The Brilliant Fighting Master
551 The Elite Team
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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551 The Elite Team

The upland city was built against a mountain, easy to defend, difficult to
What Jiang Chen had said reminded them of the order given by the general. It
seemed true.
"The good news is if we capture this city, they'll be slowed down," Jiang Chen
The commander of the Tiger Troop said confusedly, "Wait. If we capture this
city, doesn't it mean there are no more seven cities? They can still deploy the
ward in that case?"
"The seven cities we're aiming for are built at where a blowout of the Black
Yellow Gas can happen. Destroying them is our priority, but the ward doesn't
necessarily require these seven cities," Jiang Chen said.
"In other words, it'll be perfect for the Dragon Rebel Army if all of these seven
cities are successfully built, but even if they aren't, as long as they have other
cities built on the battlefield, the ward can still be deployed!"
"In that case, even if we destroy all of the seven cities, we can't guarantee the
safety of other places."
"How cunning the Dragon Rebel Army is. Every part is linked with another. It's
impossible to remove all of the potential threats."
The news Jiang Chen had brought wasn't good. The soldiers were suffering
from low morale.
"Don't worry. The Dragon Rebel Army will absolutely try their best to ensure
the successful construction of the first city at the blowout location of the Black
Yellow Gas, because the Black Yellow Gas is their target," Jiang Chen said.
Things were clear by then. They had to capture the city as quickly as possible.
The longer it took them, the situation would be worse for them.
"Pass on my order. Capture the city in two hours," Zhao Wenhao ordered.
The three middle troops and four battalions from the lower troop got prepared
for the battle as quickly as possible.
"An elite team of the Black Dragon Troop is stationed in the city. So the city is
actually heavily guarded. I didn't know why that was, but now I've realized the
importance of this city," Zhao Wenhao said.
Jiang Chen didn't respond. Gazing at the city, he suddenly said, "They've
started to exploit the Black Yellow Gas."

The three commanders were shocked again. They also looked over. Over the
city, they vaguely saw two different-colored strands of radiance mingled
It was one thing to deploy the ward. It was another to exploit the Black Yellow
"General Zhao, Jiang Chen, we've worked out two battle plans."
The commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop walked over. He hadn't been
speaking much. It turned out he had been pondering on this.
"I've discussed with the commander of the Tiger Troop. The formations of the
two battle groups will be combined. The Shadow Pursuing Troop will be the
dare-to-die troop. Or we'll pick elites from all troops and battalions to form an
elite troop. We'll be a sharp blade pierced into the enemy's heart!"

Frowning, Zhao Wenhao was pondering. The two plans were both plausible.
They both had their strengths and weaknesses.
"Combining the formations is the best solution. Forming an elite team is a
surprise move, which might have wonderful effect."
Zhao Wenhao said, hesitating. He didn't know which one to choose.
"Jiang Chen, what do you think?"
Zhao Wenhao automatically looked towards Jiang Chen again. He had been
used to the latter's help.
"No method is absolutely correct, especially on a battlefield. Even the
smartest people don't have the nerve to say their method is the best before
the end."
Jiang Chen said, "We should believe ourselves, aiming high and strive for the
best result. Even if we fail, we won't regret."
Zhao Wenhao knitted his brows, no idea what that was supposed to mean.
Then he tumbled to it. He opened his eyes widely. There was gratitude in his
"Form an elite team." Zhao Wenhao was decisive.
Soon, the troops and the battalions picked out their best soldiers and
generals. There were more than 200 of them, five of whom were Venerables,
all Martial Venerables.

It wasn't easy to see a Spiritual Venerable. In that castle, the Spiritual
Venerable was there because the guards troops were performing a secret
"Cracking Resistance Formation."
The temporary elite team had practiced before in the Third Legion. They had
their own formation.
But a problem arose soon. Jiang Chen hadn't been in the legion for a long
time. He was only familiar with the Cooling Formation. Knowing nothing about
the Cracking Resistance Formation, he couldn't even function as a soldier
who input energy into the formation.
"Jiang Chen, you'll be the surrogate commander of the Red Flame Battalion."
Qiu Yan immediately decided to replace him to join the elite team.
"Don't worry. Although the Cracking Resistance Formation doesn't know me, I
might know it. Show me how it works," Jiang Chen said.
If the request had been made by another person, he would have been cursed.
But it was Jiang Chen, so there was no problem at all.
The elite team was led by the commander of the Shadow Pursuing Troop.
They entered the Cracking Resistance Formation and transformed to a
changeable silver blade.
As per Jiang Chen's request, the blade kept changing. It stretched to its limit
into a thin mirror face, shining with the luster of metal, and extremely sharp.
Then the elite team switched off the formation. The blade also disappeared.
"Jiang Chen, what do you think?" Zhao Wenhao asked.
Jiang Chen's join wouldn't necessarily help the Cracking Resistance
Formation work well, but he could see through the tactical formations and
wards deployed in the city.
That was what would help the elite team capture the city.
"I've figured out the secret of the Cracking Resistance Formation. Let me join
the first array of the formation," Jiang Chen said.
The first array referred to those who controlled the variation and the action of
the formation.
The second array referred to those soldiers, who were the energy source of
the formation. They would listen to the first array's direction.

As a newbie, it was too much to ask for Jiang Chen to join the first array, but
no one objected.
"Guys, follow on. We must break the enemy's defense and capture the city at
one go!"
Zhao Wenhao didn't join the elite team. He had to direct the Bright Moon
Battle Group. The Shadow Pursuing Troop always acted alone. That was why
their commander could be the leader of the formation.
In fact, most people of the elite team were from the Shadow Pursuing Troop.
When everything had been set, the army headed for the city.
Almost as soon as they moved, loud horns came from the city.
On the city wall, an old man standing on the stairs was observing the enemy's
"Their formation has changed. They're coming for a life-or-death fight. That
Jiang Chen must have come back."
The military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop said excitedly.
Not like Zhao Wenhao, the Dragon Rebel Army had been informed of the
battle over the valley.
The Black Dragon General flew into a rage when he had learned Jiang Chen
wasn't killed and he had lost numerous elite subordinates.
However, this was what the military counselor of the Black Dragon Troop
wanted to see.
He didn't want Jiang Chen to die in that way, known as someone who had
defeated him!
He wanted to crash Jiang Chen and save his face. After that, he wouldn't give
a damn about Jiang Chen's life.
He had tried his best and put everything he had learned into use to deploy the
three tactical formations, the three wards and the combination of wards and
tactical formations.
He was extremely eager to defeat Jiang Chen. He even didn't switch on these
wards and tactical formations facing Zhao Wenhao's attack, afraid they would
be exposed in advance.


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