The Brilliant Fighting Master
550 The Due Day
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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550 The Due Day

Jiang Chen had no idea what the woman had said, so he had to give the
order, "Stay away from the castle!"
He didn't waste any time. Grabbing the long-legged woman's shoulder, he
was going to fly.
It was at this moment that the ground started to shake violently. The Redcloud
Sword in Jiang Chen's hand also shook.
The woman had anticipated it. She took advantage of the chance to jump onto
the ground.
At the same time, the general of the guards troops came quickly, like an arrow
shot from a holy bow.
Jiang Chen wasn't a match for him at all. He had to drive the eight groups of
spiritual beings again to flee into the air.
The general didn't fight with the eight groups of spiritual beings. His only aim
was to save the woman.
After having saved her, he and other guards ran into a lane next to the castle.
The beautiful castle was falling apart, destroyed by the earthquake. Gravels
kept rolling down.
In addition to that, extremely hot flames gushed out of the cracks on the
ground, destroying everything.
Jiang Chen, in the air, knew this wasn't over yet. He hurried to leave with the
Red Flame Battalion. The castle exploded like an ignited power keg when
they had been dozens of miles away.
The castle disappeared. Only a giant crater was left. Lasting energies were
still fluctuating there.
"How cruel they are," said Tang Zhengyi.
"They must have left through some secret tunnel." It occurred to Jiang Chen
they had gone in the same direction together. He knew they weren't dead.
"All evidences are gone."
That was what Qiu Yan cared about. After the disappearance of the castle,
she had no way to prove the Dragon Rebel Army was studying evil methods.
The Sacred Martial Arts Institute wouldn't listen to her.
"This isn't our mission. Let's head for the seven cities."

Worrying about Whitty, Jiang Chen went back into the Cooling Formation with
Tang Zhengyi and others to complete the Red Flame Battalion.
"Among the eight battalions, we Red Flame Battalion are the only battalion
with two Venerables," Wang Qiang said proudly.
"It's more than that."
Jiang Chen's breakthrough to Venerable contributed a lot to the military power
of the Red Flame Battalion. It was fair to say the current Red Flame Battalion
could be compared to a middle troop.
"Jiang Chen, let's talk about the tactical formation."
Qiu Yan suddenly said to him in an unkind tone. She looked emotionless.
"Yeah? What do you want to talk about?" Jiang Chen played dumb. He
pretended he had no idea what she was referring to.
"When I agreed you to modify the Cooling Formation, I told you the tactical
formation would be under my control. It's not because I don't trust you, but
because it's the rule in the army." Qiu Yan was really pissed off. She had
thought she had the control of the Cooling Formation, but it turned out that

she was bound by the tactical formation.
"But everything is fine, isn't it?"
Knowing it was his fault, Jiang Chen said with an embarrassed smile.
"I'm not angry because of that, but if you keep neglecting authority like this,
you'll end up badly in the future, especially in the army," Qiu Yan said.
It turned that she was worrying about Jiang Chen.
Because she saw her brother in Jiang Chen.
"I know."
Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, not taking it seriously.
"You're arrogant and proud," Qiu Yan said unhappily.
"Thank you," said Jiang Chen seriously.
Qiu Yan didn't know what to say. Shaking her head, she stopped speaking.
The Red Flame Battalion headed for one of the seven cities as fast as
The city was in siege, but the Bright Moon Troop, the Tiger Troop and the
Shadow Pursuing Troop hadn't taken it successfully.

A siege warfare usually took time. And the military power in the city wasn't
weak, so it was normal that there was no result yet.
""Hopefully things are going on well for the other battle groups,"" Zhao
Wenhao thought to himself.
The next day was the due day. They still had time.
"Corps commander, the Red Flame Battalion is back!"
A lieutenant of his said in an extremely excited tone.
Zhao Wenhao instantly lost his manner. Pressing his hand on the lieutenant's
shoulder, he said emotionally, "What about Jiang Chen? Is he all right?"
The lieutenant was surprised. He knew Zhao Wenhao wasn't very sociable,
which was kind of his weakness.
He was really surprised that Zhao Wenhao was so emotional because of
Jiang Chen.
Then the lieutenant gave Zhao Wenhao a satisfying answer.
The Red Flame Battalion was welcomed by the three middle troops. They
really appreciated that the Red Flame Battalion would rather sacrifice
themselves than get the whole battle groups into trouble.
"How did you run away from the Dragon Rebel Army?" the commander of the
Shadow Pursuing Troop asked curiously.
Zhang Tianyi had a look of surprise on his face, because he noticed Jiang
Chen was already a Venerable!
"Would that be necessary? War Chariot, Black Dragon and Holy Wind had
great casualties. They fled as fast as their legs would carry them!" Tang
Zhengyi said loudly.
It sounded like a fictional story to the three middle troops.
Then Jiang Chen told them that it was he who had tricked the Dragon Rebel
Army into the territory of the beast and he had the way to avoid the beast's
Zhao Wenhao and the other two commanders had all heard about the beast,
namely Whitty. They did believe the beast could eliminate the Dragon Rebel
"I knew you wouldn't die easily," Zhao Wenhao said in a joyful tone.

Jiang Chen nodded. He suddenly walked towards the Shadow Pursuing
Troop and went up to Zhang Tianyi.
Pulling a long face, Zhang Tianyi was kind of nervous. Although he admired
Jiang Chen sincerely, he wasn't sure whether Jiang Chen was still holding a
grudge against him.
Now that Jiang Chen had been a Venerable, it was quite probable that he
would come to pick a fight with him.
The whole Third Legion knew about the fight between them. Seeing them
confronting each other face to face, they all felt nervous.
"It was my fault to impede your breakthrough to the Venerable." To his
surprise, Jiang Chen apologized to him.
It turned out Jiang Chen came to understand how difficult the process was
and what the consequence could be after his own breakthrough.
Back then he was so emotional that he lost his mind.
His apology was beyond people's expectation. Even Zhang Tianyi didn't
anticipate it.
Then Zhang Tianyi said, "That's all right. You didn't make me fail. You only
interrupted me. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to accomplish the
breakthrough in such a short time."
After hesitation, he went on, "In fact, if you hadn't interrupted me, I might have
killed you in anger. Besides, it was my fault to start the whole thing. I should
apologize to you."
"Let's call it even."
Jiang Chen said, beaming.
"Okay!" Zhang Tianyi nodded and smiled back. He felt relieved.
Then Jiang Chen asked about the battle. He said, "How is everything going?"
"We should be able to take the city before the dusk of tomorrow. I believe
other battle groups, under less pressure, will complete their tasks, too," Zhao
Wenhao said.
He sounded optimistic. However, throwing the city a glance, Jiang Chen said,
"No. The due time will be tomorrow's afternoon instead of the dusk."
"Why?" Zhao Wenhao said,confused.
"The construction of this city has been done, so the construction of the other
six cities will cost one-seventh less of the time this one's construction has

"So they'll be built faster?"
"Yes. And in this way, the ward might be successfully deployed by tonight."


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