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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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559 Toy-boy

Most of the soldiers of the Third Legion were left in the Alien Battlefield, where
the war was still going on.
"Jiang Chen!"
Zhao Wenhao had entered the portal. He was extremely anxious in there.
Such a thing had never occurred to him. Looking at Jiang Chen and others
kept outside, he sincerely felt it unfair.
He even thought about coming out of the portal and refusing to enter again,
but when he was about to put it into action, he found there was no way to
leave -- the portal was one-way. He was being driven up by a great push.
The commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop and Zhang Tianyi were both
ashamed. As citizens of the Flying Dragon Dynasty, they knew better than
anyone else how much help the Red Flame Battalion had offered them in the
They would have won the war if there weren't betrayers in the army.
By then the meritorious ones couldn't get what they deserved. The decision of
the army brought shame on them.
"Take care!"
Jiang Chen shouted at the three corps commanders. Looking at those beside
him, he said, "We don't have much time left. We have to leave here before the
ward on the battlefield is switched on again."
The Third Legion had left, but the Dragon Rebel Army was still lurking in the
dark on the battlefield.
Once they found the remaining enemy, they would definitely kill it.
Half of the Red Flame Battalion was killed in the city by the Inspection Guard.
And when Tang Zhengyi and the one-hundred-person team had returned to
normal from the temporary status as Venerable, they were too weak to form
the Cooling Formation. They only had the strength to fly slowly out of the
As to the others abandoned there, Jiang Chen could do nothing but tell them
what had happened by shouting loudly.
Fortunately, since Jiang Chen had reacted in time, the ward of the seven
cities wasn't switched on until they had left.
"Jiang Chen, where are we going now?" Qiu Yan asked, desperate.
"Besides the portal, the Alien Battlefield has its own planes' channel. Let's get
out of this damn place first," Jiang Chen said.

The Holy Arrow Battalion and the Red Flame Battalion didn't have any
problems with that. Since the Third Legion had left, they had no more
obligation to stay there.
At the same time, the city that had been once occupied by the three troops
and the four battalions were recaptured by the Dragon Rebel Army.
And the troop that recaptured the city was led by Black Dragon General.
He found the dead body of the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop
first. Then he learned the whole story from the soldiers who had been in the
city and surrendered.
"It's Jiang Chen again?"
Black Dragon General clenched his fist. He was a calm person, but he
couldn't hold his temper anymore at the moment.
Although the Dragon Rebel Army had won this battle, the credit went to

someone from the Flying Dragon Dynasty other than the Dragon Rebel Army.
As a result, they had to share half of the war trophies with their partner.
So, despite of the victory, Black Dragon General would be punished after
going back.
And all this was because of Jiang Chen!
""But in the end, it's because of him that the Third Legion wasn't eliminated
and Du Zhenfei escaped. He'll have a headache when they go back.""
This thought relieved Black Dragon General a lot.
He didn't attribute their failure to their own weakness, but to an external
cause, like the enemy was too strong.
"General, all of the remaining enemy has given up resisting, but two teams
had managed to escape before the ward went back into use."
A soldier came up to him to report.
"Oh? It only took a few minutes. They acted so quickly? What are the two
teams called?" the Black Dragon General asked curiously.
"The Red Flame Battalion and the Holy Arrow Battalion."
"What? The Red Flame Battalion?"
Black Dragon General was struck dumb. Then he couldn't help but burst out
laughing. He was very happy.

"I almost forgot. That Jiang Chen, who turned the tide, is only a lieutenant of
the seventh rank of the secondary class. He doesn't have the flying dragon
totem! Such a great talented guy means nothing to them. A dynasty like this
deserves to disappear."
Waving his hand, Black Dragon General ordered, "Capture Jiang Chen by all
"Yes, sir!"
Not long after the order had been given, a slim woman walked over. She said,
"General, could you leave this Jiang Chen to me?"
The Black Dragon General greeted her with respect.
The woman was exactly the same person Jiang Chen had run into in the
castle. Although her state had gone back to the Reaching Heaven State, she
didn't seem to care.
"I have a grudge against this Jiang Chen. I want him to be captured alive," the
long-legged woman said.
Black Dragon General didn't have a problem with it. He wanted to capture
Jiang Chen alive as well to make the latter work for him. It would be a pity to
kill such a genius.
"And I want to recommend someone to lead the team to chase him," the long-
legged woman went on.
Then a majestic and good-looking large tall man walked from behind her.
Black Dragon General's eyes lit up. There was a look of admiration in his
"His name is Ning Haotian. He's from the same Planes World where Jiang
Chen is from. He knows Jiang Chen pretty well. Just give the task to him."
The long-legged woman put one hand on Ning Haotian's shoulder and swept
her slim fingers across his cheek.
Black Dragon General pretended he had seen nothing. Observing Ning
Haotian's state, he said, "You're both Martial Venerables. It won't be easy for
you to catch Jiang Chen."
"I'll absolutely catch him!" Ning Haotian said in a deep voice, unhappy with
what the general had said.
Showing an enchanting smile, the long-legged woman said, "Jiang Chen is a
genius. You can't be too careful. Don't worry. My men will help you."

The general of guards troops showed up from nowhere. As Spiritual
Venerable, his energy was so strong that even Black Dragon General felt
"Then I'll have nothing to worry about," the Black Dragon General said.
He couldn't help but exclaim to himself, ""She has sent the senior general of
the guards troops to help this guy get war merits. It's so great to be young.""
He knew something about this princess. He knew that she had never stopped
keeping toy-boys with her.
Undoubtedly, this Ning Haotian was the new one.
The princess must have helped to his breakthrough to Martial Venerable.
Then, Ning Haotian headed for where the Red Flame Battalion and the Holy
Arrow Battalion were with the general of guards troops and a team of elites.
"Jiang Chen! You asked for this!"
Ning Haotian had no idea Jiang Chen was also in the Alien Battlefield until
Murong Long died. That was also when he became Venerable.
Different from Murong Long's fear of Jiang Chen, he was eager to fight
against the latter.
His confidence came from the perfect merge of the two types of blood of
inheritance in him at the time of breaking through to Venerable.
By then, it was neither the golden dragon of the Murongs' nor the giant roc of
the Sus' in his body.
It was a strong alien animal that had never existed. It was his pride. And it
made his old belief stronger.
That was -- he didn't belong to the Murongs or the Sus.
He belonged to the Nings! The Nings from the Black Dragon City!
He wanted to be the first generation of the blood of inheritance in his body. He
wanted it to be carried forward and surpass all of the other aristocratic families
of inheritance.
To achieve all of this, the first step was to kill Jiang Chen!
He was full of confidence.
In another place of the Alien Battlefield, Jiang Chen and others were
searching the planes' channel in the air.
"No wonder it's said the channel between the Sacred Institute and the Alien
Battlefield is unstable. Now I know why."

Jiang Chen found the planes' channel wasn't always open anymore. Instead,
its opening was random. It might be open the next second or three whole
days later.
That was why the Third Legion had to use a portal to leave.
""So we have to wait.""
Jiang Chen thought. But suddenly, staring at the clouds far away, he turned
very serious.


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