The Brilliant Fighting Master
542 Dragon and Phoenix
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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542 Dragon and Phoenix

Jiang Chen hadn't started the breakthrough of his own free will. There were too many uncertain factors that could affect his success.

There were even signs of failure showing up.

Jiang Chen, in the burning flames, felt like he was losing control of his own body, the carrier of martial arts, like a mustang with no reigns.

However, the most important thing in the process of breaking through to the Venerable stage was to keep the carrier of martial arts under control when various energies were fighting against each other, because such a big breakthrough of state was precisely about the change in the carrier of martial arts.

It would be easier to understand if compared with the breakthrough from the Mental Wander State to the Reaching Heaven State.

The breakthrough to Venerable was even more different. The change from the Reaching Heaven State to Venerable was far greater than the change from the Mental Wander State to the Reaching Heaven State.

First of all, the nine haloes of heaven in Qihai would turn into one.

After becoming a Venerable, the Qihai would turn into a Holy Sea. His strength of martial arts wouldn't be under the control of the haloes of heaven anymore.

Precisely speaking, it wasn't accurate to call the strength of a Venerable the strength of martial arts.

Jiang Chen's haloes of heaven in his Qihai were merging. Once the merge failed, the haloes of heaven would separate again, and it would take him a long time to recover.

He would need more time to prepare himself for the next try.

"Whitty. Alas, Whitty."

Jiang Chen was trying his best to control the merge of his haloes of heaven. However, the effect of the drop of Whitty's blood was too strong. His body was subliming rapidly.

His flesh and bones were being repeatedly heated up, which affected his control over his Qihai.

Although he was trying very hard, he was losing control of his body faster than he expected.

In the end, like a flood of discharge, he completely lost control of his Qihai.

When Jiang Chen was about to accept reality, the nine holy pulses in his bodies extended to his Qihai like willow branches, injecting endless extraordinary power into it.

The bad feeling was instantly gone.

Is extraordinary power supposed to be exerted at the stage of Venerable? Jiang Chen thought. His Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds had recovered completely when he was in the preliminary stage of the Reaching Heaven State.

But during his whole time as a Reaching Heaven State, the holy pulse either had to work through the extraordinary power or only worked during practice.

Its truly amazing characteristics hadn't been shown yet.

But Jiang Chen had accepted this, since that was the way the holy pulse was.

Before becoming a Venerable, the effect the holy pulse had brought to his practice empowered him to break through to Venerable in such a short time.

Even the genuine blood of phoenix, which was woken later, hadn't contributed as much as the holy pulse.

By that time, the extraordinary power was being injected into his Qihai to help with the merge of the haloes of heaven. With the aid of extraordinary power, the whole process was fast and smooth.

The haloes of heaven vanished as soon as everything was done. Qihai finally felt like a hai, which meant sea.

Jiang Chen felt like the universe had just been created and everything had exploded.

His Qihai had become the Holy Sea. The extraordinary power was what had fueled it.

His breakthrough was halfway done.

Then he felt hot, like how he had felt when he saw the origin of fire dragons.

The body of a Venerable, of course, was different from the carrier of martial arts of a Reaching Heaven State.

Since Jiang Chen was a member of an aristocratic family of inheritance and had the genuine blood of phoenix, when there was a change in his body, the phoenix blood started to work.

That was good, because it would bring Jiang Chen great advantages after he became a Venerable.

It should have been a sure thing, that after all this was done, Jiang Chen would officially become a Venerable, but to his surprise, there was another change. That was why he felt hot. The fire dragon totem on his back appeared again.

This time, it started to blur, like ink in water, and reached every part of his body.

Jiang Chen had only been storing the power of the origin of fire dragon in him. He had never fully absorbed it. That was the reason the totem was there.

But he was breaking through to Venerable. It was when his body would try its best to absorb everything it could absorb. The origin of fire dragons wouldn't miss this chance.

If he couldn't hold on, his body would fall apart and the failure would kill him. He would become one of the few men who had died due to a failure of breaking through.

And it would be an ugly death.

I've reaped the bitter fruits of my own mistake!

Once again, Whitty's impulsive actions made Jiang Chen speechless. He could have healed his injuries on his own.

And he'd had his own plan and arrangements for the various forces in his body that wouldn't have affected him when it was time to break through.

But by that point, he could only do his best and let God do the rest.

"Is he failing?"

Normally, people would complete their breakthroughs in about two minutes. If it lasted longer than two minutes, it would be dangerous.

But it had taken Jiang Chen almost five minutes. Those deploying the ward outside were puzzled.

Then they saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

The heaven-reaching fire column suddenly changed again. It seemed like there were a fire phoenix and a fire dragon fighting in the fire column, and they were neck and neck.

"This guy has two kinds of forces in him. They're competing for ownership of his body after he becomes a Venerable!"

The commanders were all experienced people. They recognized this right away. That was why they felt perplexed.

If people had various kinds of forces, they would choose one of them and give up the rest during the breakthrough.

Jiang Chen had fallen into this situation either because he was stupid or because he had started the breakthrough involuntarily.

"Did he find treasure in the valley that triggered his breakthrough?"

They guessed, but still couldn't connect the terrifying beast in their mind with what had happened to Jiang Chen.

"Should I say he's lucky or unlucky?"

He had such a great opportunity, but could fail to break through to Venerable due to a lack of preparation.

Throughout history, all renowned strong people had broken through to the Venerable state successfully in one go.

As a result, people assumed that once someone failed, they wouldn't be able to become a strong person anymore, which wasn't true.

In fact, no one could tell what kind of effect such a failure would have.

The phoenix blood and the origin of fire dragons didn't really have the free will to take ownership of Jiang Chen's body after he became a Venerable.

They were actually deadlocked, both desiring to facilitate Jiang Chen's breakthrough.

Competition was only a metaphor used to describe the situation accurately.

Jiang Chen couldn't give up the phoenix blood, and the origin of fire dragons was out of his control. Under the two forces, his skin started to blister.

The terrible thing was that Jiang Chen couldn't feel any pain.


He raised his left hand high to exert the Gaos' bible. At the same time, he extended his right arm straight out to drive the powerful Dragon and Elephant Method.

As a result, his skin was blistering faster and faster, especially the skin on his hands.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen clapped his hands, but it seemed that there was an unseen obstruction.

During this process, the dragon and the phoenix in the heaven-reaching fire column started to merge.

At that point, eight minutes had passed.

The Dragon Rebel Army, making full use of every minute, was about to finish the deployment of the unique formation. They were extremely impatient.

Another minute passed. The dragon and the phoenix merged together perfectly, but they didn't turn into a brand new creature. It looked more like they became entangled.

Pressing his palms together and crossing his fingers, Jiang Chen looked extremely fearsome.

"Dragon, on all fours! Phoenix, off your feet!"


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