The Brilliant Fighting Master
548 Sword, Formation on!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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548 Sword, Formation on!

"Princess," said a junior captain beside the woman in a tone that asked for instructions.

In the castle, fatal weapons had been aimed at Jiang Chen, who was in the air, waiting for the order to kill him.

"Take him alive," the woman said.

The junior captain didn't hesitate. He would follow all of her orders, no matter what they were.

Seeing that Jiang Chen was alone, the junior captain flew into the air with a knife in hand.

Like the Commander of Holy Wind, he was in the middle stage of Martial Venerable, but he wasn't as strong as the commander.

Assuming he could defeat Jiang Chen easily, the junior captain struck down with his knife towards the latter.

Jiang Chen threw a punch out, using neither knife nor sword.

After he had become a Martial Venerable, the combination of the dragon martial arts and the dragon power was extremely formidable. Aided by the power of thunder, it was even more powerful.

The junior captain's knife hadn't even dropped when he was hit away. Spitting up blood, he lost his hold on the knife.

"That's all you guard troops have?" Jiang Chen said disdainfully.

It caused an uproar among the guards. Although it was impossible to see their faces, their anger and panic were obvious.

A Martial Venerable in the preliminary stage had sent a Martial Venerable in the middle stage flying. That was beyond their comprehension.

Qiu Yan raised her long slim eyebrows, as if she had guessed Jiang Chen's intentions. Walking to the edge of the cage, she said, "That's my lieutenant. You'll pay a price for what you did!"

"Yeah?" the woman sneered. Throwing the junior captains beside her a glance, she said, "Go!"

The other four junior captains hesitated, but not because they were afraid.

They were used to following orders unconditionally, and their primary task was to protect the princess.

But if they walked away from the princess, the average guards beside her wouldn't be strong enough to guarantee her safety.

"What are you waiting for?!" the woman said in anger.

"Go ahead." At this moment, a large man landed beside the woman. Also in armor, he looked as magnificent as an iron tower.

"Spiritual Venerable!"

Perceiving the energy emitted by the man, those in the cages were shocked.

"Yes, sir!"

Since the princess had the general's protection, the four junior captains could rest assured. They went into the air. With the other captain, who had managed to regain his balance, there were five of them.

Three of them were Martial Venerables in the preliminary stage, and two were in the middle stage.

They dashed towards Jiang Chen aggressively, blocking the latter's escape.

"That's not good."

Qiu Yan felt worried. Dealing with one rival and dealing with a group of rivals weren't the same thing. She had no idea whether Jiang Chen could handle it or not.

In the air, Jiang Chen gripped the Red Cloud Sword with his left hand and the black knife with his right hand. His hands crossed in front of his chest.

A gale blew in perfect timing when he drew the sword and the knife out at the same time. His hair danced madly in the wind.

"A Sword Attack without Permanence.

"A Sword Attack without Measurement."

Without any unnecessary talking, Jiang Chen exerted the power of the doctrine of sword to launch an attack at the five junior captains.

Anyhow, these people were Martial Venerables. They tried their best.

The five men used five different weapons and practiced five different martial arts techniques. The only thing they had in common was the dreadful power of all Venerables.

Surrounded by them, Jiang Chen was moving his hands rapidly. As the knife and the sword moved, nothing was left intact.

The five men's attacks were like different fruits thrown at Jiang Chen, which were promptly cut to pieces by his knife and sword.

Then the knife and the sword were pointed at them.

"What doctrine of sword is this?"

On the ground, the woman finally grew serious. She was also a sword user. She could perceive the unusual power contained in Jiang Chen's sword.

As soon as the five junior captains were defeated, the demons in the air charged towards the woman and the large man like mad.

Jiang Chen followed them. He intended to take advantage of this chance to save his men.

The woman wasn't panicked, since the general of the guard troops was beside her.

"Stupid and arrogant."

The general came forward. Facing the torrent of the demons and Jiang Chen, he was rather calm. It wasn't difficult to picture the stern face behind the mask.

He carried a sword at his waist, but he didn't use it. Instead, he raised his arms high.

He didn't do anything to accumulate power. He didn't look like he was going to throw a punch, either. He merely pressed his palms together, fingertips pointing up.

"Angry Dragon Chime!"

In less than a second, it was like the iron-like palms had the sun in between them. An overwhelming power flew out from between them.

The energy of optical waves was shapeless. There was only lasting noise.

The demons who were exposed to the waves vanished instantly since they had no way to fight back. As long as they came in contact with the waves, they were doomed to die.

Jiang Chen hurried to stop. He didn't dare advance recklessly.

That's how great a Spiritual Venerable is? he thought to himself.

There was a preliminary stage, middle stage, and late stage each for Martial Venerables, Spiritual Venerables, and Celestial Venerables.

So there were nine levels in all, just like the Reaching Heaven State, which was also classified into nine levels, from Cloud One to Cloud Nine.

However, the creators of the state system had taken great pains to divide it like this, although it was difficult to memorize, because the three kinds of Venerables were so different that they had to be treated as so.

In short, Martial Venerable and Spiritual Venerable could be compared to the Mental Wander State and the Reaching Heaven State.

Although there were only three stages—the preliminary stage, the middle stage and the late stage—between them, it wouldn't be easy for practitioners to go through all of them.

Jiang Chen even found the martial arts techniques contained in the general's attack obscure to name, let alone to fight against.

However, he dashed towards the general all the same after the optical waves had been shot out.

"Jiang Chen, no!" Qiu Yan shouted anxiously.

"What a fool," the woman with long legs said, a cold smile on her face.

The general put his hands down. Grasping the sword handle with his right hand, he drew the sword out at a moderate speed.

As a Spiritual Venerable, his sword attack would be much more dreadful than his last attack.

"Sword formation, on!"

However, Jiang Chen suddenly shouted before he landed.

People saw human beings hiding behind the demons. They were Tang Zhengyi and the other soldiers.

After joining Jiang Chen, they had started to deploy the formation as per Jiang Chen's instructions.

As soon as the sword formation was on, a giant sword that measured dozens of feet struck down.

Qiu Yan and the others noticed the general stopped drawing out his sword for a second.

A voice as cold as metal came from behind the metal mask.

"Princess, go back into the castle."

The woman nodded instead of arrogantly insisting to stay.

Then the general drew his sword out and dashed towards Jiang Chen, intending to crack the sword formation alone.

"Eight groups of spiritual beings, on!"

To his surprise, Jiang Chen had even more trump cards.

Azure Demon, the black dragon, and Asura flew out of the sword formation, charging forward.

"This is bad," the general of the guards troops couldn't help but exclaim.

The energy fluctuation generated by the crash of the two parties nearly destroyed the castle. The iron cages, partly buried underground, were distorted and out of shape so that those kept inside could run out.

The long-legged woman couldn't help but look back though she hadn't walked too far, wondering how things would end up.

To her surprise, she saw Jiang Chen's pretty but serious face as soon as she turned.

"Lady, please cooperate with me." Jiang Chen smiled politely. At the same time, the Red Cloud Sword had been pressed against her throat.

"All of you, freeze!"


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