The Brilliant Fighting Master
552 A Great Gap
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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552 A Great Gap

Outside the city there was an open land. There was nowhere to hide.
Charging in the front, the elite team was soon discovered.
Almost 100 bolt throwers shone. The radiance emitted by them covered every
inch outside the city within a range of 30 miles. Endless arrows came.
The elite team was like a silver beam, shining and solid. All of the arrows were
bounced off them, leaving endless rattling sound behind.
"Military counselor?"
The senior general responsible for the defense of the city said in a tone of
asking for instructions, coming up to the military counselor of the Black
Dragon Troop.
He had been the supreme commander of the city, but the military counselor
took over from him after his arrival.
Anyone would be unhappy with that. And this military counselor didn't look like
a military man at all. He was only good at tactical formations and wards.
Facing the enemy's attack, he refused to use the deployed formation and sent
the Black Dragon Troop to confront the enemy, resulting in unnecessary
The only reason was he was leaving all this to one particular man.
If he weren't in a higher position, the senior general of the Black Dragon
Troop might have drawn out his knife.
"Let me see whether this Jiang Chen is good enough." The military counselor
of the Black Dragon Troop nodded. He switched on the first formation.
The two-mile-high city wall was built by rectangular blue flagstone of the same
size. They all looked exactly the same, fitting together perfectly. The
crisscrossed seams made the wall look like a giant chessboard.
As the military counselor waved his hand, there were golden lights overflown
from the seams to form a giant net that flew towards the charging elite team.
"Let me see how you'll crack my Heavenly Silk Net Formation!"
The military counselor said with a cold smile. He was very proud of this
masterpiece of his. The giant net made of golden silk threads was dazzling.
And it was powerful.
Maybe its destructive power wasn't the most amazing, but it was definitely
one of the formations most difficult to crack.

"Once the net gets them, their formation will be melted. That's when you'll
launch the attack," the military counselor said.
"Yes, sir!"
The senior general said loudly.
If that was the case, it would be the best. The formation of the Black Dragon
Troop could kill each individual enemy easily.
"Since when do they have such a formation?!"
Following the elite team, Zhao Wenhao and others all turned pale when they
had seen the giant golden net. This was one of the trickiest formation the
Dragon Rebel Army had.
Putting its destructive power aside, the thing was once they were under the
net, any formation would be cracked.
If the elite team couldn't maintain the Cracking Resistance Formation, they
would be courting death.
Zhao Wenhao didn't understand why the Black Dragon Troop had fought

against them despite of the Heavenly Silk Net Formation, which had led to his
wrong estimation about the defensive power in the city.
It was already too late to retreat. The giant golden net was like a tsunami.
"Are they showing off?"
In the elite team, Jiang Chen laid his eyes on the giant net. He was more
surprised than panicked.
He felt like he was being challenged. This was the intuition of a tactical
formation master.
No matter what the fact was, Jiang Chen was going to crack the giant net, and
he was able to do that.
The Cracking Resistance Formation changed from the silver beam into an
extra large drop of water. Staying still in the air, it was waiting for the giant
golden net's approach.
When the giant golden net got closer, about to wrap the elite team in, the
water drop started to swirl around the net.
It was a weird scene. The closing net became soft as the drop of water drop
tumbled. It couldn't wrap the water drop in.

In the end, wherever the water drop passed by, the golden silk threads lost
their luster, as if they had been eroded. A hole finally appeared.
The elite team went out through the hole. Zhao Wenhao felt relieved. He was
happy that he had made a right decision to let Jiang Chen join the elite team.
"It worked?"
The proud military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop was petrified. He had
never thought his tactical formation would have been cracked in such a funny
"Military counselor, they're closer and closer to the city. Let's send the soldiers
out," the senior general said helplessly.
The elite team would be over the city very soon. If they started the battle by
then, the exploitation of the Black Yellow Gas would probably be affected.
"Shut up! The really interesting part of the show is yet to come. Why are you
in such a hurry?"
The military counselor shouted in anger. He thought he had been looked
down. However, he was too weak to speak resonantly.
Anyway, the senior general wasn't going to go against him.
"So, the real competition starts now!"
The military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop made a great effort to
straighten his back, waving his hands.
In an instant, two great formations outside the city wall and three wards were
switched on together. Working with each other, they formed an absolute zone.
At the same time, the military counselor played his trump card, expecting to
eliminate all of the enemy after Jiang Chen fell into his trap.
"If we had been treated in the same way, we could have been eliminated."
Zhao Wenhao saw the area within a range of 600 miles out of the city was
extremely abnormal due to the tactical formations and the wards. Hidden
energies were flowing. Killing intents were ambushing in the dark.
"How naive."
But in Jiang Chen's eyes, these complex and changeable tactical formations
and wards without any rhythms were extremely clear and easy to understand.
When you get the nature of things, it'll be easy for you to see through them.
Jiang Chen had seen through the level and attainments of the military
counselor of the Black Dragon Troop.

In his previous life spent in the Sacred Zone, it would defend on his mood as
to whether he would accept such an apprentice.
The Cracking Resistance Formation kept changing, travelling through the
area deployed with tactical formations, showing mysteries that average
people couldn't understand.
In lay people's eyes, it was like sweeping trashes. The various lights and false
appearances in that absolute zone were all removed. The process had never
been interrupted.
"No way..."
The military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop, eager to have a
competition with Jiang Chen, suddenly found he wasn't a match for the latter
at all. They weren't even on the same level.
"Military counselor!"
The senior general said anxiously.
In his eyes, the military counselor was only using camouflage to stop the
enemy, but it didn't work.
Seeing the elite team had been in a very threatening position, the senior
general requested to fight.
However, the military counselor didn't respond. He was still petrified.
The senior general hurried to shake his shoulders, but the military counselor
spit up blood and fell onto the ground like a pile of mud.
"Useless thing."
The senior general didn't expect him to be so fragile, even unable to handle
such a small blow. He didn't care about the military counselor's order
anymore. Raising his arms, he shouted, "Fight!"
Out of the city wall, the senior general led the Black Dragon Troop to fight
against the elite team and the battle groups led by Zhao Wenhao, who had
just arrived.
"It shouldn't be like this. How could a person be so damn good?"
Lying on the ground, the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop didn't
look any proud. He looked even older. His desperate look aroused others'
"Die. All of you, die!"
However, pitiful persons must have some hateful aspects. The military
counselor of the Black Dragon Troop had lost his mind. Ignoring his or his

men's safety, he switched on the great killing formation combined by the
wards and the tactical formations.


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