The Brilliant Fighting Master
540 The Beast in the Valley
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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540 The Beast in the Valley

"Jiang Chen!" Murong Long shouted in anger from the crowd. He said, "Don't escape if you're a real man!"

"You escaped from the small world. Does that mean you're admitting you aren't a real man?" Jiang Chen answered.

His answer proved that they knew each other.

Murong Long perceived right away that he had grabbed the attention of a few senior generals, but this was exactly what he wanted.

"Guys, we have nowhere to run. Let's stop here." Jiang Chen stopped slowly. There was no way for a team of more than 100 people to escape from the pursuit of the three troops.

But he suddenly realized that the three troops were still far away, seemingly unafraid of them escaping.

What's going on?

Jiang Chen even saw fear on their faces. He looked around and saw a valley down below.

"An extremely dreadful beast has been living in the Alien Battlefield since who knows when. Even the celestial demons flee when they run into the beast.

"This valley is its den. Countless demons have died there.

"The Dragon Rebel Army sent an elite troop of the three troops once, intending to capture the beast, but they failed and suffered great losses," Tang Zhengyi explained to Jiang Chen. He knew the latter was new to the Alien Battlefield.

The three troops stopped, frightened of the valley. The mere sight of where Jiang Chen and his men were provoked fear in them.


When the two sides were in a stalemate, a deafening angry growl came from the valley.

The people there all turned pale, regardless of state. The growl of a tiger made their ears ring. Those in lower states were as pale as ghosts.

So was Jiang Chen. However, he looked pleasantly surprised!

"Let's go inside!"

After being given the order, Jiang Chen flew to the valley where the formidable beast was living.

Not far away from him, the Holy Wind Troop followed him automatically, but they stopped right away, not daring to take even one more step forward.

"Commander of Holy Wind, why did you stop?" Murong Long asked confusedly.

He had heard the tiger growl, too, but since he had arrived here even later than Jiang Chen, of course he didn't know how terrible it was in the valley.

Glancing at him, the Commander of Holy Wind asked, "You know the guy called Jiang Chen?"


Noticing the doubt in the commander's look, Murong Long told him immediately about the situation in the Dragon Field and the hostility between them.

The Commander of Holy Wind frowned. No one could tell what was on his mind.

"We'll block the perimeter of the valley. Don't let them come out."

The Commander of Holy Wind didn't explain to Murong Long what was in the valley. He was busy discussing countermeasures with the other two commanders.

The War Chariot Troop and the Black Dragon Troop both agreed with him.

However, Murong Long, who had learned what was going on from a soldier, couldn't help but say, "Commander, I think we should go inside. We should kill Jiang Chen on the scene, even if we have to pay a price."

"Why is that?" His suggestion piqued curiosity in the three commanders.

"This Jiang Chen isn't an average man. I don't think he'll die in the valley," Murong Long said seriously.

But apparently, that wasn't enough to convince the three commanders.

They knew nothing about Jiang Chen except that he was worth 10,000 war merit points.

"Since you brought it up, I'll assign you a small team and you can lead them inside. What do you think?" the Commander of Holy Wind asked with interest.


Murong Long gnashed his teeth. He had made up his mind that he would go inside to have a life-or-death fight against Jiang Chen, because he thought this was a precious chance. If he waited any longer, he wouldn't be a match for Jiang Chen at all.

The Commander of Holy Wind and the other two commanders were surprised that he was so brave, so resolute to go, even though he knew how dangerous it was in the valley.

They were confused, so they didn't assign a team to Murong Long right away.

"You know Jiang Chen. We can't trust you completely for the moment. Just stay here quietly," the Commander of Holy Wind reproached him sternly. The smile on his face was gone.

The three troops started to deploy defense around the periphery of the valley. They were taking extreme care. As soon as they found anything wrong, they would run away.

Naturally, Jiang Chen and the others in the valley were under great pressure.

Besides Jiang Chen, Tang Zhengyi and the others craned their necks to peer down. In fact, they had never seen the beast. It was just hearsay.

They felt like they were in a scene of a horror story in which the demon lurking in the darkness would appear anytime.

They even felt like they would rather die with honor in a battle against the Dragon Rebel Army.

But Jiang Chen was very calm. He even seemed happy, which totally confused them, but also soothed them.

Jiang Chen beamed from time to time. He was glowing. It was rare to see him so excited.

All of a sudden, the team stopped. Staring at the corner ahead of them, their hair stood on end.

It seemed like there was a fierce fire, but it didn't emit heat. Instead, it gave off a gloomy killing intent that gave people the feeling that they were in an ice house.

When they were seized by that feeling, they felt it was even more terrible than the illusion test the dynasty's troop had used to recruit generals.

Average soldiers like Tang Zhengyi had never experienced an illusion, but if they could survive that day, they would feel illusions were easy to deal with.

Fortunately, they were soldiers who had experienced many battles. Otherwise, they would have been scared out of their wits.

Under the terrified gazes, the beast in the valley walked out of the corner slowly.

It was as dreadful as people had said. Its body looked like a teenager elephant, and its hair was bloody red.

If they took a closer look, they would find the beast's body was covered with a red radiance, as if it was burning strongly.

The most terrifying thing were its red eyes, which were as big as fists. When it laid eyes on them, they couldn't even move.


The beast was extremely angry with these people who had trespassed on its land. It snarled towards the sky and launched an attack, moving as quickly as the wind.

When the attack was about to reach them, Jiang Chen shouted as loudly as possible.


Then Tang Zhengyi and others saw the beast hesitating in surprise, but it didn't slow down.

Jiang Chen, who had walked forward, was given a punch. Without any defense, he slammed into a mountain wall so deeply that it seemed he had been embedded into it.

Then the beast seemed annoyed, and it became more violent, shaking its head and trudging on the ground aimlessly.

"Whitty, what did I teach you? Don't let yourself be conquered by the killing intent." Heavily injured, Jiang Chen shouted pitifully instead of being annoyed.

The beast seemed to be bothered. It snarled at him again.

Then Tang Zhengyi saw the beast running towards Jiang Chen as if it had gone mad.

They were anxious, but could do nothing to stop it.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth, not for his own fate, but for Whitty's.

Whitty had been in the Alien Battlefield for such a long time. He had been repeatedly killing over and over and had eventually lost his emotions. What was more, the Dragon Rebel Army had been hunting him. The killing intent of the prehistoric fierce beast had finally conquered his reason.

"Kiddo, it's my fault." Jiang Chen closed his eyes. He looked very sorrowful.

Once he died, Whitty would never get his reason back.

He wished Whitty's reason would never recover so that the latter would never regret being killed.

Whitty would probably become a nightmare to human beings and be killed by the united efforts of a group of strong people.

This hadn't been Jiang Chen's intention when raising Whitty, but he could do nothing at that moment. Embedded in the wall, his body couldn't move at all.


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