The Brilliant Fighting Master
553 Thank You for Your Help
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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553 Thank You for Your Help

The senior general hadn't expected the military counselor to be so mad that he would sacrifice their lives to fulfill his own goal.

"Retreat! Retreat now!"

The senior general, looking down on the military counselor, was scared out of his wits. He knew perfectly well how powerful the killing formation was.

The world outside of the city started to collapse, turning into an abyss. The sky was covered in crimson clouds that transformed into a demon, charging down in a threatening manner.


Unexpected screams could be heard. Those in the killing formation were wrapped in foam and lost control of their own bodies.

The foam shattered along with the men inside when the crimson clouds fell.

Both the soldiers from the Dragon Rebel Army and Jiang Chen's side were within the attacking range of the killing formation.

All of the troops' formations broke down, leaving the soldiers exposed to the emotionless battlefield.

"Go away! Look at all of the pipe dreams!" The military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop watched all of this from the city wall. His old face looked mad.


Suddenly, a sword pierced through his heart, taking away his life.

"You ugly man!" swore the general of the Black Dragon Troop. The Black Dragon Troop he led had seen great casualties. He'd had to violate the military rule to kill the military counselor so that the tactical formation would be switched off.

To his surprise, after he pierced through the old man's heart, the killing formation outside of the city wasn't switched off. Instead, it became even more fierce. The soldiers were frozen by the foam, one after another.

"You can't stop all this, even if you kill me. Instead, you'll lose the only way to stop it." The military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop didn't hold a grudge or resentment because of his imminent death. His hideous face looked complacent.

However, a cold voice came at this moment.


Walking out of the Cracking Resistance Formation, Jiang Chen came onto the city wall. He said, "You deployed the formation? You used a psychedelic formation to combine the power of wards and tactical formations. You chose the easy way, but there are still too many flaws."

"You're Jiang Chen?"

Opening his eyes wide, the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop couldn't believe that Jiang Chen was even younger than him.

Not in terms of appearance, but in real age.

He had been living in this world for only 30 years, but he had arrived at the peak of this field with all of the knowledge he had learned. That was something he had always been proud of.

But that day, he saw Jiang Chen and found he was barely 20.

"Psychedelic formation?"

The general of the Black Dragon Troop also noticed something unusual. The blade that had pierced into the military counselor's heart wasn't covered with blood.

The military counselor, who was supposed to have died, was still fine.

He drew the sword out and found the wound on the military counselor's body was disappearing.

It wasn't that he had recovered. His wound was literally disappearing somehow.

The military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop ignored the general. Focusing on Jiang Chen, he said with full confidence, "You can see through it, but it doesn't mean you can crack it!"

Under his nervous but expectant gaze, Jiang Chen said disdainfully, "What do you think I'm here for? To tell you I've seen through your killing formation?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the weather changed. All of the unusual scenes outside of the city were disappearing.

The abyss disappeared, and the ground was ground again. The demon-like clouds were all gone.

The general saw those who had been wrapped in foam were actually hugging themselves with their arms across their chests. They had put down their weapons voluntarily.

The soldiers who had shattered and vanished were actually floating in the air. As pale as ghosts, they had been dead for some time, but the causes of their deaths were unknown.

At the same time, the Red Flame Battalion and the Bright Moon Troop showed up, reporting to Jiang Chen that they had accomplished their task.

Jiang Chen had ordered them to destroy the formation center after he had seen through the formation. He had also told his men about the psychedelic formation.

In this way, those who had shattered in the foam were woken up. In other words, no men from their side had died from the killing formation.

In comparison, the Dragon Rebel Army had lost so many men that their general had been forced to kill his superior, the military counselor.

Seeing that the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop was still emotionally unstable, Jiang Chen gave him another intentional blow. "Thank you for your help."

As a result, the military counselor spit up blood again. He made an effort to raise his arm and point at Jiang Chen with his trembling fingers.

He kept stepping back. In the end, he missed a step and fell off the city wall. Too weak to handle the impact of hitting the ground, he died immediately.

This time, it wasn't an illusion. He was definitely dead.

The general of the Black Dragon Troop was struck dumb by so many sudden changes.

However, Zhao Wenhao attacked quickly, killing the general by cutting his throat.

"Stop resisting. Otherwise, die!" shouted the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop in a deep voice, glancing at the soldiers of the Dragon Rebel Army all over the city.

The Black Dragon Troop wasn't a temporary troop. Its soldiers were all from the Realm of True Force.

However, after the death of the military counselor and the general, the soldiers, who weren't supposed to surrender easily, were in low morale. Too depressed to keep fighting, they put down their weapons one after another.

By then, the city had finally been captured.

Under Jiang Chen's lead, they destroyed the parts in the city that could be used to make wards.

"Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen!" The soldiers from the three troops and the four battalions raised their arms to cheer, shouting out Jiang Chen's name.

Their excitement misled the surrendering soldiers from the Dragon Rebel Army. They thought Jiang Chen was a senior general in the upper troop.

They were confused when they saw Jiang Chen's armor was of the seventh rank of the secondary class.

There was no way they could feel the same thing that those of the three troops and the four battalions were feeling. After learning about Jiang Chen, they were convinced he had made all kinds of miracles, especially this time, when even the North Mansion Battalion and the Flying Mount Battalion, who had a grudge against Jiang Chen, were shouting out his name.

Without Jiang Chen, the three troops and the four battalions would all have been killed there by the tactical formations and the wards deployed by the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop.

However, Jiang Chen had taken advantage of the final killing formation to decrease the casualties to the minimum.

It was even fair to say it had been the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop who had helped them capture the city.

Facing the soldiers' frenetic admiration, Jiang Chen stayed calm. He was even a bit anxious, looking around in the city.

Zhao Wenhao found it strange, following him.

Soon, they came to where the Black Yellow Gas was being exploited. It was a bottomless pit, looking like it led to an underground world.

Beside the pit were a few giant chariots. Thick and long pipes that were connected to them extended into the pit.

It was through these pipes that the Black Yellow Gas was drawn.

Jiang Chen climbed into a chariot and intended to drive it away immediately.

"Jiang Chen, what are you doing?!" Zhao Wenhao was given a good scare. Walking over quickly, he said, "The Black Yellow Gas is an important secret that's unknown to average soldiers. Soldiers aren't allowed to take it for their own use."

Even the average soldiers of the Black Dragon Troop had no idea what they were exploiting, as fences used to isolate holy awareness had been built around the pit.

"I have to drive at least one away, or maybe even more than that," said Jiang Chen.

"Don't worry. The war merit points you've earned are enough to exchange for all of this, but we'll have to follow the process," Zhao Wenhao said.

"No, I can't wait. There's not much time left."

Looking towards the valley, Jiang Chen started all of the chariots.


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