The Brilliant Fighting Master
545 To Kill the Ugly Dragon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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545 To Kill the Ugly Dragon

The Commander of Holy Wind's weapon was an iron spear that didn't look too heavy. It was long and thin, with a two-foot-long head that looked like a blade and felt light and sharp.

The brutal power carried by the rushing spear created a great wind.

When he had taken one step forward, the wind reached its limit and caused an explosion. Flying across the sky, the Commander of Holy Wind came up to Jiang Chen in an instant with his spear.

The spear was emotionless. A considerable power was generated when it was pierced forward. Thousands of wind blades were released instantly.

"He's so fierce!" The soldiers in the Reaching Heaven State on the spot were all intimidated by the attack, which was as fast as lightning. Even Murong Long, who had been hesitating, was amazed.

It occurred to him that the Commander of Holy Wind must have had outstanding skills to be a senior general of the Dragon Rebel Army at such a young age.

He saw the differences, besides the gap of state, from this single spear attack.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Odd sounds came out of Jiang Chen's body. When the wind blades were about to kill him, shining electricity gushed out of him to form a protective armor over his body.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

At the same time, Jiang Chen waved the Red Cloud Sword.

The short sword exchanged blows with the long spear, but it wasn't at a disadvantage. On the contrary, Jiang Chen took one step ahead and the Commander of Holy Wind started to retreat.

"How powerful!" The Commander of Holy Wind was shocked. The electricity and the strength Jiang Chen had shown made it hard for him to believe his rival had only just become a Venerable.

"You...You've developed all eight of your extraordinary meridians?"

The Commander of Holy Wind was shocked when this idea occurred to him.

The Eight Extraordinary Meridians were especially valued when one broke through to the Reaching Heaven State from the Mental Wander State, because they mattered more and more in the later stages.

The fully developed Eight Extraordinary Meridians made Jiang Chen out of common among Martial Venerables.

Thanks to the extraordinary power flowing in the Holy Sea, he managed to subdue his rival in the middle stage when he was only in the preliminary stage. The power of dragon and phoenix in his body offered a solid base for his strength.

He's using me to practice!

The Magical Thunder Armor and the momentum of the sword, which obviously hadn't been fully exerted, reminded the Commander of Holy Wind that Jiang Chen was adapting to his new state as a Martial Venerable.

Jiang Chen didn't appear as magnificent as he had when he had been a Reaching Heaven State.

The battle suit of radiance didn't appear, and the dragon armor also seemed to have vanished.

He currently looked more like a pure swordsman, agile and powerful.

There were no shocking energy fluctuations in the fight between the two Martial Venerables. It was more like a fight between masters of martial arts techniques. The sky was their battlefield.

His sword carries the power of the doctrine of sword. Did he also inherit the doctrine of sword?

The Commander of Holy Wind gradually gave up the idea of teaching Jiang Chen a lesson that there were different levels of Venerables.


The War Chariot Troop and the Black Dragon Troop were decisive. After seeing things weren't going on well, they left right away.

Whitty launched another attack. The demons hovering overhead charged down like a dark cloud.

The Commander of Holy Wind felt dismal somehow. He ordered the Holy Wind Troop to leave.

"I won't continue the fight." The Commander of Holy Wind suddenly stopped and said coldly, "I'm not going to help you adapt to the power of the Venerable stage."

"You're a Martial Venerable in the middle stage," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile. He still remembered how the commander had boasted.

"You're a genius from the Three Middle Realms. Did you come to the Three Lower Realms because you would rather be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion?" the Commander of Holy Wind scorned.

"You're wrong. I'm from the Realm of Nine Heavens."

"No way!" The Commander of Holy Wind couldn't accept this fact. He, a genius from the Realm of True Force, had been defeated by a man from the Realm of Nine Heavens?

Suddenly, he heard Jiang Chen whisper into his ear. "Don't be so surprised. My master is the best in the Sacred Zone."

The Commander of Holy Wind was struck dumb. Then he turned pale. How could Jiang Chen, who had been hundreds of feet away from him, be standing beside him a second later?

He wanted to turn when he realized his life was in Jiang Chen's hands.

A blade, emitting hot air, was being pressed against his neck.

Squinting at him, Jiang Chen asked calmly, "Your information?"

"Huh." Curling his lip, the Commander of Holy Wind didn't answer. He looked resolute.

"Then die." Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy. As the Red Cloud Sword cut through him, the Commander of Holy Wind died immediately.

Jiang Chen looked into the distance. A cold smile lifted the corner of his mouth.

"Morons. They're all morons!"

The only thing Murong Long had regretted was that his parents hadn't given him another leg so that he could run faster. He hadn't run as fast in his entire life.

He didn't dare stay with the troops, because he didn't want Jiang Chen to see him.

Flying alone in the Alien Battlefield was very dangerous, but Murong Long wasn't thinking about it at the moment.

He wanted to go back and leave the army right away to stay at home quietly.

No more achievements. No more ambitions. He had left all of those things behind.

He isn't chasing me, is he?

Murong Long didn't stop until he was too tired to continue. The fact that he was thousands of miles away from the valley made him feel safe.

"You're not going to run again?" a cold voice said from overhead. Murong Long was shocked. He looked up, not believing what he had heard. Then he saw the intimidating figure standing there.

He didn't know when Jiang Chen had caught up with him, or whether the latter had been following him for a long time.

"What did we say to each other the last time we met?" Jiang Chen said slowly as he landed.

"Let me think… You said I, as a Reaching Heaven State, wasn't good enough to speak to you, didn't you? I think I'm good enough now.

"And I said I would kill you the day I became a Venerable."

Jiang Chen's voice made Murong Long break out in a cold sweat. He couldn't even speak.

He said three words after a good while.

"Don't kill me."

"Both of us are in the preliminary stage of Martial Venerable. Shouldn't we have a fight?" Jiang Chen said seriously.

"Don't kill me," Murong Long repeated. "I'll be an important hostage for you. I'll be of great help for your return to the Dragon Field."

"Where's your pride? You weren't like this in the small world." Jiang Chen wasn't joking. He was actually disappointed.

Murong Long was struck dumb. He had lost all of his confidence after so many things had happened.

His teeth had been beaten out when Jiang Chen had still been a Reaching Heaven State.

After becoming a Martial Venerable, Jiang Chen had killed the Commander of Holy Wind, who was a lot stronger than him.

How could Murong Long be a match for him?!

"Jiang Chen, you can't kill me."

He was sure Jiang Chen wouldn't let him go, so he showed his cruel side once again. He took out his scimitar and pointed the tip at himself.

"Because I'll kill myself."

Murong Long was going to stab himself, but he suddenly stopped. It wasn't because of his fear of death, but because death had already come.

"I told you I would kill you with my own hands."

Standing behind him, Jiang Chen was holding his sword in his left hand. Blood was still dripping from the blade.

Murong Long had a sword wound on his neck. Both his blood and his vitality were flowing away rapidly.

He used his last bit of energy to look back. He saw Jiang Chen's back, and then the whole world went dark.

"I shouldn't have!" In the end, he screamed reluctantly. No one knew what he had been referring to.

He shouldn't have come to the Alien Battlefield? Or he shouldn't have antagonized Jiang Chen at the very beginning?

Anyhow, it was too late for regrets.


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