The Brilliant Fighting Master
541 Breaking Through to Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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541 Breaking Through to Venerable

"Hey, what you said seems useless." Outside of the valley, the Commander of Holy Wind spoke with a cold smile after hearing what was going on in the valley.

The aggressive and intimidating tiger growls assured him that Jiang Chen and other people in the valley would definitely die.

Murong Long frowned. He couldn't relax. He didn't think things would end this way.

"No, he won't die."

In the valley, Tang Zhengyi and the others suddenly saw the beast experiencing wonderful changes when they were about to try their best to go to Jiang Chen's rescue.

The red radiance over its body disappeared. The hair that had been standing on end softened. It wasn't red anymore, but as white as snow. Most importantly, the beast was getting smaller, like an adult turning into a kid.

The beast that had been as big as an elephant was about the size of a cat.

It jumped onto Jiang Chen again, but in a different way. It jumped into Jiang Chen's arms and started to lick his cheeks.


What seemed most incredible to Tang Zhengyi was that the beast could even speak a human language.


Jiang Chen burst out in laughter, not out of relief for himself, but for Whitty's recovery.

But maybe because the laugh was too big, he coughed up blood.

The first fierce punch from Whitty had almost killed him.

"Dada!" Whitty realized this. He was anxious and guilty. His eyes, which had turned back to blue, looked so worried that tears were about to come out of them.

Jiang Chen waved his hand, gesturing that he didn't blame Whitty, but he couldn't speak. He kept spitting up blood as he coughed.

The injury was so bad that it was like he had been wounded by a Venerable. He had never thought Whitty would injure him so badly one day.

Whitty was worried. He stood on his hind legs like a human and pulled Jiang Chen out of the mountain wall.

Then Whitty raised one of his paws and sliced his skin with his teeth so that a drop of blood oozed out.

To people's surprise, the drop of blood was golden and glittering.

"Whitty… you didn't have to..." Jiang Chen saw it and felt pitiful.

But Whitty was already an adult. He didn't have to listen to Jiang Chen about everything anymore. He let the blood drip onto Jiang Chen's forehead.

The golden blood soon permeated through his skin and into his body.


When Jiang Chen stood up, he looked like he was stretching himself. He was fully stretched, but couldn't relax.

He was like a string that had been pulled back and stayed taut. What was more, it sounded like there was thunder in his body.

It took Tang Zhengyi and the others a good while to realize that the sound was coming from Jiang Chen's bones and viscera.

Then his skin became transparent, shining like jade.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth, as if he was putting up with the pain.

But in the end, he couldn't. He raised his chin high, shouting both like a man and a beast.

"This is bad. Step back!"

Tang Zhengyi and the others sensed danger. They hurried to step back.

Their intuition was right. Endless flames suddenly gushed out of Jiang Chen's body.

Even Whitty, full of care and worries, had to hide from him.

After having extended thirty-odd feet, the flames soared into the sky and reached their limit, as if they had been fully charged with energy.

The sudden disturbance gave the three troops outside the valley a good scare.

The column of fire seemed endless. They couldn't see the top of it, as if it had pierced through the atmosphere and entered the universe.

"This is...?! This kind of disturbance usually occurs when someone breaks through to Venerable!"

The Commander of Holy Wind and the others realized what was happening right away. The disturbance caused and the energy produced during the breakthrough to Venerable differed from practitioner to practitioner.

For most people, a shining wall would appear around them. A heaven-reaching fire column like this wasn't common at all.

"It's Jiang Chen. It's Jiang Chen! He's from the Gaos of Phoenix... He's from an aristocratic family of inheritance!" Murong Long shouted loudly. He really hated those who had stopped him from entering the valley.

The mere thought of Jiang Chen's state and strength after becoming a Venerable panicked him. He was extremely nervous and perplexed.

The commanders of the three troops glanced at each other. They didn't know the relationship between Whitty and Jiang Chen, but since Jiang Chen had broken through in the valley, they couldn't help but think maybe something bad had happened to the beast.

However, when the three troops were hesitating to enter the valley, Whitty roared again.

This roar was not only deafening, but even created a powerful wind across the valley.

Instantly, the three troops had casualties of different degrees.

Whitty wouldn't allow anyone to sabotage Jiang Chen's breakthrough, not even Buddha or God!

"What should we do?"

The three troops had no countermeasure. Under the protection of the beast, along with the heaven-reaching fire column, who could hurt Jiang Chen?!

"I told you. I told you."

Murong Long felt like it was the end of the world. He yelled loudly, "He won't die easily. You have to keep chasing him, not giving him even a second to rest. Otherwise, he'll be revived in the fire like an immortal celestial phoenix. By then, you'll regret it!"

This was how well Murong Long knew Jiang Chen, but unfortunately, the soldiers on the scene hadn't been aware of it.

By then, it was too late to do anything.

"Even if our three troops fight together, we won't be able to defeat the beast. A beast is a beast, and we're human beings."

The Commander of Holy Wind pointed at the periphery of the valley. He said, "Let's deploy the Unique Formation of Thunder!"

"No. Won't it be a waste to use the Unique Formation of Thunder here?"

The other two commanders didn't seem willing to do it.

The reason was simple. Even if Jiang Chen was worth 10,000 war merit points, one deployment of this formation would cost 30,000 war merit points!

Who wanted to waste money?

"Is Jiang Chen still your aim?" The Commander of Holy Wind's question persuaded them.


Whitty's golden blood wasn't an average thing. It was the essence blood of prehistoric fierce beasts.

Whitty had bled himself of his own free will.

Otherwise, even if a strong guy had caught him and let out all of his blood, this guy wouldn't get even a single drop of the golden essence blood.

However, things counteracted each other.

For Whitty, it would take a long time to recover from the loss of this drop of essence blood. His future practice would be affected, and his strength would be weakened for the moment.

But he didn't regret it. He had made up his mind to make up for his faults, even though Jiang Chen refused his good intentions.

It was beyond his expectation that the drop of blood would cause such a big disturbance. The energy it contained had been too strong.

Jiang Chen's body almost couldn't hold it anymore. The haloes of heaven in his Qihai were whirling madly. The Hundred Transformations Elixir was working efficiently.

As a result, Jiang Chen started the breakthrough out of his control.

Strictly speaking, it wasn't a good thing, because there was a greater chance he would fail.

For practitioners, it would be a bad influence if they failed to break through to Venerable on the first try.

Otherwise, Zhang Tianyi and Murong Long wouldn't have chosen not to break through when they were already ready to do it. They had waited until the energy in their bodies had reached the limit and started to gush out, when they were sure their success was secured.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》