The Brilliant Fighting Master
555 Restriction for Evil Spirits
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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555 Restriction for Evil Spirits

The Inspection Guard functioned like the Office of Military Justice, but
reporting directly to the government, it had a higher level.
They went on expeditions with the army, but they hardly went onto
battlefields. They wouldn't appear until battles had ended. Then they showed
up everywhere, inspecting the army on behalf of the government.
It was natural that the city possessing the Black Yellow Gas had become their
center of attention.
Jiang Chen intended to take the exploitation vehicles away, but was caught by
the general of the Inspection Guard, who was eager to do something to get a
The Inspection Guard dashed over after having got the general's order. Their
mantles flowing in the wind, the whole team looked aggressive.
Of course Zhao Wenhao wouldn't allow them to do it. The Bright Moon Troop
was still standing there to protect Jiang Chen.
The two parties were at loggerheads. A big fight was on the verge of breaking
"General Zhao, the Inspection Guard only listens to the emperor's order.
We're authorized by His Majesty to inspect the three troops. We can kill you
before reporting it to His Majesty!"
The general of the Inspection Guard was extremely aggressive. His look was
crafty and cold.
"What's up?"
The conflict between the Inspection Guard and the Bright Moon Troop caught
the attention of the other two troops and the four battalions. They had been
fighting with the Bright Moon Troop for such a long time on the battlefield, of
course they were on the Bright Moon Troop's side.
"None of your business! The Bright Moon Troop is protecting a betrayer. Are
you with them, too?" the general of the Inspection Guard cursed.
"Betrayer? Who is the betrayer?" They were all confused.
The general of the Inspection Guard pointed to Jiang Chen, who was still
sitting in the exploitation vehicle.
"That's bullshit!"
"How could Jiang Chen be a betrayer?"

"You Inspection Guard have done nothing in the war. Now the battle has
ended, and you're here accusing people randomly. Are you so eager to get a
To the general's surprise, the soldiers of the three troops and the four
battalions retorted one after another upon hearing his word. Some hot-
tempered ones even swore at him.
The general of the Inspection Guard had no idea why it was like that. Jiang
Chen was only a general of the seventh rank of the secondary class, but so
many people were on his side.
"He is stealing the dynasty's resources. If this isn't betrayal, what do you call
it?" the general of the Inspection Guard yelled.
He was very confident because he had the emperor supporting him behind.
Although he had less men, he wasn't afraid.
"Since the start of the battle, Jiang Chen has got lots of war merits. He even
cracked the Dragon Rebel Army's camouflage and schemes. Now for some

reason he needs these resources to do experiments. You Inspection Guard
are throwing your weight around here, without knowing anything about the
war. Will you be able to take the responsibility for any serious consequence
caused by you?" the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop reproached
in anger.
No military man liked the Inspection Guard. They would think it great if the
latter didn't cause them any trouble. Not to mention to ask them for help.
However, the army was a double-edged sword. The dynasty couldn't trust it
completely. Even though the Inspection Guard had caused delays in military
affairs and great casualties, they were getting more and more powerful.
"Whatever, the Inspection Guard's responsibility is to protect the dynasty's
belongings. In my opinion, he's trying to escape with the eight exploitation
vehicles." The general of the Inspection Guard didn't change his opinion in
spite of the short hesitation he had had.
"Without Jiang Chen, we wouldn't have got any resources from the battlefield.
Let alone the eight exploitation vehicles," someone from the Red Flame
Battalion complained.
"A rule is a rule. All merits will be awarded after the battle, but no one is
allowed to take anything from the dynasty without permission." The general
was very resolute and persistent.
Taking one step forward, Zhao Wenhao said, "I'll be responsible for any
possible consequences. If you insist on delaying the military affairs, I'll have to
fight against you."

The Bright Moon Troop was in high morale. Then the commander of the
Shadow Pursuing Troop also joined them.
"You're challenging the Inspection Guard for a general of the seventh rank?"
the general of the Inspection Guard said, confused.
"So many of us are endorsing him, but you still don't believe us. Why is that?"
the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop asked.
Seeing they were resolute to have the fight, the general of the Inspection
Guard hesitated.
"All right. General Zhao, you'll be responsible for whatsoever consequence
caused!" In the end, the Inspection Guard compromised.
The Inspection Guard stopping the exploitation vehicles instantly scattered.
Glancing at the three troops and the four battalions, Jiang Chen really
appreciated their help.
"Tang Zhengyi, go with Jiang Chen."
Qiu Yan was afraid Jiang Chen would run into danger if he acted alone on the
battlefield, so she ordered the team of 100 soldiers who had fought with Jiang
Chen together to follow him.
These people knew what Jiang Chen was going to do, and they were willing
to go with him.
In this way, Jiang Chen and the team set out for the valley with the
exploitation vehicles fully loaded with the Black Yellow Gas.
Hardly a day went by since he had left the valley. For Whitty's situation, he
should still have time.
Since the Dragon Rebel Army had retreated. Everything went smoothly on
their way. There weren't any kind of surprises.
The eight giant exploitation vehicles stopped in the valley.
"Watch out!"
Jiang Chen felt barely relieved when he found the ward and tactical
formations he had deployed in the valley had been cracked by brutal force.
He rushed towards where Whitty was hiding and saw something surprising.
Deep in the valley, there were ten-odd great monsters emitting extremely
strong energies.
What was a great monster?

They were able monsters who could transform. They could transform from evil
beasts to evil kin!
They were all in the shape of a human. There were men and women with
different features.
Jiang Chen knew they were monsters because they weren't hiding it.
For example, among them there was a large man with long curved horns on
his head and naturally generated spiritual pattern on his body.
The great monsters were showing these characteristics intentionally, because
they were proud of their race instead of feeling ashamed of it.
A naive-looking cute small girl had a furry tail and a pair of paws.
When Jiang Chen looked at her, she extended her scarlet tongue out. She
surprisingly left some scratches in the air as she swept her paws across the
"...… General."
Tang Zhengyi and the others, who had arrived after him, felt like they had
entered another world. They weren't sophisticated enough to recognize these
great monsters. In their eyes, these creatures were half human being and half
And any of those great monsters was strong enough to kill all of them.
Jiang Chen laid his eyes on the farthest rock, where Whitty was lying. A great
monster with a tiger head and a human body was standing beside.
Each hair of the tiger head was golden. His long whiskers were transparent,
emitting dim light.
"Are these human beings putting their necks in a noose?"
"They must taste delicious!"
"So weak, so pitiful!"
Seeing Jiang Chen, several great monsters started to move. It looked they
weren't putting any effort, but they moved as fast as lightening, even too fast
for Jiang Chen to react.
Whitty, still pretty weak, opened his eyes abruptly when they were about to
tear Jiang Chen apart. His scarlet eyes were full of killing intents.
"Stop!" the great monster with a tiger head and a human body shouted.
Jiang Chen's attackers were shocked. They hurried to turn around to ask for

To Jiang Chen's surprise, they weren't asking for the forgiveness of the great
monster who had shouted, but for Whitty's!
"Let me go over. The more time we waste here, the worse Whitty will be,"
Jiang Chen said.
"Whitty? That's the name given by your human beings?"
The great monster with a tiger head and a human body strode over. He said
in a cold voice, "Do you know the Whitty in your mouth will be the new Evil
Emperor of the evil kin!"
Jiang Chen was shocked. He obviously knew what Evil Emperor meant.
"Does your current Evil Emperor know you've left the Realm of Evil Spirits and
come to the Nine Realms regardless of the Restriction for Evil Spirits?" Jiang
Chen said.
The Restriction for Evil Spirits!
The great monsters in the valley were shocked at the mention of this term.
There was even panic in their eyes.


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