The Brilliant Fighting Master
544 A Fight between Martial Venerables
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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544 A Fight between Martial Venerables

In fact, Whitty was already strong enough to take revenge by himself, but his weakness was that he didn't know how to deal with tactical formations, so he hadn't challenged the Dragon Rebel Army yet.

With Jiang Chen there, he was running around the valley gallantly.

"You've just become a Venerable, but unfortunately, you'll die here soon," the Commander of Holy Wind said.

As he spoke, he asked Murong Long through holy awareness, "You know him. Do you think he'll surrender?"

"No," Murong Long answered immediately.

There was no personal bias in the answer. It was a fair comment.

"So, we'll kill him."

It seemed the Commander of Holy Wind had forgotten about Whitty, when in fact, he hadn't. Upon seeing Jiang Chen leave the valley safely, although he didn't know how the latter had made it, he thought the beast wouldn't be a match for them, either, if it couldn't even handle Jiang Chen.

"You think you can kill me?" Jiang Chen found this funny.

"You think I can't? It's great that you've become a Venerable, but we're in a battle, not an individual fight. Our three troops can defeat you for sure," the Commander of Holy Wind said complacently.

"It's not weakness or foolishness that leads to one's ruin, but arrogance.

"Whitty!" Jiang Chen called with a cold smile.

A deafening tiger's growl came from the valley. Whitty ran out of it all of a sudden and jumped at the three troops.

"Defend! Defend! Quick!"

The Dragon Rebel Army, fully prepared, didn't panic. They got into defensive mode right away.

A few thirty-feet-long chariots owned by the War Chariot Troop formed a special formation to deal with Whitty.

There was a shining weapon, long and sharp, at the front end of each chariot.

Jiang Chen's lips moved. Whitty charged out like an arrow, as if he had received Jiang Chen's instructions.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Under Whitty's attack, the chariots weren't able to fight back at all. They fell apart immediately.

The Commander of Holy Wind looked towards Murong Long again. He regretted not listening to this raving guy.

Jiang Chen wasn't an average man whose behavior could be anticipated with common sense. If he had known Jiang Chen would be able to subdue a fierce beast, he would have entered the valley at all costs.

But it was too late for them to do anything now. Half of the War Chariot Troop had either died or been injured.

It shouldn't have been that bad in theory. Under the dual protection of the formation and the formation diagram, they should have been able to hold on for a minute facing the attack of the beast.

But the Commander of Holy Wind noticed that Jiang Chen's lips were moving. It occurred to him that Jiang Chen had great attainments in tactical formations. He was obviously instructing the beast.

"We've lost."

The Commander of Holy Wind chose to retreat decisively, but as soon as he turned around, the wind over the valley formed a storm that was approaching the Holy Wind Troop.

At the same time, endless demons were on their way, coming to fight against the Dragon Rebel Army.

"Tang Zhengyi, how many war merit points will we earn if we eliminate these three troops?" Jiang Chen asked.

"No idea. But I'm sure there will be many many." Tang Zhengyi was so excited that he accidentally spit as he spoke.


Seeing that he was about to lose the whole troop, the Commander of Holy Wind came up to Jiang Chen and said, "I propose a fair trial."


As soon as Jiang Chen waved his hand, Whitty stopped attacking and the demons did nothing but hover overhead.

"A fair trial is only possible when the two opposing sides have an equivalent military power and don't want to have too many casualties," Tang Zhengyi said loudly. "On what grounds are you proposing a fair trial?"

"On the grounds that I killed many soldiers of your Red Flame Battalion and the brother of your battalion commander," the Commander of Holy Wind said coldly. "Don't you want to get revenge for your own? You want these demons and this beast to do it for you?"

"Hehe, you'll die soon. That's the only thing I know." Tang Zhengyi didn't care at all.

"Does a fair trial mean a one-on-one duel?" But Jiang Chen seemed interested.

"General," Tang Zhengyi said nervously.

"It won't take long."

Jiang Chen nodded at him. Coming forward, he said, "I've just broken through to Venerable. I guess you've been a Venerable for a long time. Wouldn't it be ridiculous to call that a fair trial?"

"Are you afraid?" the Commander of Holy Wind provoked with a sarcastic tone. He didn't bother to argue.

"Don't try to goad me into the fight. It's useless. If you can't offer me anything that interests me, I'll kill all of you without hesitation," Jiang Chen said.

"If I win, let the Holy Wind Troop leave. If I lose, my life will be at your disposal."

"What's the difference if I kill you now?"

"What do you want?"

Jiang Chen said disdainfully, "Don't speak to me in such a tone. I'm not really that interested. I'll give you ten seconds. Find something that can pique my interest."

"This guy..." The Commander of Holy Wind realized once again how different Jiang Chen was.

Ten seconds was a short time. Rolling his eyes, he thought of what to propose.

"Information. I'll offer you information!" the Commander of Holy Wind said resolutely.

The reaction of the Dragon Rebel Army proved how hard it had to have been for him to be so resolute.

"Are you going to betray us?" the commander of the Black Dragon Troop said with fury.

"Will I lose?" the Commander of Holy Wind said to him through holy awareness. The commander of the Black Dragon Troop was struck dumb, then he calmed down.

It was true that it was impossible to lose to a man who had just become a Venerable.

And it had been a smart move for the Commander of Holy Wind to use Jiang Chen's pride and arrogance after becoming a Venerable to propose a fair trial.

"Do I look stupid?"


"I know all of your plans and goals for the war. What information is more valuable than the war merit points I'm going to earn by defeating you?" Jiang Chen said.

The Commander of Holy Wind furrowed his brows. He said seriously, "The information I know is not only related with the war situation here, but also the old scores between us and the Flying Dragon Dynasty."

"All right," Jiang Chen said.

He didn't ask about the reliability of the information. There were two possible reasons for this. The first was that he was too naive. But judging from his past behavior, that was quite unlikely.

So the only explanation was that Jiang Chen was absolutely confident, so he didn't care whether the commander would tell the truth or not.

"Damn it!"

The commander had tried to goad Jiang Chen into action, but he was irritated by the latter's disdain instead.


As a bystander, Murong Long had been observing the situation attentively. He noticed Jiang Chen had been tricking Commander of Holy Wind since the very beginning.

He had used to think Jiang Chen annoying, just like the Commander of Holy Wind had, but by then, he realized how smart Jiang Chen really was.

However, the Commander of Holy Wind was in the middle stage of Martial Venerable.

Is he going to challenge someone in a higher state again? Murong Long couldn't help but think. But he soon shook his head. He said, "The phoenix blood of the aristocratic family of inheritance in his body or other forces he uses as trump cards will, at most, help him level up half a grade in the grading system of Venerables."

The gap between the preliminary stage and the middle stage of Martial Venerable was like the gap between heaven and hell.

"That being said, that's Jiang Chen." Murong Long didn't dare jump to any conclusions.

Holding the Red Cloud Sword in his left hand, Jiang Chen said, "Take my attack."

He threw his sword over right away, not giving the Commander of Holy Wind any chance to stall for more time.

"Don't underestimate me!" The Commander of Holy Wind also attacked in anger.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》