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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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547 A Jinx

The hundreds of people of the Red Flame Battalion were confined in groups in big cages. The pungent smell in there suggested they could have been used previously to hold animals.

But Qiu Yan knew the smell actually came from demons!

As the sound of footsteps approached, a person beyond their expectations showed up, receiving the military salute of the guards.

Surprisingly, it was a woman, but considering the splendid design of the castle, it made sense.

The woman was tall and slim. Her legs were so long that it seemed she didn't have a waist.

Her boots were knee-high, while the fair and smooth skin between her knees and her lap was exposed.

Her light armor had more aesthetic than practical value. A large part of her skin was exposed. It was dangerous for a woman to be on the battlefield in such an armor, especially for such a pretty woman.

Her straight nose and arched brows made her look a bit exotic.

With a faint smile on her face, she walked up to the cages.

"You trespassed on my land. That's a capital crime."

Overlooking the soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion in the cages, the woman said, "Your lives are mine now. Keep that in mind."

The soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion glanced at each other. Qiu Yan didn't say anything, either.

"Now, I need ten men," the woman said.

Then the cages were opened. A Venerable junior captain went in.

The soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion couldn't exert any power in these cages, so they couldn't fight back.

Ten strong soldiers were taken, shouting and yelling. The woman also left.

About 15 minutes later, the ten men were brought back. The other soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion took a deep breath when they saw them again.

The ten strong people had been dried up. They were as thin as sticks and were all skin and bones, with deep sunken eyes.

They were still alive, but they had been permanently disabled.

Many soldiers recalled how hot the woman was. They looked odd with their minds busy picturing vivid fantasies.

"You're working on evil methods! How dare you! Once the Sacred Martial Arts Institute is informed, the Dragon Rebel Army will be in big trouble!" Qiu Yan shouted emotionally. She had come up with a reasonable assumption.

The woman came back. She didn't seem to be in a good mood, because she hadn't gotten what she wanted. The experiment had failed.

"Take 20 more," she ordered, ignoring Qiu Yan.

Warned by Qiu Yan, the soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion all turned pale. They had all heard of how dreadful evil methods were.

They couldn't bear the thought of being used as guinea pigs. Everyone was stepping back in their cages so that they wouldn't be taken.

However, in the end, the junior captain took another 20 unlucky guys from them.

But when someone intended to take Qiu Yan, the woman stopped him.

"Leave her there for the moment. It's not easy to find Venerables for our experiments. Save her until the last minute."

Qiu Yan didn't relax because of that. Instead, she said in anger, "The Dragon Rebel Army claim to fight for justice, fighting to overturn the tyranny. Aren't you ashamed of what you're doing?"

"Hehe." The woman came up to her. She reached into the cage and pinched Qiu Yan's cheek with her long, thin fingers.

"The Flying Dragon Dynasty has managed to stay powerful until today because they invested lots of money and manpower to study evil methods hundreds of years ago. Their success in evil methods contributed to the power of the dynasty.

"Nowadays, to secure their dominant position, the Flying Dragon Dynasty calls them evil methods and made rules against them along with the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. If that isn't tyranny, what is?"

Although she had posed a question, she was putting such great strength into her fingers that Qiu Yan couldn't answer her at all.

"You'll pay the price. Our lieutenant will revenge us," a soldier of the Red Flame Battalion shouted.

The woman acted like she had heard a joke. She released Qiu Yan and then said, "Even your commander can't do anything to me. What can your lieutenant do?"

A great disturbance came from over the castle almost as soon as she had finished speaking.

They looked up and saw a dark cloud formed by numerous low-level demons approaching the castle.

The woman and the guards weren't panicked at all. They were only confused why these demons were attacking the castle for no reason.

However, the soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion in the cages cheered up.

The 20 men that had been taken outside couldn't help but burst out in laughter.

Upon seeing such an unusual scene, the woman said, "Is that your lieutenant?"

No one answered. They even felt too disdainful to look at her.

"He's courting death," she said coldly. When the low-level demons were about 100 yards away from the castle, they felt like they had bumped into a hard surface, then they blew up.

If observed from another angle, people would see the whole castle was shrouded in a halo.

The transparent halo seemed thin, but in fact, it was extremely powerful.

The dark and dense mass of demons were kept out of the halo. They died one after another, while the halo wasn't even a little bit weakened.

"That's what he relies on, these low-level demons?" the woman said with a cold smile.

Whenever she spoke, a mishap would happen. It was hard to say whether it was only a coincidence.

It was the demons first. As soon as she finished speaking, the ward halo shrouding the castle shook violently, and a big hole appeared over them, growing bigger and bigger.

The impatient demons swarmed in right away.

"Princess! Go back into the castle!" Some junior captains went up to the woman immediately to protect her.

"I'll stay here. I'm curious to see how they'll be rescued!"

The woman was reluctant to go. She wasn't taking the demons seriously yet.

She was confident for a reason. Before the demons started the attack, the weapons in the castle had been all set.

Among them there were bolt throwers, and those weren't the most powerful weapons the woman had in the castle. What really surprised people was a chariot that could throw fire.

As the fire-like heat wave was shot into the sky, the demons were burnt right away.

In the meantime, the guards had all gathered in the square where the cages were. The demons had no way to break the defense, which was composed of guards in the Reaching Heaven State, not to mention five Venerables.

"I'll kill ten soldiers for every minute that passes. Just keep using the demons to consume our military power! Let's see who'll have the last laugh!"

The woman was not only hot, but also hot-tempered. Although she saw nobody in the sky, she kept yelling loudly.

Then someone walked out of the cloud of demons slowly.

None of the demons around him attacked him. Instead, they made way for him.

"Jiang Chen!"

Qiu Yan was pleasantly surprised. Jiang Chen was still alive and safe in spite of the chase of the Dragon Rebel Army.

What was more, he had broken through to the Venerable stage.

However, the current situation suddenly occurred to Qiu Yan while she was feeling happy for him. She hurried to say, "Jiang Chen, these are the Dragon Rebel Army's guard troops. They have five Venerables. Run!"

Sizing up the castle below, Jiang Chen kept approaching them, as if he hadn't heard her.

"Not bad." The woman cooled off a little bit after seeing Jiang Chen's face. She said with a smile, "You'll make a good guinea pig."


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