiang Chen said
"Stop talking rubbish!"
Ning Haotian flew into a rage. With a wave of his hand, a spear appeared in
his hand.
"How dare a defeated guy talk big!"
It seemed Jiang Chen wanted to piss him off. He didn't seem to take his rival
seriously at all.

"Go to hell!"
Ning Haotian, full of confidence, couldn't put up with Jiang Chen's attitude. He
wanted the latter to know how strong the alien beast's blood in his body was.
Seeing a big fight on the verge of breaking out, the general of guards troops
beside Ning Haotian suddenly came forward.
"Jiang Chen, stop resisting. You'd better surrender, if you don't want your men
to die tragically."
He said with a respect for his enemy, since he had exchanged blows with
Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen destroyed the castle on his own and made him have a taste of
Although they had a huge gap between them, he held Jiang Chen in high
"What are you doing?! Didn't the princess tell you? Listen to my order!" Ning
Haotian said in anger.
If the Spiritual Venerable meddled in, there would be no credit left to him.
Although the goal could be achieved all the same, it wasn't what he wanted.
What he wanted was to defeat Jiang Chen with his own hands and revenge
his clansmen.
Even though the princess wanted Jiang Chen to be captured alive, he would
kill the latter by accident.
"Just report to the princess that I've disobeyed your order when we go back,"
the general of guards troops said coldly.
Ning Haotian could stand this less. Why did the general show Jiang Chen

respect but offend him in this way?!
However, he was smart enough to keep silent.
The general was a Spiritual Venerable, whose attack would totally shatter
"I'll go with you if you promise you'll let my comrades go."
Jiang Chen said with calmness, "I guess Black Dragon General is very
interested in my talents, and your princess would like to get the evil methods
from me."
"No problem."

Glancing at the two battalions on the ground, the general said decisively,
"They mean nothing to us."
"So let's go."
Jiang Chen strode over towards him, allowing the elite soldiers to surround
The Dragon Rebel Army didn't restrict his strength. Due to the general's
presence, it was unnecessary.
"You're smart."
All of a sudden, Ning Haotian, still not very convinced, burst out laughing. He
said complacently, "You knew you'd be killed if you fought against me, so you
chose to surrender."
That was the only possible explanation. Otherwise how would Jiang Chen
have surrendered without fighting back?
The general of guards troops, about to fly, turned to stare at Jiang Chen. He
said, "Whatever trick you want to play, you'd better forget about it. You're still
alive because you have your value, but it doesn't mean we won't kill you
The voice coming from behind the metal mask sounded cold.
"Isn't it normal for me, a Martial Venerable, to obey a Spiritual Venerable?"
Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.
"For other people, it is, but for you..."
The general of guards troops laid his eyes on the two battalions on the
ground. He said, "They respect you and admire you, but they didn't do
anything when you sacrificed yourself to ensure their safety. This isn't
"What's on your mind?" Jiang Chen asked.
The general of guards troops furrowed. After a good while, he said shaking
his head, "I don't care what the truth is. I only want to tell you whatever you do
will be useless. The Third Legion has retreated. You can't fight against a troop
"Isn't that the reason I surrendered?" Jiang Chen said.
The general of guards troops didn't answer. He kept advancing.
"How dare you give your surrender such a good name," Ning Haotian
scorned, unhappy with his attitude.

"Do you know why this Spiritual Venerable stopped you from attacking me?"
looking at him, Jiang Chen asked with a smile.
"He didn't want me to kill you," Ning Haotian answered immediately, but the
elusive look in his eyes showed he wasn't confident.
"You think even a Spiritual Venerable is unable to stop you?" seeing his
absence of confidence, Jiang Chen asked again.
Ning Haotian curled up his lip. Obviously, he didn't want to deceive himself to
that extent.
"You tell me. Why?" He said impatiently.
"He was afraid you would be killed by me."
Jiang Chen was still smiling, but his smile was then tinted with sarcasm. He
said, "Because he exchanged blows with me once, he wasn't sure he could
stop me from killing you."
Ning Haotian stopped flying immediately upon hearing him. He froze, feeling
"No way!"
Then Ning Haotian dashed over. He said in anger, "It's you who will be
defeated by me."
"I wasn't speaking through holy awareness," Jiang Chen said in a low voice.
Ning Haotian was struck dumb. When he had got what Jiang Chen had
meant, he threw the general of guards troops at the front a complicated look.
As Spiritual Venerable, he must have heard Jiang Chen.
As Spiritual Venerable, he must have refuted Jiang Chen if what the latter had
said wasn't true, and his self-esteem wouldn't allow him to deceive himself
just to save face.
That meant one thing -- the Spiritual Venerable agreed with Jiang Chen!
The truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. And since Ning Haotian had had
a problem with the general of guards troops, he sincerely didn't believe it.
But he didn't refute to question the Spiritual Venerable.
"Even if it's true, so what? You're in a bad situation. It's even hard to say
whether you'll survive," Ning Haotian said in anger.
"Yeah. I'm not a match for you in terms of riding on coattails. In the Fire Field,
you rode on the Xia Dynasty's coattails. In the Dragon Field, you rode on the

Murongs'. And now, you've even found the coattails to ride in the Alien
Battlefield. That's really something."
Ning Haotian was acting with the general of guards troops. And he heard how
Ning Haotian had questioned the general of guards troops. It wasn't difficult to
"So what? You don't have any coattails to ride even if you want!"
Uncommonly, Ning Haotian didn't refute. He was kind of proud instead.
"You're hopeless, as a man," Jiang Chen said.
"At least I'll stay alive."


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