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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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557 Betrayal!

Jiang Chen left the valley with the team. He felt very emotional, and at the
same time helpless.
It was inevitable for the evil kin to find Whitty. The evil kin should have known
about his existence as soon as the blood of prehistoric fierce beast had
woken in him.
So it was nothing weird that the Evil Kings had come when Whitty was at the
crucial moment of a breakthrough.
He looked back at the Valley, hoping everything would be fine with Whitty in
the Realm of Evil Spirits. Then he went back to the city with the eight
exploitation vehicles.
However, halfway to the city, a horn blew loudly on the battlefield.
Different from the passion at the beginning of the battle and the gloom at the
time of retreat, this one sounded sorrowful and dreary.
"This is...this is the sound of mournful horn!"
Tang Zhengyi and others turned pale. They listened silently, counting.
"Nine. The horn blew nine times! It's nine dragons' sad chimes!"
Everyone became as pale as a ghost. Tang Zhengyi said emotionally, "The
Emperor of Dragon passed away!"
"The Emperor of Dragon passed away!!"
The others also wailed in a shocking manner.
Jiang Chen was surprised. Of course he knew the Emperor of Dragon
referred to the emperor of the Flying Dragon Dynasty.
The emperor passed away in the middle of the war and dirge was played.
Putting the pieces of puzzles together, Jiang Chen thought of the retreat of
the Dragon Rebel Army. He felt nervous about it.
Almost in the meantime, seven beams of light suddenly soared into the sky
from the battlefield.
Although even the closest beam of light was dozens of miles away, Jiang
Chen and others could perfectly perceive the invisible changes around. They
felt they were in water, experiencing a slight resistance.
"The Dragon Rebel Army's ward is done." Jiang Chen looked very serious. He
knew there was something wrong.

"But we captured the first city, and we've got the dynamic map. How could it
Jiang Chen couldn't figure out why. There was only one explanation available
-- he had made a big mistake.
Like his equations were wrong because he missed some cities on the
battlefield in his calculation. Or all of his speculations were completely wrong.
However, Jiang Chen didn't think so. It was impossible for him to make such a
stupid mistake.
"Then there is only one explanation."
Something suddenly occurred to him. He shouted loudly, "Go back to the city
as soon as possible!"
In the city captured by the three troops and the four battalions, Zhao Wenhao
walked into the Inspection Guard angrily when the dirge was played. He cut a
ten-meter-long horn in two.
"General Zhao, what are you doing?!"
The general of the Inspection Guard said in fury, "The Emperor of Dragon
passed away. It's a great disrespect to interrupt the nine dragons' sad

Zhao Wenhao didn't bother to argue with him. He slapped across the
general's cheek right away.
"What do you think the Dragon Rebel Army will do when they hear the nine
dragons' sad chimes? Moron!" Zhao Wenhao's eyes were red. He was
extremely sorrowful and angry, but he hid it well.
The slap made the helmet of the general of the Inspection Guard fall. He was
bleeding since he had lost some teeth.
"Hehe, what will the Dragon Rebel Army do? Of course they'll launch an all-
out attack. Otherwise why did we bother to send them the signal?"
The general of the Inspection Guard stopped hiding himself. He showed a
crafty smile. Covering his cheek with his hand, he threw Zhao Wenhao a
rancorous glance.
"Bright Moon Troop..."
Zhao Wenhao was struck dumb. Then he turned pale. He was going to gather
his battle group immediately.
But the Inspection Guard in the city beat him to it. They were not only in
charge of the city, but had split the three troops and the four battalions

Many soldiers, still celebrating their victory, died under the Inspection Guard's
knife without knowing what had happened.
All weapons were switched on.
Under tragic screams, the Inspection Guard didn't stop attacking until the
three troops and the four battalions had lost too many people to switch on
their formation again.
In the meanwhile, Zhao Wenhao and the lieutenants beside him were
confined to where they were by an invisible power.
They could do nothing but see everything happening before them.
Soon, the other two corps commanders and the four battalion commanders
were brought, bound by chains which restrained their strengths.
"General, we're ready!"
A lieutenant who served the Inspection Guard said.
"Let's start." The general of the Inspection Guard nodded.
The part of the ward in the city Jiang Chen had destroyed had been restored.
Then the ward was switched on quickly.
Soon, the first beam of light Jiang Chen saw soared into the sky from this very
"Eunuch Cao, you're betraying your country! You'll pay a price for that!" The
commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop reproached him in fury.
"Even if you manage to restore the city, the soldiers of the Dragon Rebel
Army stationed in other cities retreated a long time ago. What you're doing is
useless." Zhao Wenhao couldn't stay calm at all. The dynasty's soldiers died
in their own men's hands after such a desperate battle, which was a great
injustice for them.
"Yeah?" The general of the Inspection Guard, namely Eunuch Cao, sneered.
Then the other six beams of light appeared on the battlefield one after
another. The ward was done.
"The Emperor of Dragon passed away. The dragons chimed nine times in
sorrow. The ward was deployed in seven cities."
Zhao Wenhao's forehead was covered with sweat. He realized how serious
the situation was and what a vast conspiracy it was.
"There is no way the Dragon Rebel Army has managed to infiltrate into the
dynasty to such an extent!"

"The dynasty won't be overturned. Neither will the Dragon Rebel Army
disappear. But we need fresh blood in the system."
Eunuch Cao came up to Zhao Wenhao. He said, "You know what I'm talking
about, don't you?"
"I'm surprised to see there such shameless people who would rather
collaborate with the Dragon Rebel Army to get more power."
Zhao Wenhao was extremely angry. He said, "I only have one question. Does
he have anything to do with the death of the Emperor of Dragon?"
"General Zhao, you know the answer. Why bothered to ask?"
Eunuch Cao sneered, "Emperors are emotionless human beings. Blood is
thicker than water? It's the biggest joke I've ever heard."
"General Du Zhenfei of the Third Legion doesn't stand on his side, so he
wants the whole Third Legion to die?" Zhao Wenhao went on.
"The strategy of the Third Legion went wrong. It resulted in the great
casualties of the three troops. General Du Zhenfei will offer his apology with
his death," Eunuch Cao said something astonishing.
"You can't kill everyone. The evil deeds of the Inspection Guard will spread
through the Realm of True Force!" the commander of the Shadow Pursuing
Troop said coldly.
Eunuch Cao found it funny. He said, "Do you think it's also the Inspection
Guard that has occupied the other cities, that there will be people like me
telling the whole story to the people there?"
"Most importantly, you know why I told you all of this?"
The last question sent chills down the spines of Zhao Wenhao and others.
His motive was simple. Whoever had heard him would die. It was also difficult
to say how the three troops and the four battalions would end up.
"Jiang Chen will come back."
Suddenly they thought of Jiang Chen, who was still out of town. They
assumed he would come back after he finished his errands.
This idea gave them hope.
"What does that Jiang Chen have so that you trust him to such an extent?
You would rather fight against the Inspection Guard. I almost acted in
Smiling, Eunuch Cao said, "Even though Jiang Chen is extremely powerful,
he only has a team of 100 people. What can he do?"

At the mention of that, Zhao Wenhao and the others' eyes dimmed.


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