The Brilliant Fighting Master
556 The Heart of the Supreme Evil Spiri
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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556 The Heart of the Supreme Evil Spiri

Like the Dragons who left the Nine Realms for the Dragon Realm and cut off
all contacts with the Nine Realms, the transformed great monsters with
spiritual intelligence couldn't coexist in peace with the human beings in the
Nine Realms, either. As a result, they all stayed in the Realm of Evil Spirits.
But there was a difference between the Dragons and the great monsters. The
Dragons were too proud to live with the human beings in the Nine Realms, so
they moved to the Dragon Realm.
The evil kin would like to live in the Nine Realms. They even intended to
replace the human beings to dominate the Nine Realms, but their wild
ambition was found out, and some strong men drove them away into the
Realm of Evil Spirits.
They also forbade the transformed evil kin to enter the Nine Realms.
Otherwise they would pay a big price.
That was the Restriction for Evil Spirits.
"Not many youngsters nowadays know about the Restriction for Evil Spirits,"
the great monster with a tiger head and a human body said.
"Let me go over."
Jiang Chen didn't respond. He only wanted to save Whitty as soon as
"What are you gonna do? He's in a very bad situation. How will you save
The tone of the tiger-headed great monster wasn't very kind. That pair of tiger
eyes were sizing Jiang Chen up.
"The first drop of golden blood is the most precious for the evil kin, but it was
used on you, an insignificant human being."
"It's none of your business," Jiang Chen said.
"Human, how dare you speak to Chief Tiger with this attitude?"
His attitude pissed the other great monsters off. If it weren't for Whitty's sake,
they would have killed him and cut his corpse into thousands of pieces.
"How I treat others depends on how others treat me."
Jiang Chen walked towards Whitty, but the tiger-headed great monster
stopped him as soon as he moved.
"You want Whitty die like this?" Jiang Chen said angrily.

"You don't have to do anything. The heart of the Supreme Evil Spirit is already
placed in him. It will not only make up for the energy loss he's suffering from,
but will make him stronger."
Then the tiger-headed great monster said in a voice almost inaudible, "We
had tried to take him back to the Realm of Evil Spirits before you came, but he
was reluctant to go. He insisted on waiting for you here."
Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised at the mention of the heart of Evil
Emperor. It was a holy article of the evil kin. He was surprised that they had
used it on Whitty.
At the same time, he saw these great monsters' resolution.
The tiger head raised his hand and put it on Jiang Chen's shoulder. Weighing
500 kilograms, it was a huge burden for Jiang Chen.
"You'll pay a price if you want to keep the future Evil Emperor with you as a
mount. Don't forget that we're in the Alien Battlefield. The Restriction for Evil

Spirits doesn't work here!"
"I've never seen Whitty as a mount or a tool that I can use in a fight."
Struggling out of his palm, Jiang Chen walked towards Whitty.
The other great monsters were put on guard. Some of them couldn't help but
take some steps aside, but the tiger head signed them to stop with a look.
"Dada..." Seeing him approaching, Whitty's eyes turned blue again.
"Stay there."
Jiang Chen caressed his head. He put his other hand on Whitty's chest.
He instantly felt a strong beat, so strong that the shock numbed his arm.
He felt the heartbeat attentively, totally shocked.
"It's really the heart of the Supreme Evil Spirit."
"Dada, I don't want to go with them." Whitty sounded full of reluctance.
Curling up his lip, Jiang Chen glanced at the great monsters there.
One-third of them were as strong as a great Venerable. Especially the tiger-
headed great monster, he was the strongest among them.
In addition to that, Jiang Chen had to admit the Realm of Evil Spirits was good
for the current Whitty.

What he knew couldn't be of any help to Whitty anymore. The Realm of Evil
Spirits was the only place where Whitty could develop himself further.
"How are things going in the Realm of Evil Spirits?" shaking his head, Jiang
Chen asked in a cold voice.
"How much do you know about the Realm of Evil Spirits?"
The tiger head asked without giving Jiang Chen an answer first.
"You're an Evil King, There are two other Evil Kings. I think you've lost your
Evil Emperor. That's why you're trying to find a new one to compete for the
position of the Supreme Evil Spirit. Am I right?" Jiang Chen said.
The great monsters were shocked again. The fact that the young man knew
the Realm of Evil Spirits so well piqued curiosity in them. They wondered who
this person was.
"That's right, but we didn't lose our Evil Emperor. However, however strong a
warrior is, he still will be overtaken by time."
The tiger head said, "We have the heart of the Supreme Evil Spirit. If you
really know the Realm of Evil Spirits so well, you should know what it means."
"It means you're the Blackwoods, the strongest family in the Realm of Evil
Spirits and the ruler of there in the past 1000 years, when there has been no
Supreme Evil Spirit."
The tiger head was really astonished. He said, "You know a lot."
"Whitty, when we traveled to the Sacred Institute of the Dragon Field from the
Fire Field, what else did I tell you about besides the sadness of parting?"
Jiang Chen whispered into Whitty's ear. He didn't respond to the tiger head.
Whitty was struck dumb. Then he said sadly, "To be strong enough to protect
everything that matters to us."
"For you, the Realm of Evil Spirits is the Dragon Field and the Sacred Zone. If
you go there..."
"When Dada traveled to the Dragon Field, we didn't part with each other. If
Whitty travels to the Realm of Evil Spirits, can we still stay together?"
Whitty interrupted him in a gentle and weak voice.
It made Jiang Chen speechless. In the end, he said, "Those bad guys back
there won't allow me to go with you, but if you become their leader and make
them listen to your orders, I'll go to stay with you."
A look of hope flashed across Whitty's eyes.

"That's enough. We ran great risks to leave the Realm of Evil Spirits. We don't
have time for those emotional moments," a great monster said unhappily.
Whitty stared at him in anger. His eyes turned red from blue. His hair stood on
its end.
An appalling killing intent instantly filled the valley. The great monsters all
turned pale.
"Whitty!" Jiang Chen said seriously.
Upon hearing him, Whitty's hair became soft again and his eyes turned blue.
Then Whitty closed his eyes and fainted.
"It will take him a long time to recover and his body to adapt to the heart of the
Supreme Evil Spirit. He has been making a great effort here to wait for you."
The tiger head came up to Jiang Chen. Maybe the interaction between Whitty
and Jiang Chen changed his opinion about this human.
He went on, "A human is a human. A monster is a monster. If we hadn't come
and you had helped him in your way, even if you succeed, and he becomes
stronger, he wouldn't be able to live well in the Nine Realms without the guide
of the Evil Emperor."
"If I know there is anything wrong with him in the Realm of Evil Spirits, I'll
eliminate the whole evil kin."
Jiang Chen said in a calm tone. Paying no attention to the great monsters,
showing different facial expressions, he buried his head into Whitty's hair.
After a little while, he walked out of the valley without looking back.
"Chief Tiger, shall we kill him? If the future Evil Emperor of the Blackwoods is
so obedient to a human, The other families will laugh at us!" a great monster
said in a low voice.
"There is a connection between him and the future Evil Emperor. They can
perceive each other's status."
The tiger head turned to look at Whitty. Then he said, "It's thanks to this weak
human, to put it in your word, that the offspring of the most fierce prehistoric
beast is still able to stay rational and practice by himself nowadays."
Without Jiang Chen, the blood hiding deeply in Whitty wouldn't have woken
Without Jiang Chen, the blood of fierce beast would have turned Whitty into a
dreadful evil demon.


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